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World Bowling signs contract with Lanetalk


World Bowling have today signed a two year contract with bowling application provider Lanetalk.

Designed to connect bowlers around the world and provide a platform for individual bowlers to track their scores, the app provides a modern approach to the game and connects the many millions of casual players around the world to the sport of bowling.

Lanetalk functions as a bowling data platform, tracking the scores of an individual’s bowling performance in a center over time and allows its users to view a history of their activities, measure their progress and assess their current goals. Lanetalk will allow users to share their personal content through social channels and compete against other people in different centers across the globe.

Through cooperation with World Bowling, Lanetalk will also look to log the statistical data from the federation’s major events meaning that users can play against world champions and the best in the sport.

World Bowling CEO, Kevin Dornberger says “Creating this partnership will bring a fresh approach to the sport of bowling. We are confident that the app gives us a passageway to connect the casual player to the bigger picture and grow our youth fan base for the sport.”

Viggo Hanson, COO of Lanetalk says “In an age when everyone is connected online and through social media, we want to bring the sport and the game of bowling to this global phenomenon. Through the setup of a statistical data base, players can now create a profile, log their scores and play against friends, strangers and even the professionals, all through the Lanetalk app.”

Over coming months World Bowling will be assisting Lanetalk with their final preparations before roll out of the system will begin in the first quarter of 2018.

For more information on World Bowling, click here.

Herbert Bickel

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