Mika Koivuniemi wins 5th QubicaAMF Open from top seed


    2011 European Bowling Tour #7

    Mai Ginge Jensen wins women's ranking; overtakes lead in EBT rankings

    201011PBAMikaKoivuniemi.jpg201011PBAChrisLoschetter.jpgMika Koivuniemi (l.) of Finland, the frontrunner in the 2010-11 PBA Tour Player of the Year race, became the first multiple winner on the 2011 European Bowling Tour when he defeated fellow PBAer Chris Loschetter (right), United States, 279-225, to win the 5th QubicaAMF Open 2011 at Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    It was Koivuniemi's sixth title on the European Bowling Tour and the second this season after winning the season-opening Brunswick Ballmaster Open. The "Big Finn" pocketed 6.000 Euro and earned 100 rankings points.

    2011EBT04ToreTorgersen.jpg201011PBAMikeFagan.jpgIn the opening match of the five-player stepladder final, former PBA exempt player Tore Torgersen (left), Norway, topped two-time PBA champion Mike Fagan (right), United States, 225-208.

    In the second match, Torgersen fell to No. 3 seed Chris Loschetter, United States, 256-234. The PBA exempt player carried the momentum into his semifinal match against Osku Palermaa (below left), Finland. Loschetter raced past the two-hander, who has won his first PBA title in the 2010 PBA World Series of Bowling, 279-226.

    Loschetter, who shot 760 in his three games, pocketed 3.000 Euro for second place. Palermaa, who was targeting for back-to-back EBT titles, got 2.000 Euro for third. Torgersen earned 1.800 Euro for fourth and Fagan garnered 1.600 Euro for fifth place.

    2011EBT07OskuPalermaa.jpg2011EBT03MaiGingeJensen.jpgMai Ginge Jensen (right), Denmark, finished eighth en route to win the women's rankings.

    The 5th QubicaAMF Open 2011 is the seventh stop of the 2011 European Bowling Tour and the fourth out of seven EBT "Silver" tournaments this season. The tournament will be held from April 5-10, 2011at 28-lane bowling center Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia and offers total prize fund of 43.400 Euro with 6.000 Euro going to the winner, 3.000 to the runner-up and 2.000 to the third place finisher.

    Since the Viborg International in Viborg, Denmark, has been cancelled, the 2011 European Bowling Tour consists of 21 tour stops in 17 countries including two Platinum, six Gold, seven Silver and six Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament such as the QubicaAMF Open earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament gets 50 ranking points.

    The top 16 men and the top 16 women at the end of the 2011 season qualify for the 5th EBT Masters to be held at Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany on April 30 and May 1, 2012. The event will become the first EBT Masters to be contested on single lane condition.

    The qualifying of the 5th QubicaAMF Open ran from Tuesday April 4 through Saturday, A total of 40 players qualified for the finals on Sunday, April 10, including the top 30 players from the overall qualifying standings, the top six players from the combined standings of the first three days (Tuesday through Thursday - Squads 1-6) which are not among the top 30 plus the top 4 players from the Desperado Squad. The top 10 qualifiers receive two byes, while qualifiers 11-20 bypass the first round of the finals.

    Players seeded 21-40 after qualifying bowled four games scratch. The top 10 advanced to the second round to bowl another four games scratch. The top 10 after the second round joined the top 10 qualifiers in Round 3..

    The top 10 after another four-game block bowled further four games Round 4 with the pinfall total from Round 3 being carried forward. The top 5 after eight games advanced to a traditional stepladder final.

    The stepladder begins Sunday at 5.30 p.m. CET The finalists will compete against each other in a single-match shootout game, In the opening match, the No. 5 seed takes on No. 4 with the winner taking on No. 3. The winner of that match meets No. 2 for the right to bowl the top-seeded player for the title, the 6.000 Euro top prize and 100 ranking points.


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    5th QubicaAMF Open 2011

    Bowling Center Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 5-10, 2011)

    2011EBT07Top3.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Mika Koivuniemi (center), Finland, 279 (1 game), 6.000 Euro
    2. Chris Loschetter (left), United States, 760 (3 games), 3.000 Euro
    3. Osku Palermaa (right), Finland, 226 (1 game), 2.000 Euro
    4. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 459 (2 games), 1.800 Euro
    5. Mike Fagan, United States, 208 (1 game), 1.600 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    First Match: No. 4 Torgersen def. No. 5 Fagan, 225-208
    Second Match: No. 3 Loschetter def. Torgersen, 256-234
    Third Match: Loschetter def. No. 2 Palermaa, 279-226
    Championship: No. 1 Koivuniemi def. Loschetter, 279-225.


    Places 6-40 (Cashers)

    6. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 1.200 Euro
    7. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
    8. Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 1.200 Euro
    9. Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, 1.200 Euro
    10. Krista Pöllänen, Finland, 1.200 Euro
    11. Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    12. Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    13. Peter Ljung, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    14. Wendy Kok, Netherlands, 1.000 Euro
    15. Daniel Hahn, Austria, 1.000 Euro
    16. Brian Voss, United States, 1.000 Euro
    17. Paul Moor, England, 1.000 Euro
    18. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    19. Thomas Gross, Austria, 1.000 Euro
    20. Mathias Ă…rup, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    21. Jesper Agerbo, Denmark, 700 Euro
    22. Rebecka Larsen Jr., Sweden, 700 Euro
    23. Tina Hulsch, Germany, 700 Euro
    24. Alexander Rauscher, Austria, 700 Euro
    25. Perttu Jussila, Finland, 700 Euro
    26. Parker Bohn III, United States, 700 Euro
    27. Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands, 700 Euro
    28. Roman FĂĽrbacher, Austria, 700 Euro
    29. Klaus Lischka, Germany, 700 Euro
    30. Robert Smith, United States, 700 Euro
    31. Giorgio Bodis, Hungary, 500 Euro
    32. Bianca Wiekeraad, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    33. Hafthor Hardarson, Iceland, 500 Euro
    34. Nina Flack, Sweden, 500 Euro
    35. Nicole Sanders, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    36. Mads Sandbaekken, Norway, 500 Euro
    37. Lukasz Zjawiony, Poland, 500 Euro
    38. Jenny Johansson, Sweden, 500 Euro
    39. Milan Malek, Slovenia, 500 Euro
    40. Dirk Völkel, Germany, 500 Euro


    Final Round Four

    The top 10 of Round Three bowl further four games with the four-game total of Round Three being carried forward. The top 5 advance to the stepladder finals. Places 6-10 eliminated, earn 1.200 Euro.


    Final Round Three

    Qualifiers 1-10 and top 10 of Round Two bowl four games scratch. The top 10 advance to the fourth Round. Places 11-20 eliminated, earn 1.000 Euro.


    Final Round Two

    Qualifiers 11-20 and top 10 of Round One bowl four games scratch. The top 10 advance to the third Round. Places 11-20 eliminated, finish 21st through 30th, earn 700 Euro.


    Final Round One

    Qualifiers 21-40 bowl four games scratch. The top 10 advance to the second Round. Places 11-20 eliminated, finish 31st through 40th, earn 500 Euro.