Bowling Center Schillerpark


    9th World Youth Championships 2006

    Berlin, Germany (July 21-30, 2006)

     The host bowling center is located in shopping center Schillerpark in Berlin-Wedding, about 30 minutes from the airport and just 5-10 minutes from the hotels. Bowling Center Schillerpark is the biggest bowling alley in Germany with 46 lanes, dressing rooms, a café and a pro-shop on one floor. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Bowling Center Contact
    Address: Müllerstrasse 46, 13349 Berlin-Wedding
    Phone +49-30-45022977
    Fax +49-30-45022806
    Coordinator Tanja Theissen: [email protected]

     Bowling Center Specification
    Number of Lanes: 46
    Lane Approach: Funk Synthetic
    Lane Surface: Funk Synthetic
    Pin Decks: Synthetic AMF Pin Decks
    Pin Spotters: AMF
    Pins: Amflite ll
    Click on the image to enlarge it.
    Click here to visit Bowling Center Schillerpark.

    2005kegelLogo.jpg Lane Maintenance provided by Kegel
    Lane machine: Kegel Custodian
    Lane Conditioner: Kegel Offense HV positive
    Lane Cleaner: Kegel Defense
    Score System: Qubica

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