Martina Beckel, Uwe Tscharke triumph in 2nd Dream-Bowl Palace Senior Open


    2015 ISBT #9



    Germany's Martina Beckel and Uwe Tscharke (pictured above, l-r) survived three eliminator rounds en route to win the women's and men's titles in the 2nd Senior Open Sunday at Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany.

    It was the third consecutive win on the 2015 International Seniors Bowling Tour for Beckel and the fourth this season, while Tscharke won his first career title.

    The ninth and penultimate stop on the 2015 Tour was the third visit of the year to Germany. This attracted an entry list of 82 men and 21 women from 13 countries. The format for the tournament was a single eight game qualifying block, with unlimited re-entries.

    For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Turbo games, Early Bird qualification and a Desperado Squad. Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

    Bowling started a week before the finals day, with two squads being held. The first was won by Norbert Lutzei with 1798 and the second by Thomas Gürz, both of Germany, with 1814. Top lady from the weekend was Margit Schaschl of Germany with 1522.

    Bowling resumed with two squads on Wednesday, the first being won by Josef Pail of Austria with 1750, with Marett Schiller, Germany, posting a fine 1666 in the ladies section. Squad 4 was won by Horst Albertwith 1764, with Beate Albert, both Germany, leading the ladies with 1599.

    Two more squads were held on Thursday, the first being led by Hermann Wimmer of Germany with 1877. Bozenka Pajak of Poland had 1657 to be top woman in the squad. Robert Vallons of Belgium took the sixth squad with 1830, with Beate Albert the leading lady with 1622.

    By Friday, the majority of the competitors had arrived, and the squad sizes were growing. Petri Keituri of Finland found no problem with scoring, and had a 300 game in his block winning score of 1853.

    Sabine Leutwiler of Switzerland was top lady with 1601. The second squad on Friday had yet another nationality at the top, this time Steven Jeeves from England with 1867. Martina Beckelof Germany had 1731 to easily lead the ladies qualification list.

    There were two final squads on Saturday to make the finals. In the first Carlo Greulich of Germany posted an impressive 1879 total, with Beate Albert improving on her earlier total with 1695.

    In the final qualification squad, Werner Laun of Germany topped the list with 1953 to ensure a spot in the finals. Martina Beckel was again top lady, with an improved score of 1828.

    After completion of the qualifying squads, the men's section was led by Laun with 1953, some distance ahead of Greulich's 1879, and Wimmer's 1877. The top ten would miss the first finals round, tenth place falling to Vallons with 1830.

    The last direct qualifier was Robert Mecoch of Germany with 1784 in 24th place. These 24 would be joined by four Early Bird qualifiers, two Turbo positions, and two Desperado spots.

    In the ladies division, Beckel led the rankings by over 130 pins with 1828, ahead of Albert and Marianne Pelz of Germany. Eighth place would ensure a position in the final, this was taken by Angela Laub of Germany with 1616. Two Early Birds and one Turbo qualifier would join the top eight in the final, together with a single Desperado qualifier.

    A good entry of 20 men and 4 women took part in the Desperado. Phil Punter of England got off to the best start, hitting the first five strikes. He was able to continue his run of strikes from the seventh frame, to finish with a fine 268 game which ensured his place in the finals. The second and last position was very tight, with Harald Laub of Germany edging out Yves Delafonteyne of Belgium 250 to 245. Farida Pascoal-Blom of Netherlands had a close win for the final ladies place with 204.

    Early on Sunday morning, the first men's round took place, comprising four games starting from scratch. Wolfgang Gutzmer of Germany took top position with 1002, just ahead of Alan Keddie of Scotland. The cut for the next final round was 14th position, which was Manfried Meier of Germany on 830.

    In the second final round, all the remaining men bowled six games, this time it was Mirek Pajak of Poland at the top with 1505, ahead of André Geelen of Belgium. Only the top eight would make the next final round, eighth place being Steven Jeeves of England with 1386.

    The ladies also bowled their first final round at the same time, with Beckel remaining top of the list with 1342, ahead of Laub. Last qualifier in eighth place was defending women's champion Angie Brown of England with 1176.

    In both sections, the next round was a further three games, with pinfall carrying through. Only the top four would make the final, and top was Carlo Greulich with 2153, just ahead of Desperado qualifier Phil Punter, André Geelen and Uwe Tscharke of Germany made up the final four men. On the women's side, Martina Beckel was uncatchable finishing with 1997, ahead of Angela Laub, Alessandra Morra and Sabine Leutwiler.

    2015ISBT09Podium.jpgThe final rounds were single game elimination. All the remaining players played one game and the lowest was eliminated. First to fall in the men's section was the only right-handed bowler remaining, Phil Punter, with a very creditable finish on his first ISBT entry.

    Next to go was Carlo Greulich, which left Uwe Tscharke and André Geelen in the deciding match. This proved to be a comfortable win for Uwe Tscharke, 259 to 214, for his first ISBT title.

    In the women's section, Alessandra Morra was first to go, followed by Sabine Leutwiler. This final match between Martina Beckel and Angela Laub was very one-sided, with Martina Beckel winning 231 to 165 for her third consecutive win and fourth this season.

    The final stop on the 2015 International Seniors Bowling Tour is the French Senior Open, which will be held at Planet Bowling in Lomme, France. The tournament runs from September 30 to October 4 and also includes the ISBT Masters tournament for the 2014 season.

    Full details are available at Report and results by Tony Brown.


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    2015 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule & Champions


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace - Men's Eliminator Finals

    Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 30 - September 6, 2015)

    2015ISBT09MenTop4XL.jpg Championship Round:
    1. Uwe Tscharke, Germany
    2. Andre Geelen, Belgium
    3. Carlo Greulich, Germany
    4. Phil Punter, England

    R-L Geelen, Tscharke, Greulich and Punter.

    Playoff Results:
    (One-game matches; age bonus in parenthesis)
    First Round: Geelen 276 (19); Tscharke 261 (3); Greulich 222 (7); Punter 216 (11). Punter eliminated.
    Second Round: Tscharke 219; Geelen 210; Greulich 200. Greulich eliminated.
    Championship: Tscharke def. Geelen, 259-214.

    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace - Women's Eliminator Finals

    Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 30 - September 6, 2015)

    2015ISBT09WomenTop4XL.jpg Championship Round:
    1. Martina Beckel, Germany
    2. Angela Laub, Germany
    3. Sabine Leutwiler, Switzerland
    4. Alessandra Morra, Italy

    R-L Laub, Beckel, Leutwiler and Morra.

    Playoff Results:
    (One-game matches; age bonus in parenthesis)
    First Round: Laub 216 (11); Leutwiler 203 (10); Beckel 200 (6); Morra 191 (2). Morra eliminated.
    Second Round: Beckel 250; Laub 225; Leutwiler 212. Leutwiler eliminated.
    Championship: Beckel def. Laub, 231-165.

    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Men's Round 3

    Top 4 advance to eliminator finals.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Women's Round 2

    Top 4 advance to eliminator finals.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Men's Round 2

    Top 8 advance to the third round.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Women's Round 1

    Top 8 advance to the second round.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Men's Round 1

    Top 14 advance to the second round.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Women's Qualifying

    Top 8, the top 2 players of Early Bird (places 9 and 10), and one player each of Turbo (11th place) and Desperado (12th place) advance to the first round.


    2nd Senior Open - Dream-Bowl Palace 2015 - Men's Qualifying

    Top 24, the top 4 players of Early Bird (places 25-28), and two players each of Turbo (places 29-30) and Desperado (place 31-32) advance. Top 10 receive a first-round bye.