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Kegel releases new Kegel Logo


Florida-based Kegelcompany has announced today the launch of a new Kegel logo. The new logo will now have a one-color orange Phoenix with some slight changes to the fonts.

Erin Wall, Kegel’s Marketing Coordinator shares, “In recent months we have taken the time to evaluate our Kegel logo. While the Phoenix is an important representation of Kegel, we do feel that our logo should continue to evolve along with current trends and our growing brand.”

Kegel will be transitioning to use of this logo on all marketing material, shirts, product packaging, websites, etc.

Founded in 1981, Kegel has spent over three decades researching the sport of bowling while offering products, services, and systems to enhance the sport.

The company is based in Lake Wales, Fla. where it operates its manufacturing, quality control, software development, chemical production and packaging, technical support, Kegel Connection Pro Shops, Foundation300 and its world renowned Kegel Training Center.

Kegel remains the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in the bowling industry. For more information, click here.

Herbert Bickel

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