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Monsen, Spada capture their first ISBT titles at Dream-Bowl Palace


Janne Monsen of Norway and Italian Spada Spada captured their first career title on the International Seniors Bowling Tour when they won the women’s and men’s division in the 4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace Sunday at Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany.

The seventh stop on the 2017 ISBT season was the third visit of the year to Germany, this time to 52-lane Dream-Bowl Palace (below right), Europe’s biggest bowling center. The tournament was held immediately before the World Senior Championships and had World Bowling sanction, and so attracted a strong entry, including competitors from countries new to the ISBT. In total, 111 men and 46 women from 23 countries took part.

The format for the tournament was a single six-game qualifying block, with unlimited re-entries. For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Turbo games, Early Bird qualification and a Desperado squad.

Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

Qualification started the weekend before the finals for the Early Birds, and in the men’s section the top scorers were Gianni Marchiori of Italy with 1366, and Horst Albert of Germany with 1340.

In the ladies’ section, it was a good weekend for the Albert family, with wife Beate Albert scoring a massive 1360 block, ahead of Angela Laub of Germany with 1278. As the top two ladies and five men from these squads would qualify to the finals as Early Birds, these players were now guaranteed their places in the next round.

Qualification squads resumed on Wednesday, and the top scores all came from German bowlers. 2016 winner Helmut Ulber showed he was still in good form with a 1569 block, ahead of current ISBT ranking leader Hermann Wimmer with 1353. Angelika Hernitschek completed a good day for the Germans with 1195 in the ladies’ section.

Thursday saw more good scoring, with Wimmer improving to 1488, and five women posting scores over 1200, led by Alessandra Morra of Italy with 1281. Friday’s squads were led by Maurizio Celli of Italy with 1511, followed by Wimmer who posted exactly the same score of 1488 as he had the day before.

Scores in the women’s section were increasing quickly, led by Farida Pascoal-Blom of Netherlands with 1278, ahead of Kimberley Oakley of England with 1252.

There were three squads on Saturday, the final qualification day, with a number of players trying to improve to ensure qualification for the finals.

In the first squad of the day, Steven Jeeves of England confirmed his place with 1442, ahead of Alvaro Cardona of Spain. Top lady in the squad was Martina Beckel of Germany, but her 1219 looked unlikely to be enough to make the cut.

In the second squad of the day, Amedeo Spada of Italy booked his finals place with 1479, while Bianca Vőlkl-Brandt ensured her spot on her first attempt with 1297, ahead of Jan Hodge of England.

The final qualification squad was won by Lol Ellis of England with 1431, while Nadine Robert of France, and Claribel Muis of Netherlands posted scores to ensure their top 10 places in the ladies’ section.

The top 24 men from the qualification list were now guaranteed finals places, along with five Early Birds, seven Scratch and two Turbo qualifiers.

The men’s standings were led by Helmut Ulber and Maurizio Celli, with Auke Broekhiezen of Netherlands making the cut in 24th place with 1346.

Beate Albert and Bianca Vőlkl-Brandt led the ladies’ section, with a tie for the final qualifying place at 1245 being decided in Norwegian Janne Monsen‘s favor, as she had the highest scratch score.

There remained just two Desperado places for the men, and one for the ladies. 18 men and 9 ladies took part, with Conn Casey of Canada and Klaus-Uwe Lischka of Germany being the clear qualifiers in the men’s section, with Jana Lebrova of Czech Republic being the sole woman qualifier.

The first final round on Sunday saw the male qualifiers from 19th place downwards bowling a four game block, with only the top 10 staying in the competition. Dario Ancarani of Switzerland came out on top, with 959. 10th place and the cut to the next round was Jurgen Laermans of Belgium with 851.

The next round saw all the remaining players bowl six games, with the top eight in each division going through. Carlo Greulich of Germany led after this round with 1469, with first round leader Ancarani just making the all important 8th place to reach the third final’s round in the men’s section.

In the ladies’ section, Alessandra Morra and Janne Monsen were some distance ahead of the remainder of the field, with Bianca Vőlkl-Brandt just stealing the eighth and last qualifying place.

The next round would cut the eight bowlers down to four after a further three games were played, with scores from the previous round carried through. Amedeo Spada finished this round in the lead, with Lol Ellis, Carlo Greulich and Hermann Wimmer joining him in the last four (left, l-r).

Alessandra Morra retained her lead in the women’s section, ahead of Claribel Muis, Janne Monsen and Bianca Vőlkl-Brandt (right, r-l).

The final rounds were single game elimination, all the remaining players played one game, and the lowest was eliminated.

In the first men’s match, the top three were very close, with Carlo Greulich being eliminated being some way behind the others. The second round saw Hermann Wimmer leave the finals, leaving Lol Ellis and Amedeo Spada to contest the final game.

Lol Ellis couldn’t find the double he needed to secure a win, so Amedeo Spada (left) struck out in the last two frames to take the win, 215 to 202, for his first ISBT title.

In the women’s section, top-seeded Alessandra Morra was first to go, followed by Claribel Muis in the second game. The final between Janne Monsen and Bianca Vőlkl-Brandt was low scoring but close, with a 5-7-10 leave for the German in the 10th frame ending her chances of a win, losing 184-180 to Janne Monsen (right), who took her first ISBT title on her first attempt.

The next stop on the 2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour is the first in England since 2012. The English Senior Open will be held at Stroud Bowl September 13-17. Full details are available at the ISBT website.

Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.

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2017 ISBT Schedule & Champions

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Men’s Eliminator Finals

Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 5-13, 2017)

Championship Round:
1. Amedeo Spada, Italy
2. Lol Ellis, England
3. Herrmann Wimmer, England
4. Carlo Greulich, Germany

From left, Spada, Ellis, Wimmer and Greulich.

Playoff Results:
(One-game matches; age bonus in parenthesis)
First Round: Spada 245 (8); Wimmer 245 (24); Ellis 240 (17); Greulich 180 (9). Greulich eliminated.
Second Round: Ellis 253; Spada (239); Wimmer (212). Wimmer eliminated.
Championship: Spada def. Ellis, 215-202.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Women’s Eliminator Finals

Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 5-13, 2017)

Championship Round:
1. Janne Monsen, Norway
2. Bianca Völkl-Brandt, Germany
3. Claribel Muis, Netherlands
4. Alessandra Morra, Italy

From left, Monsen, Völkl-Brandt, Muis and Morra.

Playoff Results:
(One-game matches; age bonus in parenthesis)
First Round: Muis 236 (9); Monsen 227 (2); Völkl-Brandt 196 (2); Morra 157 (4). Morra eliminated.
Second Round: Monsen 207; Völkl-Brandt 195; Muis 174. Muis eliminated.
Championship: Monsen def. Völkl-Brandt, 184-180.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Men’s Round 3

Top 4 advance to eliminator finals.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Women’s Round 2

Top 4 advance to eliminator finals.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Men’s Round 2

Top 8 advance to the third round.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Women’s Round 1

Top 8 advance to the second round.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Men’s Round 1

Top 10 advance to the second round.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Women’s Qualifying

Top 8 qualifiers, top 2 players each of Early Bird (places 9 and 10) and Scratch (places 11 and 12, and one player each of Turbo (13th place) and Desperado Squad (14th place) advance to the first round.

4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace – Men’s Qualifying

Top 24 qualifiers, top 5 players of Early Bird (places 25-29), top 7 of Scratch (places 39-36), and two players each of Turbo (places 37-38) and Desperado Squad (places 39-40) advance to the finals. Top 18 receive a first-round bye.

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