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Team rosters announced for 7th QubicaAMF BPC Tour


Bruno Bidone, tournament manager of the 2016 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour and team captain of Team Mercury, has announced the team rosters for the 7th QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour, a made-for-TV event which will be held from Nov. 6-11 in three cities in France.

Team MERCURY: Bruno Bidone (France; captain), Glen Vansteenbrugge (Belgium), Vincent Cayez (France), Glen Bailey (England) and Renaud Honhon (Belgium).

2016QBPCTeamOrionTeam ORION: Jonathan Lefevre (France; captain), Gaetan Mouveroux (France), Geert-Jan van Baest (Netherlands), July Petrov (Bulgaria) and Alex Gaal (France).

Team SIRIUS: Mariana Meteksinova (Bulgaria; captain), Alexandra Lopez D’Andrade (France), Sarah Essouffi (France), Nathalie Dhanis (Belgium) and Isabelle Chevet (France).

Team VEGA: Amandine Richard (France; captain), Nicole Sanders (Netherlands), Samantha Hannan (England), Wendy Bartaire (France) and Marine Lesourd (France).

The QubicaAMF BPC Tour will return to six-lane Bowling Skittle in Châteaubriant for the Team Challenge, Bowling Le Belem, a 12-laner in Dinan/Taden for Singles and 24-lane Silverbowl in Angers/Beaucouze, which will host Doubles and Masters competition.

Each stage of the QubicaAMF BPC Tour will air on French television networks and on the internet free of charge.

This year’s event is limited to 10 bowlers in each division, women and men. Each player will bowl a minimum of two TV Shows (Team Challenge & Doubles) and each player will cash. The maximum a player can earn is 1.825 Euro plus 500 if he/she rolls the first 300 game on TV. Low to cash is 100 Euro.

2016 QAMF BPC Tour Rules and Regulations

For more information on the Tour, including videos, interviews, and more please visit the official Website or find the BPC on Facebook and YouTube.

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