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Angie Brown, Hermann Wimmer finish top of the 2017 European Senior’s Rankings


The 2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour (ISBT) concluded in early December with the Zeeland Senior Open in Goes, Netherlands.

This was the final event of the 2017 tour, which comprised 11 individual senior (age 50 and over) tournaments, held in six European countries – Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, England and the Netherlands.

Pictured above from left: 2017 ISBT Ranking leaders Hermann Wimmer and Angie Brown.

During the course of the year, 545 men and 142 women competed for the titles, an increase of over 20% on the 2016 season, playing for total prize money in excess of 128,000 Euro.

The competitors came from across Europe and beyond, with a total of 27 countries represented.

In the men’s division, only two were able to win twice during the season, Christer Danielsson from Sweden and Ron Oldfield from England.

Other winners in the men’s division were Georgio Desimio and Robert Vallons from Belgium, Alan Jenkins and Gary Barlow from England, Amedio Spada from Italy, Roger Pieters from Belgium, and Herman Wimmer from Germany.

Ron Oldfield (left) has the highest number of ISBT wins since the tour started in 2010 with 16, ahead of Chris Vandamme from Belgium and Carlo Greulich from Germany, both with 7 victories.

In the ladies’ division, only England’s Angie Brown (right) managed more than one win, with victories in Deurne and Goes. This takes her total number of ISBT wins to 16, ahead of Liliane Vintens from Belgium and Martina Beckel from Germany, both with 9 victories.

The other titles in 2017 went to Kimberley Oakley, Lynne Walker and Sandra Boswell from England, Brigitte Fievet and Nadia Goron from France, Daniela Buzzelli from Italy, Janne Monsen from Norway, Bianca Völkl-Brandt from Germany, and Liliane Vintens from Belgium.

Throughout the year, as well as competing for outright victories, bowlers are awarded points based on their finishing places, which determine the overall rankings for the year.

In 2017, Angie Brown finished top of the ladies’ ranking for the third time, with Hermann Wimmer top of the men’s rankings for the second successive year.

The top 32 men and 12 women will be invited to the 2017 Masters final which will be held at Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France on the 20th April 2018, during the Alsace Senior Open tournament.

2017 saw the first ISBT tournament in England for several years, held at Stroud Bowl. The 2018 season sees a return to many of the established tour stops, with a few dates later in the year still to be finally confirmed.

However, it is sure that the ISBT will continue to flourish, based around the friendships established between bowlers of many different nationalities, and the competitive atmosphere of the ISBT.

Full details are available at the ISBT website.

Story and Rankings courtesy of Tony Brown.

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2017 ISBT Schedule & Champions

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour – Preliminary Schedule

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #1
Arthurs Senior Open
Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany (March 7-13, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #2
Euro Bowling 50+
Euro Bowling in Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium (March 29 – April 1, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #3
Alsace Senior Open
Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France (April 10-22, 2018)

2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour
2017 ISBT Masters
Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France (April 20, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #4
Italy Senior Open
Reno Bowling in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, Italy (June 2-10, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #5
Senior Open Dream-Bowl Böblingen
Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (June 7-15, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #6
Dutch Senior Open 2018
Chandra Bowling in Nieuwegein, Netherlands (August 1-5, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #7
Paris Senior Open
La Factory in Moussy-Le-Neuf, France (August 15-19, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #8
Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace
Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 25 – September 2, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #9
French Senior Open
Planet Bowling in Lomme, France (October 2018, dates tbc)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #10
Flanders Senior Open
Euro Bowling in Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium (November 1-4, 2018)

2018 International Seniors Bowling Tour #11
Zeeland Senior Open
Bowling Goes in Goes, Netherlands (November 27 – December 2, 2018)

2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour – Men’s Ranking (final)

The top 32 men will be invited to the 2017 Masters final which will be held at Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France on the 20th April 2018, during the Alsace Senior Open tournament.

1. Hermann Wimmer, Germany, 940
2. Roger Pieters, Belgium, 835
3. Alan Keddie, Scotland, 720
4. Steven Jeeves, England, 715
5. Auke Broekhuizen, Netherlands, 700
6. Lol Ellis, England, 685
7. Giorgio Desimio, Belgium, 675
8. Valentin Fatu, Belgium, 670
9. Ron Oldfield, England, 665
10. Helmut Ulber, Germany, 660
11. Robert Vallons, Belgium, 595
12. André Geelen, Belgium, 570
13. Pierre Prou, France, 550
14. Arthur Dähn, Germany, 510
15. Harald Punessen, Germany, 495
16. Frank Lindsay, England, 475
17. Dominique De Nolf, Belgium, 465
18. Mike Halliwell, England, 460
19. Alan Jenkins, England, 435
20. Les Grant, England, 425
21. Ian Buckland, England, 410
(tie) Yves Delafonteyne, Belgium, 410
23. Ekkehard Oette, Germany, 405
24. Christer Danielsson, Sweden, 395
(tie) Doug Sinclair, England, 395
26. Mo Singleton, England, 390
27. Peter Knopp, Germany, 385
28. Carlo Greulich, Germany, 360
29. Jeff Taylor, England, 355
30. Mick Ince, England, 350
31. Steve Coates, England, 335
32. Uwe Tscharke, Germany, 330

