Dom Barrett defeats Jesper Svensson to successfully defend his title in San Marino


    2015 European Bowling Tour #11

    Barrett loses the last eliminator match, 278-279, yet wins the match and his 11th EBT title with 733-710 total



    2015EBT11DomBarrett.jpg2015EBT10JesperSvensson2.jpgDom Barrett (pictured left) of England lost the third and last eliminator round strike fest in the 11th Storm San Marino Open against Jesper Svensson (right) of Sweden, 278-279, yet won the match consisting of the combined scores of all three rounds, 733-710, to capture his 11th career European Bowling Tour title and the 8.000 Euro top prize Sunday at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle.

    The eliminator finals featured one Swede and three Englishmen who owned a combined 36 EBT titles:
    top-seeded Svensson, the current European Bowling Tour point ranking leader and a four-time champion, defending champion and 10-time winner Barrett, last-year's runner-up and six-time titlist Stuart Williams (below left), and Paul Moor (below right), the EBT's all-time titles leader with 16 wins.

    2014EBT16StuartWilliams.jpg2015EBT09PaulMoor.jpg All four players bowled the opening game, with the lowest-scoring player being eliminated. Barrett started with a seven-bagger to stay out of trouble.

    Svensson and Moor bowled clean games while Williams opened twice in frames two and five. When failed to strike on the first ball in the 10th frame it was 'game over'. Williams pocketed 2.400 Euro for fourth place.


    The first round pinfall carried over into the second match. Barrett doubles three times win the second match. His opponent was determined in the 10th frame. Working on a strike, Svensson struck on his first ball to shut out Moor, who earned 3.300 Euro for third place.


    Barrett had a 24-pn cushion heading into the showdown with Svensson, who was targeting to become just the fourth player in EBT history to win-back-to-back titles after his victory in the III Brunswick Madrid Challenge earlier this month. Anders Öhman, Sweden (2001), Lasse Lintilä, Finland (2002-03) and Moor twice (2004, 2007) have accomplished the feat.

    Both players struck 11-times. Svensson spared a single pin the fifth frame, while Barrett had 8-spare in the seventh frame which made the difference. With a 24-pin advantage, Barrett's 278 game would have shut out Svensson even if the two-handed lefty would have rolled a 300 game. Svensson took home 5.000 Euro for second place and holds a dominating 192-point lead in the EBT point ranking.


    2015EBT11AntoninoFiorentino.jpg2015EBT11JennyWegner2.jpgThe San Marino Open drew 207 players from 20 countries, 37 players more than in 2014. 48 players including four women survived the qualifying cut.

    Italian Antonino Fiorentino (left) led the first and the second round of the finals with 1026 and 1075 four-game totals, an average of 262.63 for eight games.

    Fiorentino was eliminated in the third round to finish in 11th place. Jenny Wegner (right) of Sweden was the lone woman who reached this round finishing in eighth place en route to win the women's ranking in San Marino and 500 Euro bonus in addition to her 1.700 Euro prize money.

    With the 150 ranking points Wegner took over the lead in the EBT women's point ranking as previous leader Ida Andersson, Sweden, suffered a 146 last game in Round 2 to drop behind last year's San Marino ranking winner Rebecka Larsen, Sweden.

    The Storm San Marino Open was the 11th stop of the 2015 European Bowling Tour and the first out of three EBT "Gold" tournaments this season. The 11th edition was held July 11-19 at 18-lane Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino offerering total prize fund of 61.050 Euro.

    Qualifying of the San Marino Open (six-game series, unlimited re-entries) ran from July 11-18 and concluded with the Desperado Squad. The qualifying winner received a 1.000 Euro bonus. Women received 8 pins handicap each game throughout the entire tournament, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour. The top three women based on the finals standings received 500, 350 and 200 Euro bonuses, respectively.

    Total 48 players advanced to the finals on Sunday, July 19, including the top 35 qualifiers plus the top 3 from the squads conducted on July 11-12, the top 3 from the squads conducted on July 13-14, the top 4 from the squads conducted on July 15-16, and the top 3 from the Desperado Squad.

    The top 8 qualifiers received two byes and qualifiers 9-16 got a first-round bye. The other 32 players bowled four games from scratch to cut to the top 16, who met qualifiers 9-16 in the second round. Those 24 bowled another four games from scratch to cut to the top 10, who joined the top eight qualifiers in a six-game round before the cut to the top 4.

