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2018 World Bowling Tour Women’s Point Ranking after Bangkok


Danielle McEwan, United States, won the PBA/WBT Thailand 2018 event which concluded Friday with the TV finals at Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand.

Along with a 1.000.000 Baht check ($30,795USD) for winning in the World Bowling Tour Tier 2 event, the four-time Professional Women’s Bowling Association champion received 400 ranking points to widen her lead in the World Bowling Tour rankings and also in the race for the WBT finals in January 2019.

McEwan (left) has accumulated 2314 points in WBT events over the past two years and 2092 alone in 2018.

Sitting in second place on both lists is Liz Johnson, United States. The three-time PWBA Player of the Year, who was the third-best woman in Bangkok, is 464 points behind McEwan in the two-year point list and 492 points back in the ranking for 2018.

Though she did not compete in Bangkok, Daria Pajak (left) of Poland remained in third place with distant 1428 and 1368, respectively.

Siti Safiyah Amirah (right) of Malaysia leaped from seventh to fourth place with 1225 and 1172, with reigning PWBA Player of the Year Shannon O’Keefe, USA, who is currently at the PABCON Women’s Championships in the Dominican Republic, in fifth place (1140/1140) and Sin Li Jane of Malaysia, who was the second-best woman in Bangkok, in sixth place (116/1028).

The World Bowling Tour 2018 commences with the FloBowling PBA Fall Swing Tulsa Open, a Tier 2 event to be held October 19-20 at The Lanes at Coffee Creek in Owasso, Okla., USA.

The World Bowling Tour is sanctioned by World Bowling, the governing body for the sport of bowling. The tour is the premier international bowling series that is hosted in numerous, unique cities around the globe.

The 2018 WBT schedule features 13 stops, one each in Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand and Hong Kong and eight stops on U.S. soil.

Due to an agreement between World Bowling and the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), World Bowling Tour tournaments will award a PBA Tour title if the winner is a PBA member (who doesn’t accept handicap pins). However, when an event is U.S. based and not a PBA event (such as the New Mexico Open), no PBA title can be granted.

In 2018, World Bowling has introduced a three-tier system. Base points range from 100 points for first place to 24 points for 50th place. In Tier 1 events (must have more than $200,000USD prize money), athletes receive six times the number of WBT Ranking base point, in Tier 2 events (between $100,000 and $200,000) four times and in Tier 3 events (between $50,000 and $100,000) two times.

Men and women compete for points to earn places on the World Bowling Tour rankings. The points system still is based on a continuous two-year cycle, where points include every event from the previous two year format.

The top three men and top three women in the annual points list will compete in the season-ending World Bowling Tour Finals, presented by PBA, which will be contested at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, January 6, 2019 for airing on FS1 on Sunday, March 10, at 10 p.m. EST.

World Bowling provides governance to international bowling and is made up of 134 bowling international federations. For more information on the World Bowling Tour, click here.

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PBA/WBT Thailand 2018 (Tier 2) – Women’s Ranking

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Danielle McEwan, United States, 400
2. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 320
3. New Hui Fen, Singapore, 280
4. Liz Johnson, United States, 240
5. Natasha Roslan, Malaysia, 200
6. Esther Cheah, Malaysia, 192
7. Daphne Tan, Singapore, 184
8. Misaki Mukotani, Japan, 176
9. Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, 168
10. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 160
11. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 120
12. Charlene Lim, Singapore, 120
13. Syaidatul Afifah, Malaysia, 120
14. Yanee Saebae, Thailand, 120
15. Thanchanok Vilailak, Thailand, 120
16. Kantaporn Singhabubpha, Thailand, 120
17. Kalyawat Ponganekkul, Thailand, 120
18. Khattiya Ngoenkham, Thailand, 120
19. Natthasinee Madeeparsert, Thailand, 120
20. Chhenang Nita, Cambodia, 120
21. Khuon Sreymom, Cambodia, 120

Qualifying Standings for 2018 WBT Women’s Final

Standings after 10/13 events. Top 25 with position, country and total points earned in 2018 WBT events and the highest points in a single event (in parenthesis). Top 3 will advance to the WBT Women’s Final (dates and venue tba).

1. Danielle McEwan, USA, 2492 (400)
2. Liz Johnson, USA, 2000 (420)
3. Daria Pajak, Poland, 1368 (600)

4. Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, 1172 (320)
5. Shannon O’Keefe, USA, 1140 (600)
6. Clara Guerrero, Colombia, 1080 (480)
7. Stefanie Johnson, USA, 1056 (480)
8. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 1028 (320)
9. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 980 (288)
10. Sandra Gongora, Mexico, 912 (400)
11. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 876 (400)
12. Diana Zavjalova, Latvia, 840 (276)
13. Erin McCarthy, USA, 780 (420)
14. Liz Kuhlkin, USA, 760 (600)
15. Bryanna Coté, USA, 744 (480)
16. Maria Jose Rodriguez, Colombia, 744 (160)
17. New Hui Fen, Singapore, 704 (280)
18. Diandra Asbaty, USA, 656 (320)
19. Missy Parkin, USA, 616 (264)
20. Ashly Galante, USA, 612 (288)
21. Park Jinhee, Korea, 600 (600)
22. Kelly Kulick, USA, 596 (252)
23. Sydney Brummett, USA, 564 (288)
24. Shannon Pluhowsky, USA, 560 (200)
25. Daria Kovalova, Ukraine, 552 (180)

2018 WBT Women’s Point Ranking – Standings after Bangkok (WBT #10/13)

Players with country, ranking point total, points earned in 2018, 2017 and 2016, highest points in a single event and number of top 50 finishes

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