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Ryu Seo-Yeon defeats two spinners to claim Women’s Singles title


2013WCRyuSeoYeonSinglesGold.jpgRyu Seo-Yeon of South Korea defeated two spinners from Chinese Taipei on her way to the gold medal in Women’s Singles Tuesday evening at the 2013 combined adult World Championships in the Las Vegas area.

In the title match on the 33-feet Sydney oil pattern, Ryu (pictured left) defeated Wang Ya-Ting of Chinese Taipei, 224-182, to claim her third gold medal in a World Championship but the first individual title.

2013WCHuangChiungYao.jpgRyu won the gold medals in Doubles and Team at the 2007 World Championships also in Las Vegas, at that time under the name Hwang Sun-Ok.

Ryu took the fourth and last place to advance to the four-player medal round after finishing Squad 1 in second place with 1318 and an average of 219.67 for six games. In the semifinals, she defeated tournament leader Huang Chiung-Yao (right) of Chinese Taipei, 202-200, to advance to the title match.

2013WCMarianaAyalaJeriEdwards.jpgIn the other semifinal match between No. 2 seed, Wang Ya-Ting, Chinese Taipei, and No. 3 Mariana Ayala, the Puerto Rican, who finished qualifying with a 257 game to earn the No. 3 seed, held a seven-pin lead after seven frames.

Ayala (pictured left with coach Jeri Edwards, right), who was the crowd’s favorite at Sunset Station’s Strike Zone bowling center, then suffered back-to-back opens in the eighth and ninth frame. Wang stayed clean in her last three frames to shut out Ayala and to win the match, 205-190.

2013WCWangYaTing.jpgWang (right) started the title match with a double followed by spare and another strike. Ryu, who failed to convert a 2-8 spare, rebounded with three strikes to level the match after four frames. When Wang missed single-pin spare in the fifth (8-pin) and failed to convert a 5-7 split in the sixth frame, Ryu pulled away with two spares to put the pressure on her opponent.

2013WCRyuSeoYeon.jpgWang, who led Ryu in Squad 1 by 17 pins, was unable to double in the back five with the exception of the fill ball in the tenth frame. Ryu (left) struck on her next two shots and sealed the victory with a strike in the ninth frame.

Wang, however, got the final applause as she spared the 3-4 split in the last frame and finished with a strike.

The Women’s Singles finals were immediately followed by the award ceremonies for both Men’s and Women’s Singles. Ryu received the gold medal, while Wang got the silver medal.

Huang, who led the qualifying of the 212 women from 36 countries by 135 pins or more than 20 pins per game with 1460 (243.33 average) shared the bronze medal with Ayala, who earned the first medal in a World Championship for Puerto Rico, men and women, since 22 years (1991 Singapore).

Chinese Taipei is the first country in this World Championships which has won two medals.

Action shifts to Men’s Doubles on Wednesday. The 216 men from 36 countries will be split into two squads starting at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. PDT, respectively, to bowl six games of qualifying on the 39-feet Seoul pattern, the longer of the two oil pattern to be used in this championships. The top four duos after qualifying will bowl for the medals on Wednesday evening featuring one-game matches.

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2013WCLogo.jpgThe World Tenpin Bowling Association World Championships run from Aug. 16 thru 31, 2013 at Sunset Station’s Strike Zone in Henderson, Nev. in the Las Vegas area. The Championships will award medals in six disciplines – Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team, All Events and Masters.

The entire competition will be broadcast live on BOWL.com’s BowlTV. Bowling fans will be able to watch live and on demand for free. The schedule is available at BOWL.com/LiveStream.

Women’s Singles – Medal Round

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World Championships – Women’s Singles Finals

Championship Round:
1. Ryu Seo-Yeon, Korea, 426 (2 games)
2. Wang Ya-Ting, Chinese Taipei, 387 (2 games)
3. Huang Chiung-Yao, Chinese Taipei, 200 (1 game)
(tie) Mariana Ayala, Puerto Rico, 190 (1 game)

L-R Wang, Ryu, Ayala and Huang.

Playoff Results:
Semifinal Match 1: No. 4 Ryu def. No. 1 Huang, 202-200
Semifinal Match 2: No. 2 Wang def. No. 3 Ayala, 205-190
Championship Match: Ryu def. Wang, 224-182.

Women’s Singles – Qualifying Squad 2

Women’s Singles – Standings after Qualifying (short oil)

The top four advance to the playoffs

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