33. Frank Stander, England, 320
(tie) Michel Ligier, France, 320
35. Ingar Gabrielsen, Norway, 310
(tie) Paul Cosgrove, Netherlands, 310
37. Ron Van Den Bogaard, Netherlands, 285
(tie) Ulf Lönngren, Sweden, 285
39. Klaus-Uwe Lischka, Germany, 275
40. Dominique Wallet, France, 270
41. Dave Goodwin, England, 255
(tie) Greg Jerome, England, 255
(tie) Jean-Philippe Rossire, Switzerland, 255
(tie) Michael Pray, England, 255
45. Patrick Rolland, France, 245
46. Dan Ahlquist, Sweden, 240
(tie) Frédéric Goron, France, 240
48. Francois Apers, Belgium, 230
(tie) Steve Wright, England, 230
50. Jack Smith, England, 225
51. Jurgen Laermans, Belgium, 220
(tie) Norbert Rondelez, Belgium, 220
53. Jochen Diekhoff, Germany, 215
54. Paul Le Louarn, Jersey, 210
55. Berny Stöckl, Germany, 205
(tie) Gary Barlow, England, 205
(tie) Yves Strobbe, France, 205
58. Rene Gooyers, Netherlands, 200
59. Erwin Groen, Netherlands, 195
60. Alan Tone, Canada, 170
(tie) Etienne Couvent, Belgium, 170
62. Bruno Schmitt, France, 165
(tie) Horst Albert, Germany, 165
(tie) Louis Hendriks, Netherlands, 165
(tie) Steve Carnall, England, 165
66. Keith Hodge, England, 155
(tie) Loris Masetti, Italy, 155
(tie) Luciano Casagrande, Belgium, 155
(tie) Paul Lamon, Belgium, 155
70. Amedeo Spada, Italy, 150
(tie) Jürgen Preuss, Germany, 150
(tie) Suren Johanssen, England, 150
73. Dario Ancarani, Italy, 135
(tie) Joël Rost, France, 135
75. Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, 130
(tie) Laurent Quittelier, France, 130
(tie) Maarten in ‘t Veld, Netherlands, 130
(tie) Ralph Hughes, England, 130
79. Henry van Steenis, Netherlands, 125
80. Jack Edelaar, Netherlands, 120
(tie) Marco Reviglio, Italy, 120
(tie) Paul Newton, England, 120
83. Ivan Burian, Czech Republic, 115
(tie) Maurizio Celli, Italy, 115
(tie) Werner Laun, Germany, 115
86. Björn Bergvall, Sweden, 110
(tie) Bogdan Gula, Poland, 110
(tie) Dieter Rau, Germany, 110
(tie) Jacques Brunet, France, 110
90. Laya Djouad, France, 105
(tie) Leen van Haaften, Netherlands, 105
(tie) Patrice Sustar, France, 105
(tie) Stéphane Gromadzik, France, 105
(tie) Thomas Schwermer, Germany, 105
95. John Bosch, Netherlands, 100
(tie) Raimo Palokoski, Finland, 100
97. Frank Öing, Germany, 95
(tie) Gabriele Benvenuti, Italy, 95
(tie) Noël De Lazzer, France, 95
100. Andy Clough, England, 90
(tie) Claude Escarguel, France, 90
(tie) Miroslaw Pajak, Poland, 90
103. Markku Puurunen, Finland, 85
(tie) Massimo Isoppo, Italy, 85
(tie) Pekka Tiironkoski, Finland, 85
106. Alain Aubert, France, 80
(tie) Alain Sobkowiak, France, 80
(tie) Alvaro Cardona, Spain, 80
(tie) Andy Gillespie, England, 80
(tie) Marco Borbeggiani, Italy, 80
(tie) Rinaldo Ineichen, Switzerland, 80
(tie) Serge Orengo, France, 80
113. Didier Marmion, France, 75
(tie) Freddy Schijf, Netherlands, 75
(tie) Gaël Scellier, France, 75
(tie) Gianni Marchiori, Italy, 75
(tie) Gordon Humphries, England, 75
(tie) Gunnar Trouillard, Belgium, 75
(tie) Harald Laub, Germany, 75
(tie) Herman Pellegroms, Belgium, 75
(tie) Jan de Bruijn, Netherlands, 75
(tie) John de Vries, Netherlands, 75
(tie) Kalle Gaiser, Germany, 75
(tie) Patrick Herbaut, France, 75
(tie) Peter Börding, Germany, 75
(tie) Peter Thüry, Germany, 75
127. Bruno Perez, France, 70
(tie) Domenico Nespoli, Italy, 70
(tie) Gary Baker, England, 70
(tie) Gregor Ramsak, Switzerland, 70
(tie) Günther Grether, Germany, 70
(tie) Günther Hofmann, Germany, 70
(tie) Jaakko Polttila, Finland, 70
(tie) Jean-François Jourdain, France, 70
(tie) Marcel Deudon, France, 70
(tie) Nick Wright, England, 70
(tie) Patrick Berthomiere, France, 70
(tie) Philippe Andre, France, 70
(tie) Philippe van Vaerenbe, Belgium, 70
(tie) Ralph Yves Genillard, Switzerland, 70
(tie) Rob Gorter, Netherlands, 70
(tie) Tini van Dorst, Netherlands, 70
