Kuwait's Al Zaidan remains unchallenged, wins gold in Boys' Singles



    Bowlingcenter Schillerpark in Berlin, Germany (July 21-30, 2006)

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    2006WYCLogo_small.jpg Monday July 24, 2006
    08:00-09:00 Lane maintenance
    09:00-12:30 Boys Singles on short oil - Squad 1 (maximum 80 players)
    12:30-13:30 Lane maintenance
    13:30-17:00 Boys Singles on short oil - Squad 2 (maximum 80 players)
    17:30-18:00 Medal Ceremony Boys Singles

    Kuwait's Al Zaidan remains unchallenged, wins gold in Boys' Singles

    2006WYCBoysSingles.jpg Squad 1 leaders Mohammad Al Zaidan, Kuwait, Canadian Dan MacLelland, and Norway's Mads Sandbaekken remained unchallenged during the second squad of the Boys Singles en route to win the gold, silver and bronze medals at the 9th World Youth Championships in Berlin.

    Al Zaidan had games of 198, 237, 200, 197, 269, and 215 to lead the field of 165 players and to claim the title with 1316 six-game total and an average of 219,33. MacLelland, who led Squad 1 after five games, earned the bronze medal with 1304. Sandbaekken, who posted a 730 series over the first three games, could not match his vigorous pace in games 4-6 and ended up in third place with 1296.

    Aaron Kong led the second squad with 1271 thanks to a final 247 game, good enough for fourth place. Defending Singles champion Jason Belmonte of Australia landed in seventh place with 1231. Another favorite, Asian Bowling Tour champion Zulmazran Zulkifli, Malaysia, finished the second squad in third place and was ninth overall with 1233.

    French Alain Nicholas, who led the second squad after three games with a 700-score including the tournament high game of 278 thus far, managed 533 in the final three games only to tie Zulkifli with 1233.

    Picture courtesy of Kevin Hazaert.

    Boys Singles - Final Standings

    Boys Singles - Squad 2 after six Games

    Strong finish propels Kuwaiti into Boys Singles lead after Squad 1

    Mohammad Al Zaidan, Kuwait, rolled the 269 high game in game #5 and added a 215 in the final game to overtake the lead in the Boys Singles at the World Youth Champions after the 84 players of Squad 1 have completed their six-game block on short oil. Al Zaidan totaled 1316 pins, an average of 217,33.

    Dan_MacLelland_4583.jpg Canadian Dan MacLelland (left), who finished with a 195-score, slipped to second place with 1304 pinfall total. Third place belonged to Norway's Mads Sandbaekken, who had led after four games, with 1296.

    Among those out of the medals is defending WYC Singles champion Jason Belmonte of Australia. Belmonte, who is one of the bowlers that use a two-handed delivery, started his set with a 188-game and finished with back-to-back 185s to currently sit in sixth place with 1231.

    The top three will sit and watch the second squad taking on the lanes at Bowlingcenter Schillerpark this afternoon.

    Boys Singles - Squad 1 after Six Games