ETBF announces inaugural European Bowling Tour Masters for 2007 season


    EBT News

    2007EBTLogo_small.jpg ETBF_1966.jpg As a consequence of the cancellation of the 2007 World Ranking Masters in Qatar, the European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) has announced that the inaugural European Bowling Tour Masters, originally planned for the 2008 season, will be conducted already after the 2007 season.

    Due to the quick decision by the ETBF, date and venue of the inaugural EBT Masters are not decided yet. However, some facts are available.

    • The EBT Masters will be held annually, starting with the Masters of the 2007 EBT season in the year 2008.
    • The EBT Masters should be held between February and July.
    • The top 16 men and the top 16 women from the 2007 EBT rankings will qualify for the EBT Masters 2008.
    • The ETBF expects a minimum total prize fund for the EBT Masters of 40.000 Euro to be paid by a potential name sponsor and/or the tournament organizer (a federation or a company) in addition to some other requirements such as shuttle service, administration costs, technical delegate costs, etc.
    • The ETBF will ensure that each of the 32 participants in the EBT Masters will receive a minimum of 500 Euro.
    • The format of the EBT Masters will be identical with the format of the European Champions Cup (ECC). Three 8-game blocks of qualifying on long, short and short/long oil, cut to the top 8 who will determine the champion in single-elimination best-of-three games match play.
    • The winners - men and women - of the 2007 EBT rankings will receive 2.500 Euro. All other ETBF prize fund will go the EBT Masters.
    • The participation in the World Ranking Masters will no longer be financially supported by ETBF.
    • The ETBF accepts bids from organizers applying to hosting the EBT Masters in 2008 and 2009.