(tie) Wilbert Anthonisse, Netherlands, 70
144. Ad Van Der Jagt, Netherlands, 65
(tie) Armand Lavrut, France, 65
(tie) Aurelio Briganti, Italy, 65
(tie) Avellino Zampieri, Italy, 65
(tie) Bruno Dufeutrelle, France, 65
(tie) Chris Skudder, England, 65
(tie) Dominique Brosens, Belgium, 65
(tie) Eric Koning, Netherlands, 65
(tie) Gilbert Houchard, France, 65
(tie) Janusz Hulecki, Poland, 65
(tie) Jean-Charles Faure, France, 65
(tie) Kevin Reed, England, 65
(tie) Luciano Marsero, Italy, 65
(tie) Manuel Petit, France, 65
(tie) Marcel Blaser, Switzerland, 65
(tie) Martial Petit, France, 65
(tie) Miroslav Chylo, Germany, 65
(tie) Peter Broekmans, Netherlands, 65
(tie) Peter van den Oever, Netherlands, 65
(tie) Roel Mol, Netherlands, 65
(tie) Sandro Danesi, France, 65
(tie) Thierry Deboissy, France, 65
(tie) Vladimir Dvorak, Czech Republic, 65
(tie) Walter Kindschuh, Germany, 65
(tie) Yvan Augustin, France, 65
169. Ed Roberts, United States, 60
(tie) Frédéric Rollier, France, 60
(tie) Fredy Lieb, Germany, 60
(tie) Jean Marc Lebon, France, 60
173. Alfred Metz, Germany, 55
(tie) Dante Didonfrancesco, Italy, 55
(tie) Franco Vanzella, Italy, 55
(tie) Hans Nitsch, Germany, 55
(tie) Kim Johnson, England, 55
(tie) Paul Stott, Ireland, 55
(tie) Ray Lay, England, 55
(tie) Timo Mäkelä, Finland, 55
(tie) Vittore Rescazzi, Italy, 55
182. Claude Vanbesien, France, 50
(tie) Gérard Calonnec, France, 50
(tie) Henk Wijker, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Joe Ciach, Canada, 50
(tie) Leen Schaap, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Peter Todosijevic, Germany, 50
(tie) Santo Provenzi, Italy, 50
(tie) Ton Plummen, Netherlands, 50
190. Alain Letribot, France, 45
(tie) Alessandro Martino, Italy, 45
(tie) Anastasios Chalkidis, Germany, 45
(tie) Brian Johnson, England, 45
(tie) Daniel Billebeau, France, 45
(tie) Erminio Vettoretti, Italy, 45
(tie) Frank Börner, Germany, 45
(tie) Lasse Jalava, Finland, 45
(tie) Lucio Malandra, Italy, 45
(tie) Massimo Losi, Italy, 45
(tie) Nev Robinson, England, 45
(tie) Patrick Delarue, France, 45
(tie) Peter Almqvist, Sweden, 45
(tie) Renato Bortolon, Italy, 45
(tie) Roger Froloff, France, 45
(tie) Serge Frouvelle, France, 45
(tie) Stefan Wulcan, Sweden, 45
(tie) Volkmar Wiehe, Germany, 45
208. Anders Hagberg, Sweden, 40
(tie) Ben Van Denzel, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Brian Wilkins, England, 40
(tie) Georges Torok, France, 40
(tie) Gino di Giorno, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Giuseppe Cuomo, Italy, 40
(tie) Giuseppe Marchese, Italy, 40
(tie) Graziano Pachera, Italy, 40
(tie) Ivan Sabo, Germany, 40
(tie) Jan Egil Hansen, Norway, 40
(tie) Jiri Hindrak, Czech Republic, 40
(tie) John Wilson, Ireland, 40
(tie) Laurent Matiere, France, 40
(tie) Lionel Thomas, France, 40
(tie) Luciano Lambertini, Italy, 40
(tie) Martin Snelting, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Mats Lunderquist, Sweden, 40
(tie) Oleksandr Savhuk, Ukraine, 40
(tie) Peter Betz, Germany, 40
(tie) Peter Panas, Germany, 40
(tie) Petri Keituri, Finland, 40
(tie) Phil Patrick, England, 40
(tie) Stefano Beltrami, Italy, 40
231. Alan Bennett, England, 35
(tie) Alan Turner, England, 35
(tie) Antonio Maddaloni, Italy, 35
(tie) Benito Guzzinati, Italy, 35
(tie) Bernhard Wyrwal, Germany, 35
(tie) Claudio Zucconi, Italy, 35
(tie) Conn Casey, Canada, 35
(tie) Danilo Catani, Italy, 35
(tie) Dario Servadio, Italy, 35
(tie) Dave Montgomery, England, 35
(tie) Eric Dingreville, France, 35
(tie) Eric Huyghe, Belgium, 35
(tie) Eric Poux, France, 35
(tie) Falcao Belmiro, Portugal, 35
(tie) Gareth Roberts, England, 35
(tie) Geoff Gardner, England, 35
(tie) Ger Van Loon, Netherlands, 35
(tie) Gérard Lettree, France, 35
(tie) Giuseppe Sciascia, Italy, 35
