Czech Republic's Marek Talpa earns No. 1 seed for the EYC Boys Singles Playoffs


    2012 EYC

    Swede Filip Wilhelmsson emerges as Boys All Events champion; 24 players for Masters match play determined

    2012EYCLogo.jpg Czech Republic's Marek Talpa earned the No. 1 seed for the Boys Singles Playoffs at the European Youth Championships after finishing the six-game preliminaries atop the 100-player leaderboard.

    Talpa, who averaged of 231.17 in the first squad, had to sit an wait if his 1387 total, would hold on in the second squad. Øyvin Kulseng, Norway, had a slow start into Squad 2 with 176 but then fired games of 220, 266, 245 and 241 to lead the squad after five games with 1148.

    Kulseng needed 240 in the last game to earn he No. 1 seed but to add some more pressure five pins more than Filip Wilhelmsson, Sweden, in his last game, to over take the All Events leader by one pin.

    Obviously too much pressure for Kulseng, who closed out with 177 for 1325 total, to move into fourth place in the combined standings.

    Lukas Pereckas, Lithuania; Scott Connelly, Scotland; Joshua Schuurman, Netherlands; and Konstantinos Xagoraris, Greece, had a chance to overtake Kulseng with a big game but all four fell short to land in fifth through eighth place.

    Kulseng took the fourth and last place to advance and will meet top-seeded Talpa in the semifinals on Saturday evening immediately following the girls Singles preliminaries.

    In the other semifinal second place Alexander Minenko of Russia (1340) will bowl Team champion Jeroen van Geel, Netherlands, who was third with 1333.

    Wilhelmsson survived the strong charge by Kulseng and rolled a 187 final game to secure the gold medal in All Events with 3826 total and an average of 212.56. It was the first gold medal for Sweden in the championships.

    Kulseng took silver with 3812 (211.78). Markus Bergendorff overtook Emil Nilsson, Sweden, by 40 pins to claim the bronze medal with 3802 (211.22). Nilsson had to settle for fourth place with 3762.

    Those four plus fifth through eighth placed Joshua Schuurman, Netherlands; Lukas Pereckas, Lithuania; Jesse Kallio and Saku Konttila, Finland, will bypass the first round of Masters match play. Squaring off in the first round are the players ranked 9th through 24 in All Events (combined results in Doubles, Team and Singles).

    The 25th European Youth Championships will be held from March 31 through April 9, 2012 at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

    The EYC 2012 is divided in two divisions - boys and girls. Each team consists of maximum four male and four female players, who must not have reached the age of 19 before August 31st, 2012.

    The players compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Doubles, Teams, Singles, All Events (18 games) and Masters (top 24 in All Events, single-elimination, best-of-three games). Competition starts on Monday, April 2 with the Boys Doubles and ends on Easter Sunday, April 8, with the Boys and Girls Masters match play.

    For more information please download 2012 EYC Bulletin (MS Word document).


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    25th European Youth Championships - Boys Singles Preliminaries

    The top 4 players advance to the finals.


    High Games and High Series

    Individual High Scores
    1 Game: Niko Kurppa, Finland, 278
    3 Games: Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 703
    6 Games: Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 1387


    25th European Youth Championships - Boys All Events

    Final standings after 18 games. The top 24 advance to Masters match play. The top 8 earn one bye.