Westin defeats Sandbækken to win his first career EBT title in Linne Norwegian Open


    2011 European Bowling Tour #14

    Norwegian Youth national team member Andrea E. Hansen wins women's ranking

    2011EBT14PeterWestin.jpg2011EBT14MadsSandbakken.jpgSwede Peter Westin (pictured left) defeated Team Norway anchor, Mads Sandbækken (right), 236-231, in the title match of the Linne Norwegian Open 2011 to capture his first career European Bowling Tour title and 30.000 NOK (approx. 3.800 Euro) Sunday at Veitvet Bowling Center in Oslo, Norway.

    Westin, Sandbækken, Alexander Medveditskov, Russia, and Frode Jørgen Aaneby, Norway, advanced to the championship round featuring three one-game shoot-out matches. The player with the lowest game in each match was eliminated.

    Medveditskov set the pace in the first match with 245. Sandbækken was close behind with 236 and Westin had 216 to eliminate Aaneby, who was low with 192.

    Westin posted 224 in the semifinal, while Sandbækken topped Medveditskov, 205-182, to follow Westin into the title match.

    2011EBT14AlexanderMedveditskov.jpg2011EBT14AndreaEHansen.jpgSandbækken received 15.000 NOK for second place. Medveditskov (left) received 10.000 NOK for third and Aaneby pocketed 7.000 NOK for fourth place.

    Qualifying leaders Osku Palermaa, Finland, and Thomas Fredrik Fagerstrøm, Norway, who received two byes and were automatically seeded in the Round of 12 featuring four three-player groups, were eliminated after their first game but could not fall lower than ninth and tenth, worth 4.000 NOK apiece.

    16.year-old Norwegian youth national team member Andrea E. Hansen (right), was the sole woman, who made the Round of 12, was also eliminated in the first match to land in 11th place en route to win the women's ranking in Oslo.

    It was Hansen's first win in the EBT women>'s ranking. Westin and Hansen earned 50 ranking points, their first points in the 2011 European Bowling Tour season. With 14 of 21 events in the books, Dane Thomas Larsen and Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden, held on to the lead in the EBT rankings.

    2011 European Bowling Tour Rankings by Bowlingdigital - Current Standings
    2011 EBT Men's Ranking
    2011 EBT Women's Ranking


    2011EBT14NorwegianOpenLogo.jpg After a three-year hiatus, the Linne Norwegian Open is back on the European Bowling Tour schedule. The tournament, which will be held Aug. 19-28, 2011 at 30-lane Veitvet Bowling Center in Norway's capital city Oslo, is the 14th stop of the 2011 European Bowling Tour and the third out of six EBT "Satellite" tournaments this season.

    The tournament offers total prize fund of 160.000 Norwegian Kronor (NOK), approx. 20.000 Euro with 30.000 NOK or 3.800 Euro going to the winner, 15.000 NOK to the runner-up and 10.000 NOK to the third place finisher.

    The 2011 European Bowling Tour consists of 21 tour stops in 17 countries including two Platinum, six Gold, seven Silver and six Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament such as the Norwegian Open gets 50 ranking points.

    The top 16 men and the top 16 women at the end of the 2011 season qualify for the fifth EBT Masters to be held at Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany on April 30 and May 1, 2012. The event will become the first EBT Masters to be contested on single lane condition.

    Qualifying of the Linne Norwegian Open (six-game series, unlimited re-entries) ran from Friday, Aug. 19 through Saturday, Aug. 27. Women receive 8 pins handicap each game throughout the entire event, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour.

    The Linne Norwegian Open features a 41 feet Kegel lane conditioning pattern with 24.4ml volume oil total.

    A total of 40 players advanced to the finals on Sunday, Aug. 28: The top 36 players from the overall qualifying standings plus the top 2 from a separate leaderboard of Squads 1-7, who were not among the top 48, The last two spots were reserved for the leaders of Turbo 1 and Turbo 2 (highest score in qualifying game #5 and #6, resp.; extra entry fee required).

    The top 2 qualifiers earned two byes, while players seeded 3-8 bypass the first round of the finals. The remaining 32 players bowled four games starting from scratch with the top 14 advancing to the second round.

    Those 14 plus qualifiers 3-8 will bowl another four-game block from scratch to cut to the top 10, who will join the top 2 (seeded 1st and 2nd) qualifiers in Round 3. Those 12 will be split into four groups of three players (Group A: 1 - 8 - 12 seed; Group B: 2 - 7 - 11; Group C: 3 - 6 - 10; Group D: 4 - 5 - 9).

    Each of the following rounds will be decided in single-game matches. The player with the lowest score in each group will be eliminated. The four group winners advance to the finals. The player with the lowest score in quarterfinal will finish fourth and the player with the lowest score in the semifinal will finish third.

    The two remaining players will bowl for the title and the 30.000 NOK top prize.



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    2011 EBT Schedule and Champions



    Final Round Four (Championship)

    The player with the lowest game in each round was eliminated.



    Final Standings - Top 40 (cashers)

    1. Peter Westin, Sweden, 30.000 NOK
    2. Mads Sandbækken, Norway, 15.000 NOK
    3. Alexander Medveditskov, Russia, 10.000 NOK
    4. Frode Jørgen Aaneby, Norway, 7.000 NOK
    5. Linus Carle, Sweden, 4.000 NOK
    6. Eric Sjöberg, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    7. Glenn Morten Pedersen, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    8. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 4.000 NOK
    9. Thomas Fredrik Fagerstrøm, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    10. Andrea E. Hansen, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    11. Rune Herold Andersen, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    12. Svein Roger Olsen, Norway, 4.000 NOK
    13. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 3.000 NOK
    14. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    15. Henrik Aspdahl Oseth, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    16. Bjørn Einar Rudshagen, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    17. Fredrik Tjernes, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    18. Arvid Espen, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    19. Didrik Vatne, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    20. Christer Aker, Norway, 3.000 NOK
    21. Klas Thunberg, Sweden, 3.000 NOK
    22. Svein Åke Ek, Sweden, 3.000 NOK
    23. Andreas Skoglund, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    24. Hans Fredrik Gether, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    25. Lars Lindbäck, Sweden, 2.000 NOK
    26. Jon Ingi Ragnarsson, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    27. Björn Lindqvist, Sweden, 2.000 NOK
    28. Mattias Jansson, Sweden, 2.000 NOK
    29. Audun Boye Hansen, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    30. Tor-Øyvind Lunde, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    31. Randi B. Christensen, Denmark, 2.000 NOK
    32. Heidi Thorstensen, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    33. Stig Rune Barstad, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    34. Øyvin Kulseng, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    35. Øyvind Harang, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    36. Terje Barkald, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    37. Ken Bland Jr. United States, 2.000 NOK
    38. Lars Pejstrup, Sweden, 2.000 NOK
    39. Patrick Gimmestad Emblem, Norway, 2.000 NOK
    40. Mathias Lauritzen, Norway, 2.000 NOK

    Martin Olsen, Norway, has been subsequently disqualified.



    Final Round Three

    The player with the lowest game in each round was eliminated. The winner of each group advances to the final round.



    Final Round Two

    The top 10 players advance; meet qualifiers 1 and 2 in Final Round Three.



    Final Round One

    The top 14 players advance; meet qualifiers 3-8 in Final Round Two.