(tie) Hans Gerold, Germany, 35
(tie) Heinz Spot, Germany, 35
(tie) Joseph Bulzan, Belgium, 35
(tie) Kevin Lamb, England, 35
(tie) Klaus Reitze, Germany, 35
(tie) Krzysztof Olesinski, Poland, 35
(tie) Luc Giebens, Belgium, 35
(tie) Mark Spiteri, Malta, 35
(tie) Mike Kennedy, Austria, 35
(tie) Nico Thienpondt, Netherlands, 35
(tie) Norbert Lutzei, Germany, 35
(tie) Oliver Simonian, France, 35
(tie) Patrick Hunter, France, 35
(tie) Patrick Lefrancois, France, 35
(tie) Patrick Mochon, France, 35
(tie) Paul Morris, England, 35
(tie) Raimund Patterman, Austria, 35
(tie) René Van Hoorebeke, Belgium, 35
(tie) Rory Smith, United States, 35
(tie) Sante Del Vecchio, Italy, 35
(tie) Shigefumi Goto, Japan, 35
(tie) Stefano Michelini, Italy, 35
(tie) Stephen Bose, England, 35
(tie) Thorsten Filor, Germany, 35
(tie) Togni Riziero, Italy, 35
(tie) Trevor Green, England, 35
(tie) Ulrich Zeitler, Germany, 35
(tie) Victor Taeymans, Belgium, 35
(tie) Vittorio Gorrieri, Italy, 35
(tie) Willy Ebel, Germany, 35
(tie) Wolfgang Emmerich, Germany, 35
(tie) Wolfgang Gürz, Germany, 35
(tie) Wolfgang Gutzmer, Germany, 35
(tie) Yvon Lassal, France, 35
(tie) Zdenek Havlicek, Czech Republic, 35
285. Alain Deledda, France, 30
(tie) Alain Duboz, France, 30
(tie) Alain Durot, France, 30
(tie) Alain Marc Michali, France, 30
(tie) Alan Wills, England, 30
(tie) Albinas Dambrauskas, Lithuania, 30
(tie) Alder Zappaterra, Italy, 30
(tie) Alexander Moore, Germany, 30
(tie) Alexandre Petitjean, France, 30
(tie) Alfred Hoke, Germany, 30
(tie) Alfred Klausmann, France, 30
(tie) Allen Poulson, Germany, 30
(tie) Andre Beers, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Andreas Bösiger, Switzerland, 30
(tie) Andreas Janssen, Germany, 30
(tie) Angelo Maggi, Italy, 30
(tie) Aniello Graziuso, Italy, 30
(tie) Anthony Paris, Malta, 30
(tie) Anthony Robson, England, 30
(tie) Antonio del Rosario, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Antonio Fecchio, Italy, 30
(tie) Antonio Garilli, Italy, 30
(tie) Archie Bogie, England, 30
(tie) Arend Schokker, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Arno Hummelink, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Battista Gghilardi, Switzerland, 30
(tie) Ben Penninkhof, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Bengt Ahlstrand, Sweden, 30
(tie) Bernard Anselmier, France, 30
(tie) Bernhard May, Germany, 30
(tie) Bernie Matthews, England, 30
(tie) Bertrand Bertiaux, France, 30
(tie) Billy Gill, England, 30
(tie) Bjarne Elsborg, Denmark, 30
(tie) Bob Ockleford, England, 30
(tie) Bruno Belin, France, 30
(tie) Bruno Masslow, Belgium, 30
(tie) Bruno Merlen, France, 30
(tie) Bruno Perrault, France, 30
(tie) Bruno Vatin, France, 30
(tie) Calogero Miraglia, Belgium, 30
(tie) Carlo Dal Monte, Italy, 30
(tie) Carmine Rotondaro, Italy, 30
(tie) Christian Delullier, France, 30
(tie) Christian Muhr, France, 30
(tie) Claude Genest, France, 30
(tie) Claudio Nazzurri, Italy, 30
(tie) Clinton Forster, United States, 30
(tie) Cor Brouwer, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Cris van Hoogstraten, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Daniel Dubart, France, 30
(tie) Daniele Fracasso, Italy, 30
(tie) Dany Delforge, France, 30
(tie) Davide Sacchi, Italy, 30
(tie) Denis Renard, France, 30
(tie) Didier Fouquet, France, 30
(tie) Didier Gourdon, France, 30
(tie) Dieter Schüttforth, Germany, 30
(tie) Dietmar Sehn, Germany, 30
(tie) Dirk Jan Vosselman, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Dirk van der Kooij, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Domenico Giacubbo, Italy, 30
(tie) Dominique Van Den Hove, France, 30
(tie) Eddy Jeziorski, Belgium, 30
(tie) Edgar Hufnagel, Germany, 30
(tie) Edwin Bain, Germany, 30
