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‘Cinergy’ between Bowling and Theaters creates great success


Cinergy Cinemas & Entertainment has once again partnered with QubicaAMF, the largest bowling products company in the world, on its newest location.

Cinergy pioneered the Cinema Entertainment Center (CEC) concept by anchoring theaters and bowling within its entertainment facilities. Its newest location in Amarillo, Texas, will include 18 lanes of bowling featuring the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, TMS String Pinspotters and white bowling lanes to complement the rest of its entertainment offerings.

Exploring options to grow their business, Cinergy chose to include bowling as an anchor attraction in its new facilities beginning in 2016.

“After evaluating other companies, we quickly learned the most costly expense is the equipment you have down on a Friday night,” explains Jeff Benson (right), CEO Cinergy Cinemas & Entertainment. “That is why we chose to go with the reliable and innovative bowling products from QubicaAMF.”

“We strive to offer a unique experience for our guests, and believe Cinergy has been successful because we offer the perfect mix of entertainment,” states Benson.

“Choosing QubicaAMF as our bowling equipment provider has helped us to expand our offering and drive new business. They deliver quality and innovative products that make bowling cool again and help increase length of stay and spend in our facilities.”

Jay Buhl (left), Senior VP and General Manager, QubicaAMF shares, “Cinema Entertainment Centers have been a tremendous area of growth for the bowling industry, and it is partners like Cinergy who have led the way.

“Our relationship has been mutually beneficial as bowling has leveraged revenue growth to different areas of their business, and allowed us to introduce the top participatory sport and entertainment option to new and excited consumer base.”

“Cinergy Entertainment has been a valuable partner with QubicaAMF and it is great what they have been able to do for the Cinema Industry by adding bowling to their product mix,” says Wendy Smith (right), Director of New Business Development, QubicaAMF. “We are excited to see their continued growth and be a part of their expansion.”

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