Paul Moor wins the title in 2009 European Bowling Tour Masters


    EBT Masters 2009

    Dropping the qualifying pinfall has been a quite controversial topic

    3-time European ranking champion Paul Moor (pictured left), England, was crowned men's European Bowling Tour Masters champion after leading the 8-game round robin match play portion (20 pins bonus for each win, no bonus given in the position round) with 2023 pinfall total including 100 bonus.

    With the victory, the lefty, who was the top-ranked player in Europe from 2004-2006, ended a two-year drought on the European Bowling Tour. The last of his record-tying 10 EBT titles came in February 2007 in the Ebonite International Luxembourg Open.

    The fact that the 18-game qualifying pinfall (three six-game blocks, each on a different oil pattern) was dropped before the match play round has been a quite controversial topic at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

    Moor made the cut to match play in sixth place, 203 pins behind qualifying leader Remy Ong, Singapore, and 138 pins behind second-placed Jason Belmonte, Australia. Moor averaged 240.83 in match play and won the first five of his seven matches with games of 226, 246, 256, 247 and 278, the highest game in the round.

    2009SSST03JasonBelmonte2.jpgHe lost the last three matches with 238, 211 and 221 but beat out Belmonte (right) or the top spot by 18 pins, 2023 to 2005.

    Belmonte, who won his first PBA title this year en route to earn the PBA Rookie of the Year award, averaged 238.13 and matched Moor's 5-2 won-loss record. The two-hander had a strong finish on games of 268, 245 and 233.

    If Belmonte would have received 20 bonus for his 233-221 victory in the position round over Moor, the Aussie would have won the EBT Masters by a whisker, 1925-1923.

    According to our information, the players made their own results PLUS QUALIFYING and the leader after 26 games, Jason Belmonte, was paid out the top prize of 4.000 Euro by the players.

    Aalborg International winner Martin Larsen, Sweden, who made the cut in 8th place, finished in third-place with 1908 including 80 bonus. Qualifying leader Remy Ong fell to 7th place with 1698.

    The third EBT Masters will be held in Vienna, Austria, from May 3-4, 2010.


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