(tie) Ehsan Alizade, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Ennio Giroldini, Italy, 30
(tie) Enrico Salvati, Italy, 30
(tie) Éric Beaujot, France, 30
(tie) Ermanno Morini, Italy, 30
(tie) Ernst Baur, Switzerland, 30
(tie) Ernst Blasits, Germany, 30
(tie) Ewald Schneider, Germany, 30
(tie) Ezio Bona, Italy, 30
(tie) Ezio Racca, France, 30
(tie) Fabien Fleury, France, 30
(tie) Francesco Anacleria, Italy, 30
(tie) Franco Meneghel, Italy, 30
(tie) Frank Van De Merlen, Belgium, 30
(tie) Franz Danzer, Germany, 30
(tie) Fred Beumer, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Fred Philips, Canada, 30
(tie) Fred Tel, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Frédéric Charrier, France, 30
(tie) Geir Anseth, Norway, 30
(tie) Generoso Ciccone, Italy, 30
(tie) Gérard Dome, France, 30
(tie) Gerd Ahrens, Germany, 30
(tie) Gerd Wienß, Germany, 30
(tie) Gerhard Machner, Germany, 30
(tie) Gerry Wrathall, England, 30
(tie) Gerth Reuter, Germany, 30
(tie) Gilles Payet, France, 30
(tie) Giorgio Galluzzo, Italy, 30
(tie) Giorgio Magni, Italy, 30
(tie) Giorgio Sacco, Italy, 30
(tie) Giuseppe Panelli, Italy, 30
(tie) Giuseppe Pascotto, Italy, 30
(tie) Greg Nicolas, New Zealand, 30
(tie) Grégoire Duchemin, France, 30
(tie) Gregory Blepp, Germany, 30
(tie) Guus Cramer, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Guy De Keersmaeker, Belgium, 30
(tie) Guy Latry, Belgium, 30
(tie) Hajo Ottenbacher, Switzerland, 30
(tie) Hans Bakker, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Hans Nietsch, Germany, 30
(tie) Hans Peters, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Hans Werner Frerix, Germany, 30
(tie) Hans Wischniewski, Germany, 30
(tie) Harald Horejs, Austria, 30
(tie) Harry Meijer, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Harry Sanders, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Helmut Usuner, Germany, 30
(tie) Herbert Thebelt, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Holger Ohlrogge, Germany, 30
(tie) Ian Oakley, England, 30
(tie) Ismaêl Boulfelfel, France, 30
(tie) Iurii Grynyk, Ukraine, 30
(tie) Jacques Morel, France, 30
(tie) Jacques Roux, France, 30
(tie) Jaime Ocampo, France, 30
(tie) Jan Boelens, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Jan de Jong, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Jan Passies, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Jan van der Heide, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Jean Claude Fruit, France, 30
(tie) Jean Jacques Dairay, France, 30
(tie) Jean Marc Marin, France, 30
(tie) Jean Marie Panis, Belgium, 30
(tie) Jean Mary Mathey, France, 30
(tie) Jean-Christian Garcia, France, 30
(tie) Jean-Claude Lamotte, Belgium, 30
(tie) Jean-Claude Mioni, France, 30
(tie) Jean-Louis Mercalli, France, 30
(tie) Jean-Luc Pilon, France, 30
(tie) Jean-Michel Salvini, France, 30
(tie) Jim Einhorn, Germany, 30
(tie) Jocelyn Le Marec, France, 30
(tie) Jochen Mueller, Germany, 30
(tie) Jordi Roca, Belgium, 30
(tie) Joseph Perruzza, France, 30
(tie) Jurgen Neumann, Germany, 30
(tie) Karel van Dijk, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Kees Ringelberg, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Ken Wray, England, 30
(tie) Kevin Pilley, England, 30
(tie) Klaus Gesell, Germany, 30
(tie) Klaus Heinel, Germany, 30
(tie) Klaus Hinney, Germany, 30
(tie) Klaus Hoffmann, Germany, 30
(tie) Kurt Bauer, Germany, 30
(tie) Kurt Stehl, Germany, 30
(tie) Lamberto Catalani, Italy, 30
(tie) Leone Luigi, France, 30
(tie) Lex Beauchampet, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Lorenzo Fiorentin, Italy, 30
(tie) Louis Michelot, France, 30
(tie) Luca Caiti, Italy, 30
(tie) Luigi Vicentini, Italy, 30
(tie) Manfred Kapp, Germany, 30
(tie) Manfred Meier, Germany, 30
(tie) Manfred Rupertinger, Germany, 30
