Big Payday for Michael Fagan in Viernheim Open; wins 25.000 Euro and first international title


    European Bowling Tour #15

    Bowling Alley: Bowling Center Viernheim in Viernheim, Germany

     In the championship match between two PBA exempt bowlers, Michael Fagan of the United States defeated Tore Torgersen of Norway, two-games-to-none, en route to win the Gutperle Anniversary - 1st Viernheim Open and the 25.000 Euro (app. $30,500) top prize.

    Torgersen was consoled with 12.500 Euro. Jason Belmonte of Australia and Jesper Agerbo of Denmark received 5.500 Euro each for finishing third and fourth, respectively.

    The picture shows Viernheim Open champion Michael Fagan and Werner F. Gutperle, President of the Gutperle financial group. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

    Good news for all the players that bowled in the Gutperle Anniversary 2005 - 1st Viernheim Open and those who missed it:
    During the award ceremony, Mr. Gutperle announced that due to the overwhelming success of the tournament with 418 participants - 351 men and 67 women - from 23 countries who bowled record 944 entries, the Gutperle Group will hold the same event in 2006.

     The championship match wasn't the strikefest that most of the spectators had expected but it was thrilling till the end that came by surprise.

    Michael Fagan, who bowled three 300-games in this tournament, came out of the gates fast with a turkey and never looked back, winning the first game 222-201.

    Tore Torgersen (pictured) had a comfortable lead during the first eight frames of game #2 when Fagan found something and struck out in his final two frames. Needing a spare to force a deciding third game, Torgersen left a 2-8-10 split and was unable to convert it to hand the game and the match to Fagan, 203-200.

    "This is the biggest event and the biggest prize money I've ever won", said the champion. "It's a great feeling. It gives me confidence for the upcoming PBA Tour season." Fagan finished the 2004-05 PBA Point Rankings in 25th place to earn an exemption for the 2005-06 season.

    "I thought I had a little chance to win in two games and I got up and tried to make him do at least something. But I expected to have a third game", was Fagan's comment to the abrupt end.

    Gutperle Anniversary - 1st Viernheim Open

     Bowling Center Viernheim in Viernheim, Germany
    September 10-18, 2005

    Championship Round:
    1st Place Michael Fagan,
    United States, 25.000 Euro
    2nd Place Tore Torgersen,
    Norway, 12.500 Euro
    3rd Place Jason Belmonte,
    Australia, 5.500 Euro
    4th Place Jesper Agerbo,
    Denmark, 5.500 Euro

    Championship Match:
    #1 Michael Fagan (USA) def. #5 Tore Torgersen (NOR), 2-0
    (222-201 and 203-200).

    #1 Michael Fagan (USA) def. #8 Jesper Agerbo (DEN), 2-0
    (213-205 and 250-215)
    #5 Tore Torgersen (NOR) def. #3 Jason Belmonte (AUS), 2-0
    (237-217 and 256-202).

    L-R Agerbo, Belmonte, Fagan and Torgersen.

    Viernheim Open - Final Standings

    Top 64 with position, country and earnings

    1. Michael Fagan, USA, 25.000 Euro
    2. Tore Torgersen, NOR, 12.500 Euro
    3. Jason Belmonte, AUS, 5.500 Euro
    4. Jesper Agerbo, DEN, 5.500 Euro
    5. Mikael Braendeskov, DEN, 2.600 Euro
    6. Paul Moor, ENG, 2.600 Euro
    7. Peter Ljung, SWE, 2.600 Euro
    8. Robert Wölki, GER, 2.600 Euro
    9. Toni Laine, FIN, 1.300 Euro
    10. Ryan Shafer, USA, 1.300 Euro
    11. Nick Froggatt, ENG, 1.300 Euro
    12. Pasi Uotila, FIN, 1.300 Euro
    13. Pete Weber, USA, 1.300 Euro
    14. David Canady, GER, 1.300 Euro
    15. Hagen Pest, GER, 1.300 Euro
    16. Doug Kent, USA, 1.300 Euro
    17. Jouni Helminen, FIN, 650 Euro
    18. Manfred Zabel, GER, 650 Euro
    19. Petri Mannonen, FIN, 650 Euro
    20. *Britt Bröndsted, DEN, 650 Euro
    21. Ives van Eyken, BEL, 650 Euro
    22. Dirk Dreyer, GER, 650 Euro
    23. Sami Konsteri, FIN, 650 Euro
    24. Jimmy Dan Mortensen, DEN, 650 Euro
    25. Kimmo Lehtonen, FIN, 550 Euro
    26. Osku Palermaa, FIN, 550 Euro
    27. Dennis Eklund, SWE, 550 Euro
    28. Lasse Lintilä, FIN, 550 Euro
    29. Amedeo Spada, ITA, 550 Euro
    30. Maurizio Celli, ITA, 550 Euro
    31. Chris Van Damme, BEL, 550 Euro
    32. Tobias Gäbler, GER, 550 Euro
    33. Lonnie Waliczek, USA, 550 Euro
    34. Niki Schröder, AUT, 550 Euro
    35. Darren Cundy, ENG, 550 Euro
    36. Dino Castillo, USA, 550 Euro
    37. Peter Knopp, GER, 550 Euro
    38. Gery Verbruggen, BEL, 550 Euro
    39. Mika Luoto, FIN, 550 Euro
    40. Hans-Jürgen Müller, GER, 550 Euro
    41. Robert Andersson, SWE, 400 Euro
    42. Michael Holzapfel, GER, 400 Euro
    43. Stuart Williams, ENG, 400 Euro
    44. Dirk Völkel, GER, 400 Euro
    45. Thomas Block, GER, 400 Euro
    46. *Linda Haglund, SWE, 400 Euro
    47. Thomas Dennechaud, GER, 400 Euro
    48. Menno van den Heuvel, NED, 400 Euro
    49. Tony Fransson, SWE, 300 Euro
    50. Harald Punessen, GER, 300 Euro
    51. Federico Rossi, ITA, 300 Euro
    52. *Jo Harries, ENG, 300 Euro
    53. Robert Spigner, USA, 300 Euro
    54. Jari Raatia, FIN, 300 Euro
    55. Petteri Salonen, FIN, 300 Euro
    56. *Tanja Theissen, GER, 300 Euro
    57. Martin Larsen, SWE, 250 Euro
    58. *Zara Glover, ENG, 250 Euro
    59. Rainer Puisis, GER, 250 Euro
    60. Dennis Bonnaire, FRA, 250 Euro
    61. Günter Melching, GER, 250 Euro
    62. Oliver Blase, GER, 250 Euro
    63. *Sonja Uhlich, GER, 250 Euro
    64. Michael Herweck, GER, 250 Euro
    * indicates female bowlers.

    Qualifying leader:
    Jason Belmonte, AUS 2.500 Euro

    Viernheim Open - Special Ladies Award

     Top 5 Women:
    1. Britt Bröndsted, DEN, 1.300 Euro
    2. Linda Haglund, SWE, 1.000 Euro
    3. Jo Harries, ENG, 750 Euro
    4. Tanja Theissen, GER, 550 Euro
    5. Zara Glover, ENG, 400 Euro

    Best Woman in Qualifying:
    Sonja Uhlich, Germany, 1.000 Euro

    L-R Bröndsted, Uhlich, Haglund, Harries and Glover. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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