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Marianne Pelz, Steven Jeeves claim victory in French Senior Open


2016ISBT08StevenJeevesMarianne Pelz of Germany and Steven Jeeves of England claimed the women’s and men’s titles in the French Senior Open Sunday at Planet Bowling in Lomme, France.

It was the second consecutive victory for Pelz, who won the ISBT Masters Finals for 2015 last month. After winning the men’s titles 50+ Euro Bowling Open in Antwerp, Belgium, and the 11th Dutch Senior Open in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, Jeeves (pictured right and above with Marianne Pelz) joined Martina Beckel of Germany as the only three-time winners on the International Seniors Bowling Tour in 2016.

The French Senior Open was the eighth stop on the 2016 ISBT. There is always a strong entry for this tournament, with 89 men and 22 ladies taking part. The format for the tournament was a single six-game qualifying block, with unlimited re-entries.

For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Scratch score, Turbo games and a Desperado Squad. Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

The tournament was played on the Kegel Stone Street pattern, which generally provides a high scoring condition, however the addition of new pins into the decks caused many bowlers to have difficulties in carrying the corners.

Squads started on Wednesday, Sept. 28, and scoring was led by Jean Marc Marin of France with 1333 including age bonus. Patricia Vezzu of Belgium also had a good start in the ladies section with 1221.

On Thursday, Ed Roberts travelling from the United States scored well to hit 1493, and comfortably take the lead. Farida Pascoal-Blom of Netherlands had good blocks of 1164 and 1190.

Friday saw more high scoring, with Herman Wimmer of Germany, a two-time winner this season, totaling 1405, André Geelen of Belgium 1392, and Marianne Pelz 1301.

There were three final squads on Saturday, and in the first Steven Jeeves had an amazing start with games of 258, 289, 300 and 257 to finish clearly leading the overall standings with 1562.

His fellow countryman Lol Ellis bowled well for 1411, but was well behind his playing partner Jeeves. In the second squad, Laurent Quitellier of France had a strong block of 1440 to secure his place in the finals. In the last squad, Scotland’s Alan Keddie put together a good block, including a 289 game, to edge into the top 4 in the overall standings.

At the end of qualification, Jeeves had a substantial lead over the rest of the field with 1562, ahead of Roberts, Keddie and Quitellier, who made up the top four and would miss the first two finals rounds.

Players in positions five to eight would miss one round, with eighth place going to Djouad Laya of France with 1414. The qualification cut for the top 24 was Marc Franceus of Belgium with 1307. Three more players qualified through high scratch scores, and a further three through Turbo games, leaving just two places to fill in the Desperado Squad.

In the ladies division, Pelz with 1301 had a good lead over Beckel, with Vezzu and Gisela Insinger of Germany making up the four who would miss the first final round. Last qualifier was Liliane Vintens of Belgium with 1183. The highest scratch score, and two Turbo qualifiers would also make the finals, with just one place available in the Desperado Squad.

11 men and 3 women took part in the one-game Desperado shootout. Werner Laun of Germany won this easily with 259, but second place was very close, with Auke Broekhuizen of Netherlands just edging out Greg Jerome of England. A solid game from Uschi Diekoff of Germany of 211 ensured she would be the last lady to make the finals.

The men in positions 9 to 24, plus the other qualifiers had an early start on Sunday morning in the first finals round of four games. Roger Pieters of Belgium had a clear lead at the top with 987, ahead of English pair Steve Carnell and Mo Singleton. The top twelve would go into the next round, twelfth place was Ulf Lönngren of Sweden.

In the next round, the twelve qualifiers would be joined by qualifiers five to eight for a further four game block. The top two players from round 1 were also top here, with Steve Carnell of 921 being just ahead of Roger Pieters. Only the top eight would progress further, this place going to Les Grant of England with 837.

The ladies outside of the top four bowled their first final round at the same time, and it was a close finish to the squad with Farida Pascoal-Blom just edging the lead from Petra Duplois of Germany. A good last game edged Angie Brown of England into the fourth qualifying position, just behind Liliane Vintens.

2016ISBT08MenTop3In the men’s final, qualifying leaders Steven Jeeves and Ed Roberts were paired together, and both started off strongly, but Djouad Laya also started well to hold second place, behind Steven Jeeves.

These top two were close throughout the four-game final, but Steven Jeeves could not be caught, winning his third title of the year. A final game of 257 from Roger Pieters secured third place from Ed Roberts.

2016ISBT08WomenTop3In the women’s final, Marianne Pelz started strongest, but was slowly caught and passed by Petra Duplois by the end of game 3. However, a final game of 228 saw her finish as the champion, ahead of Duplois and Martina Beckel.

Germany and England have shared the wins in the eight ISBT stops this season. Germany’s Martina Beckel (3), Bianca Völkl-Brand, Beate Albert, Marett Schiller and Marianne Pelz have won all but one title, which went to Angie Brown of England. It’s 4-4 on the men’s side with Steven Jeeves (3) and Ron Oldfield winning for England and Hermann Wimmer (2), Horst Albert and Helmut Ulber for Germany.

The next stop on the 2016 ISBT is at the Flanders Senior Open, which will be contested at Euro Bowling in Deurne, Belgium, from the November 9-13. Full details are available at the ISBT website.

Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.

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2016 French Senior Open – Men’s Finals


2016 French Senior Open – Women’s Finals

2016 French Senior Open – Men’s Round Two

Top 8 advance to the finals.

2016 French Senior Open – Men’s Round One

Top 12 advance to the second round.

2016 French Senior Open – Women’s Round One

Top 4 advance to the finals.

2016 French Senior Open – Men’s Qualifying

Top 24 qualifiers plus three Scratch qualifiers (places 25-27), three Turbo qualifiers (places 28-30) and the top two of the Desperado Squad (places 31-32), advance to the finals. Top 4 qualifiers receive two bye, qualifiers 5-8 get one bye.

2016 French Senior Open – Women’s Qualifying

Top 8 qualifiers plus one Scratch qualifier (9th place), two Turbo qualifiers (places 10 & 11) and the leader of the Desperado Squad (12th place), advance to the finals. Top 4 qualifiers receive one bye.

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