(tie) Marc Franceus, France, 30
(tie) Marc Van Wuytswinkel, Belgium, 30
(tie) Marcel Barat, France, 30
(tie) Marcel van der Pot, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Marcello Liperoti, Italy, 30
(tie) Martin den Blanken, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Martin Spoelstra, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Martin Webster, England, 30
(tie) Matthias Kabel, Germany, 30
(tie) Maurizio Gasperini, Italy, 30
(tie) Maurizio Tiso, Italy, 30
(tie) Mauro Bruschi, Italy, 30
(tie) Mauro Galli, Italy, 30
(tie) Michael Kiefer, Germany, 30
(tie) Michel Joguet, France, 30
(tie) Michelangelo Chiale, Italy, 30
(tie) Mike Sykes, England, 30
(tie) Nicola Galeone, Italy, 30
(tie) Ove Osgjelten, Norway, 30
(tie) Pal Sigurd Romskaug, Norway, 30
(tie) Paolo Feretti, Italy, 30
(tie) Paolo Ramondini, Italy, 30
(tie) Pasquale Dieni, Italy, 30
(tie) Pat Nolan, United States, 30
(tie) Patrick Chretien, France, 30
(tie) Patrick Maes, Belgium, 30
(tie) Pere Tusquellas, Spain, 30
(tie) Peter Gremmert, Germany, 30
(tie) Peter Hartmann, Germany, 30
(tie) Peter Lüdecke, Germany, 30
(tie) Peter Renner, Germany, 30
(tie) Peter van Koningshove, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Peter Verlaan, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Philippe Delpit, France, 30
(tie) Philippe Fouillet, France, 30
(tie) Philippe Piel, France, 30
(tie) Pieter de Bruijn, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Poul Hansen, Denmark, 30
(tie) Ralf Beenken, Germany, 30
(tie) Ralf Gräwe, Germany, 30
(tie) Reginald van IJzendoo, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Reinhold Paitz, Germany, 30
(tie) Ricardo Franco, Spain, 30
(tie) Rinaldo Amadori, Italy, 30
(tie) Robert Ghanbar, Germany, 30
(tie) Roberto Antonello, Italy, 30
(tie) Roberto Cesi, Italy, 30
(tie) Roberto Di Laus, Italy, 30
(tie) Roberto Panero, Italy, 30
(tie) Roberto Reverdito, Italy, 30
(tie) Robyn Watkins, New Zealand, 30
(tie) Roger Verhasselt, Belgium, 30
(tie) Roig Miquel Angel, Spain, 30
(tie) Roland Thamberger, Switzerland, 30
(tie) Ronald Chandra, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Ronald Koot, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Rotislav Kala, Czech Republic, 30
(tie) Runar Almestrand, Norway, 30
(tie) Ruud Stauttener, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Sammy Borg, Malta, 30
(tie) Saverio D’Elia, Italy, 30
(tie) Sergej Vasilchenko, Russia, 30
(tie) Sergio Trovato, Italy, 30
(tie) Shaun Cummings, Austria, 30
(tie) Stefan Kehrle, Germany, 30
(tie) Stefan Korol, Germany, 30
(tie) Stefan Kuhn, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Stefan Söderlund, Sweden, 30
(tie) Stephan Verheijen, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Steve Williams, England, 30
(tie) Theo Hopmans, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Thomas Gürz, Germany, 30
(tie) Tim Swain, New Zealand, 30
(tie) Tom Gulman, United States, 30
(tie) Ton van der Velden, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Uli Battes, Germany, 30
(tie) Valeriy Bondar, Ukraine, 30
(tie) Vincent Prangère, France, 30
(tie) Vincenzo Fantauzzo, Italy, 30
(tie) Wainer Gianotti, Italy, 30
(tie) Walter Fetscher, Germany, 30
(tie) Walter Gehring, Germany, 30
(tie) Walter Wais, Germany, 30
(tie) Werner Kimmerle, Germany, 30
(tie) Werner Knöbl, Germany, 30
(tie) Werner Prietz, Germany, 30
(tie) Wilfred Brocken, Belgium, 30
(tie) Wilfried Riesmeier, Germany, 30
(tie) Willem Nolting, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Wim Louwerse, Netherlands, 30
(tie) Wolfgang Gruber, Germany, 30
(tie) Yannick Guitton, France, 30
(tie) Yvan Le Bois, France, 30
(tie) Yves Hantson, France, 30
(tie) Yves Keller, France, 30
(tie) Yvon Marchand, France, 30

