Brian Voss wins qualifying in II Brunswick Madrid Challenge


    2014 European Bowling Tour #9

    PBA Hall of Fames earns 750 Euro bonus, leads top 50 of 166 players into Sunday's finals; P. Rodriguez, Barrett, Barriopedro and R. Andersson bring the number of 300 games to seven; score to make the cut in 38th place is 1387 (231.17 average)

    2014EBT09BrianVoss.jpg2014EBT09DominicBarrett2.jpgProfessional Bowlers Association veteran Brian Voss (pictured left), United States, won the qualifying of the II Brunswick Madrid Challenge, which concluded Saturday night with Squads 23-26 and the ultimate one-game Desperado Squad at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain.

    The PBA Hall of Famer, who owns who owns 25 PBA titles along with three European Bowling Tour titles, led the field of 166 players, 133 men and 33 women, from 26 countries with 1544 and an average of 257.33 including games 245, 278, 268, 258, 267 and 228.

    Three-time PBA champion and 8-time EBT titlist, Dominic Barrett (above right) of England rolled one of four 300 games on Saturday and added 248, 247, 259, 278 and 205 to lead Squad 24 with 1537 (256.17) and to shoot into second place overall.

    2014EBT09ErwinPascual.jpgPablo Barriopedro of Spain and Robert Andersson of Sweden brought the number of 300 games to seven.

    2014EBT09PacoRodriguez2.jpgTournament manager and Spanish national team member Paco Rodriguez (left) had the first 300 game and fourth overall in the morning squad 23 en route to finish qualifying in third place with 1527 (254.50).

    Rodriguez' fellow countryman Erwin Pascual (right) was mere seven pins behind with 1520 (253.33) including five games between 249 and 279 and a 189 last game to move into fourth place.

    2014EBT09CarlosLeeLlamas2.jpg2014EBT09AlejandroReyna.jpgCarlos Lee Llamas (left) of Mexico and Costa Rica's Alejandro Reyna (right), who rolled a 300 game on Friday, led squads 25 and 26 with 1501 and 1500 on the nose to overtake fifth and sixth place in the qualifying standings, respectively.

    Ida Andersson of Sweden was the best of 33 women in seventh place with 1497 including 40 pins handicap (she did not receive any handicap for the 300 game) and received a 750 Euro bonus.

    Mai Ginge Jensen of Denmark, who was the second-best woman in 19th place with 1450 total including 48 pins handicap, got a 500 Euro bonus.

    2014EBT09PatrickMeka.jpg2014EBT06PerttuJussila.jpgRounding out the top 10, who will bypass the first two rounds of the finals, were Thomas Larsen of Denmark (1483), Steven Gill, Scotland (1477) and Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark (1471).

    The score to make the top 20, who get a first-round bye, was 1446 or an average of 241 by Patrick Meka (left), Netherlands.

    Finland's Perttu Jussila (right) took the 38th and last place to advance directly to the finals with 1387 and an average of 231.17.

    Joining the top 38 players in the finals were the top 3 of Squads 1-8 (places 39-41), the top 5 of Squads 9-12 (places 42-46) and the top 4 of the Desperado Squad (pictured below), Daniel Vezis, Latvia (234), Ben Howison-Johnstone, England (232), Guillermo Berganza, Spain (229) and Jonathan Sturt, England (227), who were ranked 47th to 50th.

    2014BrunswickMadridChallengeLogo_small.jpg 2014EBT09Top4Desperados.jpgThe 2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge will be held from Saturday, June 21, through Sunday, June 29, at 20-lane Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain. The tournament is the ninth stop of the 2014 European Bowling Tour season and the third and last EBT "silver" tournament, the third-highest of four categories.

    Players will compete for total prize money of 40.250 Euro with 6.000 Euro going to the winner, 3.000 Euro to the runner-up and 2.000 Euro to the third-place finisher. Low to cash is 50th place worth 300 Euro.

    Qualifying got underway on Saturday, June 21, and ran through Saturday, June 28. Women receive 8 pins handicap each game (maximum score is 300), a standard on the European Bowling Tour. The top 2 women in qualifying earn 750 and 500 Euro, respectively.

    A total of 50 players qualified for the finals on Sunday, June 29 - the top 38 players from the overall qualifying standings, the top three players from the combined standings of June 21-22 squads and the top 5 of June 23-24 squads (not among the top 38), and the top four players of the Desperado Squad. The top 10 qualifiers receive two byes while qualifiers 11-20 get a first-round bye.

    The first three rounds of the finals feature four games from scratch. The field will be trimmed to 30, 20 and then 10 players who will advance to another four-game round with the Round 3 total being carried forward.

    The top 3 with the highest eight-game total will advance to the stepladder finals. The finals will be decided in one-game matches. The No. 2 seed bowls the No. 3 seed for the right to bowl the top seed for the title.

    2014EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2014 European Bowling Tour features 20 tournaments in 14 countries. In its 15th season, the EBT consists of two Platinum, six Gold, three Silver and nine Satellite tournaments. The total prize fund exceeds one million Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the eighth EBT Masters July 6, 2015 at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain, immediately following the III Brunswick Madrid Challenge.



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    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Standings after Qualifying and Desperado Squad

    The top 38 qualifiers plus the top 3 of Squads 1-8 (places 39-41), the top 5 of Squads 9-12 (places 42-46) and the top 4 of the Desperado Squad (places 47-50) advance to finals on Sunday, June 29. The top ten receive two byes, places 11-20 get a first-round bye.

    300 games (7) - Ida Andersson, Bodo Konieczny, Alejandro Reyna, Paco Rodriguez, Dominic Barrett, Pablo Barriopedro and Robert Andersson.