Alessandro Martino overtakes qualifying lead in 1st Ebonite Roma International


    2010 European Bowling Tour #17

    With 176 players in the books cut for 38th place is 184.50

    2010EBT17AlessandroMartino.jpg2010EBT17SaverioTuccimei.jpgAlessandro Martino (pictured left) overtook the lead in the qualifying of the 1st Ebonite Roma International Tuesday at Brunswick Bowling Rome in Rome when the Italian rolled a 1298 six-game in Squad 7.

    Martino started his first attempt in the EBT Satellite event with solid 196 and 194 games and closed out his series with 215, 234, 240 and 219 to overtake previous leader Saverio Tuccimei (right) by 30 pins averaging 216.33 for the round. Tuccimei slipped to second place with 1268.

    Places 1-6 belong to Italian bowlers. Antonio Maddaloni fell to third place with 1259 and was followed by Stefano Oddi in fourth with 1257, Enrico Maddaloni in fifth with 1238 and Giovanni Battagli in sixth place with 1229.

    2010EBT17EikeKabowski.jpg2010EBT17FedericoRossi.jpgEike Kabowski (left), Germany, was the only other player in Squad 7 who managed a 200-plus average. Kabowski came out of the gates quickly with 242, 215, 193 and 231 but had to settle but fell behind Martino after finishing with 178 and 165. His 1224 total, however, was good enough to propel Kabowski into seventh place in the overall qualifying standings.

    Federico Rossi (right), Italy, was eighth with 1212. Rounding out the top 10 were Mohamed Al Zaabi, UAE and Amedeo Spada, Italy, both with 1209.

    With 176 players - 151 men and 25 women - from eight countries including 150 Italian bowlers in the books, only the top 10 have averaged over 200.

    2010EBT17RicardoGonzalesDiaz.jpg2010EBT17AnnalisaBalzano.jpgSquad 8 was led by Ricardo Gonzales Diaz (left), Philippines, who used a high game of 205 and a pair of 201s for 1140 pinfall total, an average of 190, to overtake 22nd place in qualifying.

    Annalisa Balzano (right), Italy, is still high among the women in 14th place with 1173 including 48 pins handicap, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour.

    Cesare Chiaraluce currently holds the 38th and last spot to advance with 1107 (184.50 average) due to the higher last game over Antonio Caivano, both Italy. 184 to 161.

    Qualifying continues on Wednesday, Nov. 10 with Squads 9 and 10 scheduled to start at 5 and 9 p.m. CET.

    2010RomeIntlLogo_small.jpg The 1st Ebonite Roma International is the 17th and penultimate stop of the 2010 European Bowling Tour and the last "Satellite" event of the 2010 EBT season. The tournament will be held from Saturday Nov. 6 through Sunday Nov. 14, 2010 at 24-lane Brunswick Bowling Rome in the capital of Italy, the country's largest and most populated city (over 2.7 million residents) located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula.

    Since the Ankara Open and the Austria Challenge have been cancelled and the English Open has lost its EBT status, the 2010 EBT Tour consists of 18 events - 2 EBT Platinum tournament (formerly Premier), 6 EBT Gold tournaments (formerly Major), 6 EBT Silver tournaments (formerly Challenger) and 4 EBT Satellite tournaments (new category).

    The 1st Ebonite Roma International is a newcomer on the European Bowling Tour offering total prize money of 25.900 Euro with 5.000 Euro going to the winner. 313 players from 23 countries have registered for the event.

    Qualifying (6 games, unlimited re-entries) runs through Saturday, Nov. 13 and ends with Squad 18 and the ultimate one-game Desperado Squad scheduled to start at 8 p.m. local time (CET).

    A total of 50 players - the top 38 from the qualifying, plus the top four of the squads conducted on Nov. 6-7 (Squad 1-4), plus the top 4 of the squads conducted on Nov. 8-10 (Squad 5-10), plus the top 4 from the Desperado Squad - will advance to the finals on Sunday, Nov. 14.

    The top 8 qualifiers will earn three byes and will be seeded into Final Round 4. Positions 9-16 will get two byes and positions 17-28 will bypass the first round of the finals.

    The other 22 players will bowl 4 games scratch. The top 10 will advance to the second round. After another four-game block scratch the top 8 will advance to first round of single-elimination match play (third round overall) with the two-game total pinfall to determine the winner.

    In all matches the highest seeded player will bowl the lowest seeded player, the second highest will bowl the second lowest, etc.

    The field will be cut to 16, 8 and then 4, who will determine the champion in single-game matches (semifinals and final).


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