2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour – Women’s Ranking (final)

The top 12 women will be invited to the 2017 Masters final which will be held at Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France on the 20th April 2018, during the Alsace Senior Open tournament.

1. Angie Brown, England, 1060
2. Liliane Vintens, Belgium, 695
3. Kimberley Oakley, England, 510
4. Martina Beckel, Germany, 490
5. Ruth Stander, England, 475
6. Claribel Muis, Netherlands, 470
7. Farida Pascoal-Blom, Netherlands, 425
8. Nadia Goron, France, 380
9. Linda Pray, England, 375
10. Bianca Völkl-Brandt, Germany, 370
(tie) Lynne Walker, England, 370
12. Uschi Diekhoff, Germany, 355

13. Gisela Insinger, Germany, 310
14. Danièle Guigon, France, 300
15. Karin Lischka, Germany, 290
16. Pépita Jacques, France, 265
17. Odile Verlinde, France, 260
18. Sharon Le Louarn, Jersey, 255
19. Nadine Robert, France, 250
20. Julie Johanssen, England, 220
21. Anna Yang, Netherlands, 215
(tie) Beate Albert, Germany, 215
23. Jan Hodge, England, 200
24. Inge Hazeleger, Netherlands, 170
25. Sabine Leutwiler, Switzerland, 165
26. Daniela Buzzelli, Italy, 160
(tie) Linda Buckland, England, 160
28. Maria Carola, Belgium, 155
29. Alessandra Morra, Italy, 145
(tie) Sandra Boswell, England, 145
31. Nadine Lavrut, France, 135
(tie) Paula Visser, Netherlands, 135
33. Hillevi Huhta, Finland, 130
34. Kerstin Deter, Germany, 125
(tie) Linda Van Kerckhove, Belgium, 125
(tie) Marianne Pelz, Germany, 125
37. Bozena Pajak, Poland, 115
(tie) Jacqueline Faure, France, 115
(tie) Triss Carman, England, 115
40. Angela Laub, Germany, 110
(tie) Isabelle Chevet, France, 110
42. Brigitte Fievet, France, 105
(tie) Catherine Wills, England, 105
(tie) Janne Monsen, Norway, 105
45. Françoise Augustin, France, 100
46. Gabriele Grether, Germany, 95
(tie) Marie Pierre Scellier, France, 95
(tie) Patricia Vezzu, Belgium, 95
49. Petra Börding, Germany, 90
50. Gloria Carney, England, 85
(tie) Sue Abela, Malta, 85
52. Diane Johnson, England, 70
(tie) Fatima Sancho, France, 70
(tie) Maria Tirelli, Italy, 70
(tie) Nel Tel, Netherlands, 70
56. Maria Grazia Locatelli, Italy, 65
(tie) Sue Cobb, England, 65
(tie) Vera Stepper, Germany, 65
59. Christiane Clerc, France, 60
(tie) Kirsten van der Kooij, Netherlands, 60
(tie) M.Rosaria Matrullo, Italy, 60
(tie) Miluse Novakova, Czech Republic, 60
(tie) Monica Vento, Italy, 60
64. Anja Lieb, Germany, 55
(tie) Bigi Manico, Switzerland, 55
(tie) Carmen Secchi, Italy, 55
(tie) Claudie Lenfant, France, 55
(tie) Corinne Poux, France, 55
(tie) Elke Gräwe, Germany, 55
(tie) Gabi Brandes, Germany, 55
(tie) Jana Lebrova, Czech Republic, 55
(tie) Kathleen De Keersmaeker, England, 55
