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Bad Boy of Bowling shows softer side in Indie Rom Bo Com


Pete Weber, the crotch chopping, sunglasses wearing, bad boy of the lanes, and some of his PBA and PWBA cohorts, will be making their Hollywood debut in the August 2 digital release of Split, the world’s first romantic bowling comedy from independent writer/director, Jamie Buckner.

Split is the story of Cassie and her quest to find love in 30 days. However, she idolized her professional bowler dad, and only a man of the lanes will do. Unfortunately, Cassie finds herself with a notorious split between a lovable 7 and a self involved 10. Just when things are darkest, none other than the man, the myth, the legend, Pete Weber, enters playing the wise master of bowling to help the heroine choose the 7 or the 10.

Split was inspired by Jamie’s youth on the lanes with his parents. Jamie idolized Pete Weber and said he was “a hero in our house,” when he was growing up. When it came time to make his first feature he knew it had to be about bowling, and it had to have Pete. “He’s been a big part of the story since the very first draft I ever wrote.”

Knowing that this movie was for bowlers, Jamie said, “It was very important to me for the cast to come off as real people that at least kind of knew how to bowl.”

Through the incredibly cooperative PBA, Jamie was able to enlist the aid of Mike Wolfe, Diandra Asbaty, Mike J. Laneside and Jason Belmonte. These talented bowlers were more than happy to share their secrets with the film.

“It seemed like every step of the way someone was tweaking a little something. Things like types of equipment people would use, how high the average scores would be for each character, so much detailed insight,” Jamie said.

Jamie wanted to bring these unique bowling personalities into the story as well and many of them acted in the film. Everyone was really into the process and Jamie hoped they had fun.

“Mike Wolfe definitely came off a little nervous at first, but he killed it of course. Diandra was hilarious and a dream to work with, the camera really loves her. Jason did some incredibly fun ad libbing with his voiceover bits and really made it even better than anything I could have ever written.”


For Jamie, working with Pete Weber was a childhood dream come true.

“One of the best moments of the entire shoot was getting to introduce him to my mom.” Jamie found it surprising how shy and reserved Pete was in real life. When it came time for Weber’s scenes, Jamie said PDW was obviously nervous. The star of the film, Tracy Weiler, would talk to Pete between takes and his anxiety about acting just melted away.

“She’s like a PDW whisperer,” said Jamie. Pete even gave Tracy a pair of his signature glasses that he wore to win one of his most recent majors. Although Jamie was jealous of the gift Pete gave her, he said Tracy deserved them. “Pete was a dream, in large part thanks to Tracy.”

Jamie said Split was made with bowlers for bowlers, and that the whole bowling community has been supportive because of that. “Bowling and the friends I’ve made over the course of this movie making process are going to be a part of my life forever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You can see Pete Weber, Jason Belmonte, and the rest of these PBA and PWBA superstars in the film Split on August 2 through iTunes, VUDU, Amazon, and Satellite & Cable Providers-check your local listings.

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