2006 World Youth Championships Boys All Events



    Bowlingcenter Schillerpark in Berlin, Germany (July 21-30, 2006)

    The LIVE COVERAGE from the 9th World Youth Championships 2006 in Berlin, Germany is brought to you by EBONITE INTERNATIONAL, a bowling industry leader for almost 100 years, HAMMER BOWLING, an Ebonite brand, and DEXTER BOWLING, the leader in the bowling shoe industry.

    2006WYCLogo_small.jpg Friday July 28, 2006
    18:30-19:00 Medal Ceremony All Events

    All Events (18 games):
    - Singles (6 games on short oil),
    - Doubles (6 games and long oil),
    - Teams (6 games on dual lane condition)


    Boys' All Events - Final Standings after Singles, Doubles and Team

    The top 16 advance to the Masters single-elimination finals

    Boys' All Events - Standings after Singles and Doubles

    Boys' All Events - Standings after six Games (Singles)