(tie) Laurence Gaillard, France, 55
(tie) Luciana Cafaro, Italy, 55
(tie) Margit Schaschl, Germany, 55
(tie) Marie Ahlstrand, Sweden, 55
(tie) Pasqualina Curcio, Italy, 55
(tie) Petra Viehweg, Germany, 55
(tie) Véronique Boulot, France, 55
80. Annie Leone, France, 50
(tie) Bea Cramer, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Benedetta Fodera’, Italy, 50
(tie) Chantal Vanbesien, France, 50
(tie) Claudine Joguet, France, 50
(tie) Doriana Marconi, Italy, 50
(tie) Ginette Belolo, France, 50
(tie) Giuseppa Torrisi, Italy, 50
(tie) Henny van der Jagt, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Hilary Cooke, England, 50
(tie) Joanita Nkonge, France, 50
(tie) Maria Grazia Caliari, Italy, 50
(tie) Marian Verhoef, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Marion De Leux, Netherlands, 50
(tie) Martina Jakobi, Germany, 50
(tie) Monique Weisemburge, France, 50
(tie) Sandra Church, England, 50
97. Alice Muller, Netherlands, 45
(tie) Angelika Hernitschek, Germany, 45
(tie) Angelika Slama, Germany, 45
(tie) Anita Bain, Switzerland, 45
(tie) Anna Maiale, Italy, 45
(tie) Chantal Genest, France, 45
(tie) Christine Prietz, Germany, 45
(tie) Christine Sabo, Germany, 45
(tie) Corinne Rohr, France, 45
(tie) Dana Hanusova, Czech Republic, 45
(tie) Françoise Sustar, France, 45
(tie) Franziska Knöbl, Germany, 45
(tie) Lisbet Hedberg, Sweden, 45
(tie) Maggie Andersson, Sweden, 45
(tie) Margit Keituri, Finland, 45
(tie) Maria Scarpino, Italy, 45
(tie) Mariann Kleiven, Norway, 45
(tie) Marita Jansson, Sweden, 45
(tie) Nadia Petre, Belgium, 45
(tie) Nellie Smits, Netherlands, 45
(tie) Simonetta Marchesi, Italy, 45
(tie) Solveig Johansson, Sweden, 45
(tie) Sylvette Lassal, France, 45
(tie) Wilma Di Giorno, Netherlands, 45
(tie) Yvonne Randell, Ireland, 45
122. Andrea Homan-Zorge, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Annie Millet, France, 40
(tie) Blanka Hanusikova, Czech Republic, 40
(tie) Lieselotte Wühl, Austria, 40
(tie) Loïse Chaix, France, 40
(tie) Marja van Dijk, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Nadine Prangère, France, 40
(tie) Roelie Langeloo, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Sara van der Rhee, Netherlands, 40
(tie) Yolanda Schouten, Netherlands, 40
132. Alice Bogie, England, 35
(tie) Asta Dambrauskiene, Lithuania, 35
(tie) Aurelija Keturkaite, Lithuania, 35
(tie) Elizabeth Gove, England, 35
(tie) Ella Krivorotovla, Russia, 35
(tie) Galina Sughanova, Russia, 35
(tie) Marina Kzavzenko, Russia, 35
(tie) Maxxi Bartz, Germany, 35
(tie) Nicole Thüry, Germany, 35
(tie) Roshild Jensen, Norway, 35
(tie) Sylvi Berge, Norway, 35

Herbert Bickel

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