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Eddie Graham takes PBA50 National Championship First Round lead


Trying to close out the season with a second consecutive win, Eddie Graham of Centerville, Ohio, fired a 1,925 eight-game pinfall total Monday to take the first round lead in the PBA50 National Championship to Benefit Riley Hospital for Children.

Graham, the winner of the PBA50 DeHayes Insurance Group Championship in Fort Wayne, Ind., last week for his first PBA50 Tour title, bowled games of 238, 235, 244, 188, 247, 279, 238 and 256 at Signature Lanes in Elkhart, Indiana, for a 240 average.

“I’m getting into a good routine out here but other than that I don’t know what’s going on,” Graham said. “I think I’m just having a lot of fun and you always bowl better when you have a lot of fun.”

After a good start to the round, Graham ran into trouble in the fourth game but decided not to make any drastic changes.

2016PBA50BobLearn2015PBA50TomCarter“That pair of lanes caught me off guard and I couldn’t make a good adjustment until late in the game,” Graham said. “I didn’t want to give up on it, so I stayed with the same ball. I thought why not stay with it for the first few frames of the next game and see what happens and I was able to get back on track.”

In addition to his PBA50 Tour win, Graham owns five PBA regional titles including the 2007 PBA Regional Players Invitational.

Finishing the first round in second was five-time PBA Tour and three-time PBA50 Tour winner Bob Learn Jr. (above left) of Erie, Pa., with a 1,870 pinfall. Learn fell to Graham in the title match of the DeHayes Championship, 186-156. PBA50 Tour veteran Tom Carter (above right) of Columbus, Ohio overcame a 173 first game and averaged 240 for the next seven to finish third with 1,850.

2015PBANormDuke2016PBA50WalterRayWilliamsMark Sullivan of Indianapolis finished fourth with 1,845 followed by PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke (left) in fifth with 1,834. Duke is trying to win his second consecutive PBA50 major after winning the PBA50 Treasure Island Resort & Casino World Championship in July.

Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. (right), hoping to reach 100 combined titles in PBA competition, finished the round in 11th with a 1,783 pinfall. In addition to his all-time record 47 wins on the PBA Tour, he has won 10 PBA50 Tour titles, 32 regional titles and 10 PBA50 regional titles for 99 wins in his more than three-decade career.

The 80-player field returns Tuesday for the second eight-game qualifying round with match play getting underway Wednesday to determine the top five players for the stepladder finals at 7 p.m. ET. Coverage continues for the final tournament of the PBA50 Tour season on PBA’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame.

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2016 PBA50 Tour Schedule & Champions

PBA50 National Championship – First Round Results

Players with position, hometown and 8-game total; n-denotes non-member, ss-denotes PBA60 player ages 60 and over

1, Eddie Graham, Centerville, Ohio, 1,925
2, Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., 1,870
3, Tom Carter, Columbus, Ohio, 1,850
4, Mark Sullivan, Indianapolis, 1,845
5, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., 1,834
6, Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, Kan., 1,820
7, Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 1,816
8, ss-Sam Maccarone, Blackwood, N.J., 1,807
9, Brian Voss, Centennial, Colo., 1,806
10, Ernie Segura Jr., Taylor, Mich., 1,792
11, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., 1,783
12, Tony Johnson, Canton, Ohio, 1,777
13, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 1,774
14, Rick Zakrajsek, Lorain, Ohio, 1,770
15, Brian LeClair, Delmar, N.Y., 1,765
16, Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, Texas, 1,764
17, Tommy Martin, Olive Branch, Miss., 1,759
18, Robert Brown, Cody, Wyo., 1,753
19, n,ss-John Weltzien, Wellington, Fla., 1,751
20, Christopher Keane, Cape Coral, Fla., 1,747
21, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 1,744
22, Terry Rohrer, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1,743
23, Brian Kretzer, Dayton, Ohio, 1,742
24, Dave Sill, Titusville, Fla., 1,721
25, ss-John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 1,706
26, Todd Kjell, Roscoe, Ill., 1,698
27, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 1,697
28, ss-Tom Baker, King, N.C., 1,680
29, Rick Francis, Linden, Calif., 1,679
30, John Brockland, St. Charles, Mo., 1,671
31, ss-Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 1,667
32, Bo Goergen, Sanford, Mich., 1,661
33, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 1,659
34, (tie) ss-Kerry Fulford, Ft. Worth, Texas, and ss-John Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 1,657
36, Brian Cooper, Henderson, Nev., 1,649
37, Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, N.Y., 1,647
38, (tie) n-George Phillips, Centreville, Mich., and ss-Paul Mielens, Menomonie, Wis., 1,645
40, ss-Tommy Kress, Rochester, N.Y., 1,636
41, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 1,633
42, ss-Don Sylvia, Daytona Beach, Fla., 1,631
43, Brad Snell, Mount Prospect, Ill., 1,625
44, ss-Steven Jansson, Barnes, Wis., 1,617
45, Billy Froberg, St Joseph, Mich., 1,616
46, ss-Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 1,614
47, (tie) ss-Dennis Lane, Kingsport, Tenn., and ss-James Knoblauch, Waukesha, Wis., 1,613
49, ss-Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 1,611
50, ss-Chuck Richardson, The Villages, Fla., 1,594
51, ss-Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., 1,593
52, ss-Tim Pierce, Portland, Ore., 1,592
53, ss-Richard Hunt, Valparaiso, Ind., 1,583
54, Gregg Zicha, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 1,579
55, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 1,578
56, Anthony Moses, Southfield, Mich., 1,577
57, ss-Steve Stein, Staten Island, N.Y., 1,570
58, Curt Guinn, Greenwood, S.C., 1,565
59, Steve Easterday, Strasburg, Ohio, 1,558
60, ss-Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, 1,556
61, (tie) Scott Baker, Titusville, Pa., and ss-Fred Cole, Visalia, Calif., 1,555
63, ss-Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 1,552
64, Glenn Morgan, Carson City, Nev., 1,548
65, ss-Warren Nelson, Middleburg, Fla., 1,546
66, ss-Lee Brosius, Ashburn, Va., 1,531
67, ss-Gary Kammes, Winfield, Ill., 1,519
68, Tracy Teeters, Eugene, Ore., 1,518
69, ss-Ted Staikoff, Black Hawk, S.D., 1,514
70, Al Danz Jr., Escanaba, Mich., 1,513
71, ss-William Keenan Jr., Orlando, Fla., 1,507
72, John Kidwell, Indianapolis, Ind., 1,501
73, ss-William Banks, Laurel Hill, N.C., 1,489
74, Randy Leszczynski, Kronenwetter, Wis., 1,483
75, Danny Clark, New Palestine, Ind., 1,465
76, ss-Galen Keas, Alda, Neb., 1,449
77, ss-Dale Eagle, Twin Falls, Idaho, 1,432
78, n-Robert Davis, Annapolis, Md., 1,396
79, ss-Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 1,392
80, Jim Dilyard, Burbank, Ohio, 1,336

300 games (2) – Brian Voss, Johnny Petraglia.

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