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Japanese men dominate Team event; Michael Mak is All-Events champion


2016AsCMenTeamGoldJapanSliderThe Japanese men out averaged their nearest competitor by more than 10 pins to cruise to the gold medal in the five-player team event in the Target 24th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships Monday at SCAA bowling center in Hong Kong, China.

Tomoyuki Sasaki, Yuhi Shinbata, Takuya Miyazawa, Shogo Wada, Shusaku Asato and substitute Atsushi Ibuki (pictured right) led the field of 23 Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) member federations after the first three-game block on medium oil on Sunday with 3203 (213.53 average) and added games of 1180, 1080 and 1171 for 3431 (228.73) on long oil to win the prestigious event with 6634 total and an overall average of 221.13.

Shinbata, who led the team with the highest individual six-game series of the Championships, finished his 1469 block with a near-perfect 299 game. He was followed by Wada (1318), Miyazawa (1310), Sasaki (1277, including a 299 in game four) and Asato (1260).

2016AsCMenTeamSilverAustraliaSliderIt was the first medal for the Japanese men in this Championships and the second gold medal for Japan after the victory in women’s trios.

Trailing Japan by 305 pins to earn the silver medal were Australia’s George Frilingos, Jayden Leming, Ashley Warren, Lachlan Merchant, Sam Cooley and substitute Jarrod Langford (left). The Aussies were in third place after the first block (3128) and overtook Korea on the long lane conditioning pattern with games of 1034, 1085 and 1082 (3201) and 6329, an average of 210.97.

2016AsCMenTeamBronzeMalaysiaSliderHeading into the last game, Malaysia’s Rafiq Ismail, Muhd Nur Aiman, Timmy Tan, Syafiq Ridhwan and Adrian Ang, who replaced Zulmazran Zulkifli after the first block, found themselves in fifth place after finishing the first block in disappointing ninth place.

73 pins behind third-placed Korea, the Malaysians capped off with a big 1118 game to leap two spots into third place to secure the bronze medal with 6275 (209.17).

After winning gold in doubles and trios, the team from the host country Hong Kong overtook Thailand and Korea in the last game to finish in fourth place on 6152. Thailand slipped to fifth place with 6139, while Korea fell from third to sixth place with 6129.

2016AsCMenAllEventsMedalistsSliderThe all-events medalists also were determined Monday based on the 24-game pinfall totals (six games of singles, doubles, trios and team).

Doubles and trios champion Michael Mak (middle) used a solid 1255 series in the team event to easily maintain his lead en route to win his third gold medal with 5378 and an average of 224.08 over 24 games.

>With his 1469 series, Shinbata (right) jumped from eighth to second place to earn the silver medal with 5301 (220.88). Mak’s fellow doubles and trios champ Wu Siu Hong (left) took the bronze medal with 5285 (220.21).

It took an average of 208.33 over 24 games to make the cut to the masters. Trios champion Lau Kwun Ho of Hong Kong hit 5000 on the nose to take the 16th and last place to advance.

The masters competition concludes the Target 24th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships. The top 16 men in all-events bowl eight games on long oil on Tuesday and eight games on medium oil on Wednesday before the cut to the top 3 who bowl for the medals in a stepladder final.

The Target 24th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships will be held from Sept. 18-28, 2016 at the South China Athletic Association Bowling Center in Hong Kong.

20 athletes, 135 men, 65 women, from 24 member federations of the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) participate in the event, which also serves as the qualifier for the 2017 World Bowling World Championships and the X World Games 2017.

The participating countries are Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, Guam, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, North Korea, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and the host country of Hong Kong.

Each team consists of maximum six men and six women who compete in separate divisions for gold, silver and bronze medals in six disciplines, singles, doubles, trios, five-player teams, all-events and masters.

The Championships will be contested on two lane conditioning pattern – a 40 feet medium pattern with 24.48 mL volume oil total and a 45 feet long pattern with 25.355 mL volume oil total.

Singles (six games on medium oil) and doubles (six games on long oil) will be contested on one oil pattern, while trios (long/medium) and team (medium/long) will feature both oil patterns (three games on each pattern). The player/team with the highest pinfall total after six games will be declared the champion.

The top 3 in all-events (24 games; total pinfall in singles, doubles, trios and team event) receive gold, silver and bronze medals. The top 16 in all-events advance to the masters finals. The top 3 after two eight-game blocks, each block on a different pattern, will determine the champions in the stepladder final.

The top 12 teams (based on the combined all-events total of the top five players) qualify for the 2017 World Championships for men and women, to be held December 4-18 at Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya, Kuwait.

The top 5 teams (based on the combined all-events total of the top two players) qualify for the X World Games 2017. The bowling competition will be contested July 20-24 at Sky Bowling in Wroclaw, Poland.

Photos courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation (ABF).

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