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When scores matter: Perfect Game App


2016PGSiteMenu.jpgWhen you play in a league, have classes with a coach, train yourself, in other words take your game seriously you surely want to have your scores recorded for after-game analysis to learn about all of your ups and downs and to find a solution how to eliminate the latter.

Today’s information technologies are the best guy for data collecting and processing. There’s no need to have heavy-weight computers or learn programming languages for numbers storing and calculations anymore.

2016PGEventOverview.jpgEverything can be done by friendly-looking apps running on a smartphone you keep in your pocket. One of the bowler player’s helpers available on the market nowadays is Perfect Game, an app designed to be a promptly assistant on your road to professional excellence.

Perfect Game lets you record games and keep them organized in order and by events. This is useful for continuous leagues, training sessions, or even for special events with friends and family. When you record a game in the app you store a lot of different data.

2016PGGamePinsBoards.jpgAlong with the number of pins you have knocked-down, you can save the constellation of the remaining pins after the first ball. For every delivery you are able to define the board on which you started your approach, your target and the bowling ball used.

You can specify the bowling center you are playing at and the particular lane (single-lane and pair-of-lanes modes are supported). Of course, all of the results are calculated automatically, this is what computers are made for.

2016PGEventDetailsNumbers.jpgPerfect Game informs you about your totals and averages for series and events, displays your strikes/spares/open ratio with a pie graph, and reports the number of pins standing and shows you the combination.

Additionally to a list view Perfect Game renders a histogram of remaining pins, so you can see your dead zones on the lane at a glance.

2016PGRemainingPinsComposition.jpgScores of games, series or tournaments/events can be shared with friends via messages, emails or posted on social networks.

For faster navigation through myriads of games in the app, Perfect Game has a powerful feature called Smart Lists. You can use one of six default smart lists that come with the app such as All-Events and Top 100 Games or build your own smart list based on the criteria you’re interested in.

Smart list results can be previewed on a graph to analyze the performance dynamics over time.

Perfect Game has dedicated sections for bowling centers you are playing at and bowling balls you are playing with. Centers in the app are connected to your phone contacts, so you can call for reservation right from the app.

2016PGBallInfo.jpgFor bowling balls you can store photos and any comments like type and dates, drilling dimensions, measurements, layouts etc.

Perfect Game is an app designed specifically for bowlers who take their game seriously. It can be useful for both beginners and professionals. Perfect Game developers are full of ideas and keep working on new versions and features all the time.

For more details please visit Perfect Game’s official home page. The Perfect Game app is supplied with a comprehensive user’s manual downloadable from the website.

By Alexander Abramov for Bowlingdigital.com.

Herbert Bickel

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