    The four finalists determined the winner in an eliminator-format finals which featured three one-game rounds. All four players bowled the opening game, with the lowest-scoring player being eliminated. In the two rounds to follow, the same "low man out" format applied. The last man standing was declared the champion.

    2015EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2015 European Bowling Tour currently consists of 17 tournaments in 13 countries featuring three "Platinum" events, three "Gold", three "Silver" and eight "Satellite" events. All 17 tournaments together offer total prize fund of 870.000 Euro or 961.500 U.S. Dollar.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the 9th EBT Masters July 25, 2016 at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino following the 12th San Marino Open.

    The next stop on the 2015 Tour, the 6th Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger, an EBT "Gold" tournament, got already underway on Saturday at Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany, with the finals to be held on Sunday July 26.


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    Dominic Barrett defeats Stuart Williams in all-English affair to win 10th San Marino


    11th San Marino Open - Eliminator Finals

    Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino (July 11-19, 2015)

    2015EBT11DomBarrett3.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Dom Barrett, England, 8.000 Euro
    2. Jesper Svensson, Sweden, 5.000 Euro
    3. Paul Moor, England, 3.300 Euro
    4. Stuart Williams, England, 2.400 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    Eliminator Round 1: Barrett (243), Svensson (228), Moor (219), Williams (199); Williams eliminated
    Eliminator Round 2: Barrett (212/455), Svensson (203/431), Moor (193/412); Moor eliminated
    Championship: Barrett (278/733) def. Svensson (279/710).


    11th San Marino Open - Places 5-48 (cashers)

    5. Marshall Kent, United States, 2.000 Euro
    6. Jeroen van Geel, Netherlands, 1.900 Euro
    7. Juhani Tonteri, Finland, 1.800 Euro
    8. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 1.700 Euro
    9. Tim Mack, United States, 1.600 Euro
    10. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 1.500 Euro
    11. Antonino Fiorentino, Italy, 1.400 Euro
    12. Mattias Jansson, Sweden, 1.300 Euro
    13. Robin Persson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
    14. Björn Lindqvist, Sweden, 1.150 Euro
    15. Marco Baade, Germany, 1.050 Euro
    16. Morgan Hadley, England, 1.000 Euro
    17. Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, 950 Euro
    18. Peter Hellström, Sweden, 900 Euro
    19. Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    20. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 750 Euro
    21. Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    22. Rebecka Larsen, Sweden, 750 Euro
    23. Richard Teece, England, 750 Euro
    24. Elliot Crosby, England, 750 Euro
    25. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 750 Euro
    26. Curtis Hooper, England, 750 Euro
    27. Yoan Alix, France, 750 Euro
    28. Anton Elofsson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    29. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 750 Euro
    30. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    31. Anton Persson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    32. Tommie McNeal, United States, 750 Euro
    33. Maurizio Celli, Italy, 650 Euro
    34. Mattias Olsson, Sweden, 650 Euro
    35. Markus Jansson, Sweden, 650 Euro
    36. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 650 Euro
    37. Maxime de Rooij, Germany, 650 Euro
    38. Francois Sacco, France, 650 Euro
    39. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 650 Euro
    40. Nicola Pongolini, Italy, 650 Euro
    41. Andrea Spadavecchia, Italy, 650 Euro
    42. Massimiliano Celli, Italy, 650 Euro
    43. Magnus Johnson, Sweden, 650 Euro
    44. Dirk Dreyer, Germany, 650 Euro
    45. Johnny Fronville, Belgium, 650 Euro
    46. Davide Spagnoli, Italy, 650 Euro
    47. Serge Frouvelle, France, 650 Euro
    48. Luca Garassino, Italy, 650 Euro


    11th San Marino Open - Final Round Three

    Top 4 advance to the Eliminator round; places 5-18 eliminated, earn from 900 Euro (18th place) up to 2.000 Euro (5th place).


    11th San Marino Open - Final Round Two

    Top 10 advance to the third round. Players 11-24 eliminated, finish 19th to 32nd, earn 750 Euro.


    11th San Marino Open - Final Round One

    Top 16 advance to the second round. Players 17-32 eliminated, finish 33rd to 48th, earn 650 Euro.