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Sweden’s Mattias Wetterberg wins 9th Sofia International Open


Mattias Wetterberg of Sweden dominated the finals of the 9th Sofia International Open 2018 closing the stepladder finals with a huge game to defeat Gaëtan Mouveroux (left) of France, 286-206, to win the title and the 7.000 Euro top prize at bowling center Joy Station in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sunday.

Wetterberg (featured photo), who posted a 1442 six-game series in the last qualifying squad to jump into eighth place and to earn two byes for the finals, to the lead in the third round with 1078 four-game total, a 269.50 average, and never looked back.

He added 942 in the fourth round to earn the no. 1 position in the stepladder finals with 2020 total, a 252.50 overall average.

In the opening match, third seeded Pyry Puharinen (above) of Finland edged Russia’s Maxim Okorokov (left), 215-214, to advance to semi-final match against Mouveroux.

The Frenchman prevailed by one pin over the Finn, 234-233, to advance to the championship match.

Mouveroux received 5.000 Euro for second place, Puharinen got 3.500 Euro for third place and Okorokov pocketed 2.500 Euro for fourth place.

Olli-Pekka Pajari of Finland produced the tournament’s sixth 300 game on the way to a 1072 series (268 average) in final round 1. He was eliminated in round two, which was led by Ramon Hilferink, Netherlands, with 1012 (253 average).

The 9th Sofia International Open 2018, a popular non-European Bowling Tour event, was held from Oct. 20-28 at bowling center Joy Station, a 20-laner in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. The tournament offered total prize fund of 55.000 Euro with 7.000 Euro going to the winner and a last-to-cash payout of 350 Euro for 56th place.

Qualifying of the Sofia Open ran from Oct. 20 to 27 and concluded after 35 squads with the one-game Desperado Squad. Women received 8 bonus pins each game (maximum score is 300).

Total 56 players advanced to the finals on Sunday, Oct. 28, including the top 44 qualifiers, the top 6 of squad 1-16 standings, the top 2 of squad 17-25 standings, and the top 4 of the Desperado Squad. The top 8 qualifiers earned two byes and qualifiers 9-16 received a first-round bye.

The other 40 players advanced to the first of four 4-game rounds (rounds 1-3 starting from scratch). The field was trimmed to 36, 20, and then 10 players who determined the stepladder finalists in the last four-game round with the pinfall from Round 3 being carried forward. The top 4 with the highest eight-game total bowled for the title in a traditional stepladder final.

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9th Sofia International Open 2018 – Stepladder Finals

Bowling center Joy Station in Sofia, Bulgaria (Oct. 20-28, 2018)

Championship Round:
1. Mattias Wetterberg, Sweden, 286 (1 game), 7.000 Euro
2. Gaëtan Mouveroux, France, 440 (2 games), 5.000 Euro
3. Pyry Puharinen, Finland, 448 (2 games), 3.500 Euro
4. Maxim A Okorokov, Russia, 214 (1 game), 3.500 Euro

Playoff Results:
First Match: No. 3 Puharinen def. No. 4 Okorokov, 215-214
Second Match: No. 2 Mouveroux def. Puharinen, 234-233
Championship: No. 1 Wetterberg def. Mouveroux, 286-206.

9th Sofia International Open 2018 – Round Four Results

Top 4 advance to the stepladder finals.

9th Sofia International Open 2018 – Round Threee Results

Top 10 advance to the fourth round.

9th Sofia International Open 2018 – Round Two Results

Top 12 advance to the third round.

9th Sofia International Open 2018 – Round One Results

Top 20 advance to the second round.

300 games (1) – Olli-Pekka Pajari.

Herbert Bickel

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