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Yannaphon Larp-apharat, Jazreel Tan claim Masters gold at 28th SEA Games


2015SEAGYannaphonLarpapharat4.jpg2015SEAGJazreelTan4.jpgYannaphon Larp-apharat of Thailand and Singapore’s Jazreel Tan captured the gold medals in the men’s and women’s Masters finals in the 28th Southeast Asian Games which concluded the bowling competition of the Games Sunday afternoon at Orchid Bowl @ Orchid Country Club in Singapore.

The top 16 players in All-Events bowled two eight-game blocks of match play on Saturday and Sunday to cut to the top three players for the stepladder finals.

The Singaporean women dominated the second block on long oil on Sunday morning occupying the top five places in the women’s standings. Jazreel Tan averaged 211.69 and won 11 of her sixteen matches to earn the No. 1 seed with 3479 total including 110 bonus pins.

Shayna Ng was 73 pins behind in second place with 3424 (9-7), immediately followed by Daphne Tan, who earned the last spot for the finals with 3418 (9-7).

2014BWCCherieTan2.jpg2015SEAGTannyaRoumimper3.jpgDaphne’s sister Cherie Tan (left), who won the women’s Masters at the 26th SEA Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, missed the stepladder by 24 pins (3394; 8-8) with New Hui Fen another three pins behind in fifth place (3391; 7-9).

According to SEA Games rules, no NOC is allowed to win all three medals in a discipline. As a consequence, the bronze medal was awarded to sixth-place Tannya Roumimper (right) of Indonesia (3379; 7-9). Seventh place Liza Del Rosario (3378), Philippines, missed the bronze medal by one pin.

2015SEAGDaphneTan4.jpg2015SEAGShaynaNg.jpgCherie Tan was already denied a bronze medal in Singles as her sister Daphne and Jazreel Tan finished 1 and 2.

In the opening one-game match, Singles champion Daphne Tan (left) easily defeated Trios gold medalists Shayna Ng (right), 223-162, to secure a medal, while Ng walked away empty-handed.

In the gold medal match in two-games, total pins format, Jazreel took an insurmountable 89-pin lead with a 258-169 win in the first game and cruised to the title and her first gold medal of the Games with another 258-184 win in game two and 516-353 overall. Daphne received the silver medal.

2014MWCAlexLiew.jpg2015SEAGAhmadMuaz.jpgMuhd Rafiq Ismail, who previously won the gold medals in Singles, Trios and Team, averaged 228.31 and won 11 of 16 matches for 3763 total including 110 bonus pins to lead the men’s field by 223 pins.

Yannaphon Larp-apharat of Thailand improved one spot on the long pattern to earn the No. 2 seed with 3540 (10-6). 2011 SEA Games Masters champion Adrian Ang beat out Annop Arromsaranon of Thailand for the third and last spot in the stepladder by 26 pins, 3488 to 3462.

Alex Liew (above left) of Malaysia, who was in third place heading into the last game, slipped to fifth place with 3451 behind a 167 game in the position round match against Ang. Ang’s compatriot Ahmad Muaz (above right), who was in second place after the first block on medium oil yesterday, slipped to seventh place after averaging 191.88 on long oil.

2015SEAGAdrianAng2.jpg2015SEAGMuhdRafiqIsmail5.jpgThe men’s semifinal match was in sharp contrast to the women’s semifinal, as Yannaphon prevailed by just one pin over Ang, 246-245. Ang (left) threw three strikes in the 9th and 10th frame but finished with a seven-count to open the door for Yannaphon. The Thai needed 9-spare, strike to win the match and that was exactly what he did.

Vying for his fourth gold medal in the Games, Muhd Rafiq Ismail (right) rolled his lowest game of the event to fall behind by 19 pins after the first game of the championship match, 178-197. Yannaphon rode the momentum by winning game two, 217-203, and the match, 414-381.

Yannaphon won the first gold medal for Thailand in the Games. Ismail and Ang took silver and bronze.

2015SEAGOverallChampionMalaysia.jpg2015SEAGWomenSingapore.jpgMalaysia (left) led the overall medal standings of the bowling competition with five gold, one silver and four bronze medals. The host country Singapore was close behind winning four gold, five silver and one bronze. Thailand was third with one medal of each color, followed by Indonesia (three silver, two bronze) and Philippines (2 bronze).

The Malaysian men (3-1-2) and the Singaporean women (right; 3-4-0) led the medal tally of the men’s and women’s division.

2015SEAGamesLogo.jpgThe 2015 Southeast Asian Games is a multi-sport event hosted by the city-state of Singapore. The 28th SEA Games is held from June 5-16, although several events have commenced since May 29. About 7000 athletes from 11 participating nations are competing in Singapore, with 402 events in 36 sports featured in the Games.

The bowling competition took place from June 8-14 at Orchid Bowl @ Orchid Country Club.
75 players from seven countries, 41 men and 34 women, competed for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team and Masters.

The competition was played on a 47-foot long and a 38-foot medium lane conditioning pattern with 24.7 mL and 25.8 mL volume oil total, respectively.

Singles, Doubles, Trios and the five-player Team event were decided in traditional six-game format. According to the SEA Games rules, no National Olympic Committee (NOC) can win all three medals in any event.

The top 16 men and the top 16 women in All-Events (combined scores in Singles, Doubles, Trios and Teams; no medals will be awarded in All-Events at SEA Games) advanced to the Masters finals which concluded the bowling competition on Saturday and Sunday, June 13 & 14.

Photos courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation (ABF).

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28th Southeast Asian Games 2015 – Men’s Masters Stepladder Finals

2015SEAGYannaphonLarpapharatRafiQIsmailAdrianAng.jpgChampionship Round:
1. Yannaphon Larp-apharat, Thailand, 660 (3 games)
2. Muhd Rafiq Ismail, Malaysia, 414 (2 games)
3. Adrian Ang, Malaysia, 245 (1 game)

Playoff Results:
Semifinal Match: No. 2 Yannaphon def. No. 3 Ang, 246-245
Championship Match: Yannaphon (197, 217) def. No. 1 Ismail (178, 203), 414-381.

28th Southeast Asian Games 2015 – Women’s Masters Stepladder Finals

2015SEAGShaynaNgJazreelTanDaphneTan.jpgChampionship Round:
1. Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 516 (2 games)
2. Daphne Tan, Singapore, 576 (3 games)
3. Shayna Ng, Singapore, 162 (1 game)
*Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia

Playoff Results:
Semifinal Match: No. 3 D. Tan def. No. 2 Ng, 223-162
Championship Match: No. 1 J. Tan (258, 258) def. D. Tan (169, 184), 515-353.

* No NOC is allowed to win all three medals in a discipline. As a consequence, the bronze medal was awarded to Tannya Roumimper regardless of the results in the stepladder finals. As the loser of the semifinal match Shayna Ng, Singapore, was not eligible to receive the bronze medal.

2015 Southeast Asian Games – Men’s Masters Round Two

First block on medium oil, second block on long oil. Top 3 after 16 games including bonus advance to the stepladder finals.

2015 Southeast Asian Games – Women’s Masters Round Two

First block on medium oil, second block on long oil. Top 3 after 16 games including bonus advance to the stepladder finals.

Note: No NOC is allowed to win all three medals in a discipline. As a consequence, the bronze medal will be awarded to Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia regardless of the results in the stepladder finals. The top 3 will advance to the stepladder finals but the loser of the first match will not win the bronze medal.

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