Yang Suiling comes up strong to win the Masters title


     Down by 55 pins in an all-spinner Masters final at the Women's World Championships Yang Suiling from China came back with a 256-178 victory in game #2 to defeat 3-time World Champion Wang Yu-Ling, 446-423, over two games total pinfall. Suiling won the first gold medal for China in the history of the World Championships. Yu-Ling earned the silver medal. In the opening match Suiling, seeded third, flew past U.S. National Amateur Lynda Norry, 233-150. Norry settled for the bronze medal.

    Championship Round:
    1. Yang Suiling, China, 669 (3 games)
    2. Wang Yu-Ling, Chinese Taipei, 423 (2 games)
    3. Lynda Barnes, United States, 150 (1 game)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match (one game): #3 Suiling def. #2 Barnes, 233-150
    Championship Match (two games total pinfall: Suiling (190-256) def. #1 Yu-Ling (245-178), 446-423.

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    Championship Match (two games total pinfall)

    #1 Wang Yu-Ling, Chinese Taipei vs. #3 Yang Suiling, China.
    Both games on short oil (34 ft.)

    Suiling started with a spare while Yu-Ling struck on her first ball. Both spinners suffered a split in frame #2 that resulted both in open frames. Suiling spared in her next frame followed by a turkey in frames 4-6. The No. 1 seed from Chinese Taipei fired five consecutive strikes to lead after six frames by 24 pins (147-123). The Trios, Team and all Events champion converted a single-pin spare in frame eight and closed out the first game with three strikes and a 7-count. Suiling sandwiched a strike in frame eight between to spares before she fell victim of another split in the final frame to trail by 55 pins after a 190-score.

    Suiling rebounded in game #2 with double-spare-double in the first five frames to narrow the gap to 22 pins as Yu-Ling had only one strike but also one open frame in the first half of the game. Suiling used the momentum and fired five consecutive strikes from frame seven to post a 256 game. Yu-Ling was unable to double in the whole game and finsihed with five spares and a strike on her fill ball for 178, but that was not enough to win the title and an unprecedented fourth gold medal.

    Semifinal Match (one game)

    #2 Lynda Barnes, USA, vs. #3 Yang Suiling, China
    Lynda has chosen to bowl on long oil (43 ft.).

    The righthander opened the match with two single-pin spares and a strike but Suiling started out the match commandingly. The spinner doubled, spared in frame three and reeled off three consecutive strikes to lead by 4 pins after four frames. After two spares (7/ and 5/) in frames four and five, Lynda suffered two open frames and the match was practically over. Suiling alternated spares and strikes in frames seven through nine, then doubled in the 10th frame and finished with a 7-count for 233. Lynda went strike-spare in frames eight and nine, before she fell victim to another 5-pin split to settle for the bronze medal with 150. It was Lynda's fourth medal of the championship and her second bronze in addition to two silver medals.

    Yu-Ling, Barnes and Suiling to bowl for the Masters title

     3-time gold medallist Wang Yu-Ling (pictured) took the No. 1 seed for the Masters finals in the Women's World Championships at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark and targets her fourth gold medal. Joining Yu-Ling in the three-player stepladder finals are Lynda Barnes, USA, and Yang Suiling, China. The semifinal is a one-game match, while the final is played over two games total pinfall.

    Yu-Ling won 11 of her 16 matches in round robin, lost for and tied the match against Barnes in the position round, 211-211. The spinner finished with record 3587 pinfall total and an average of 217.

     Barnes (pictured), a former two-time PWBA champion and the reigning U.S. National Amateur Champion, was 115 pins behind the leader with 3472 and a 210,44 average to earn the No. 2 seed and the right to choose the oil pattern for the semifinal match.

    Suiling, seeded fourth before the position round, overtook No. 3 Shalin Zulkifli from Malaysia thanks to a 199-191 victory. The Chinese spinner averaged 206,56 and compiled a 11-5 won-lost record to finish with 3415. Zulkifli averaged 208 but her 8-8 won-lost record cost her the stepladder appearance, despite there were only 10 pins awarded per win.

    WWC 2005 Masters - Standings after the second block of Round Robin

    Player with position, 16-game pinfall (long-short), average, bonus and grand total

    1. Yu-Ling Wang, Chinese Taipei, 3472 (1753-1719), 217,00, 115, 3587
    2. Lynda Barnes, USA, 3367 (1661-1706), 210,44, 105, 3472
    3. Yang Suiling, China, 3305 (1613-1692), 206,56, 110, 3415
    Top 3 advanced to the stepladder finals.

    4. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 3328 (1732-1596), 208,00, 80, 3408
    5. Liao Peishan, China, 3320 (1649-1671), 207,50, 80, 3400
    6. I-Fen Lin, Chinese Taipei, 3267 (1583-1684), 204,19, 100, 3367
    7. Jin-A Choi, Korea, 3246 (1635-1611), 202,88, 100, 3346
    8. Eva Jönsson, Sweden, 3255 (1637-1618), 203,44, 80, 3335
    9. Martina Beckel, Germany, 3239 (1567-1672), 202,44, 95, 3334
    10. Miao-Lin Chou, Chinese Taipei, 3205 (1642-1563), 200,31, 40, 3245
    11. Christel Carlsson, Sweden, 3141 (1563-1578), 196,31, 90, 3231
    12. Caroline Lagrange, Canada, 3126 (1649-1477), 195,38, 70, 3206
    13. Alice Tay, Singapore, 3154 (1604-1550), 197,13, 50, 3204
    14. Lai Kin Ngoh, Malaysia, 3165 (1655-1510), 197,81, 30, 3195
    15. Ann-Maree Putney, Australia, 3080 (1549-1531), 192,50, 60, 3140
    16. Anja Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 2963 (1496-1467), 185,19, 65, 3028

    Wang Yu-Ling targets fourth gold medal

    Chinese Taipei spinner Wang Yu-Ling, who has won three gold medals thus far in the Women's World Championships in Trios, Team and Singles, targets an unprecedented fourth gold medal in the Masters event. Yu-Ling leads the top 16 women from eleven countries in the Masters event after 8 games Round Robin on the long oil pattern (43 ft.) with 1823 pinfall total. Yu-Ling averaged 219,13 and all but the final game against Swede Christel Carlsson.

    Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, averaged 216,5 and compiled a 4-4 won-lost record to sit in second place with 1772. Rounding out the top 3 is Team USA's Lynda Barnes with 1701 (4-4). The top 3 after another 8-game block on short oil (34 ft.) will advance to the stepladder finals.

    10th placed Chou Miao-Lin, Chinese Taipei, is less than 40 pins off the pace for third place making the final block an extra exciting round.

    WWC 2005 Masters - Standings after the first block of Round Robin

    Player with position, 8-game pinfall (long oil), average, bonus and grand total

    1. Wang Yu-Ling, Chinese Taipei, 1753, 219,13, 70, 1823
    2. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 1732, 216,50, 40, 1772
    3. Lynda Barnes, USA, 1661, 207,63, 40, 1701
    4. Caroline Lagrange, Canada, 1649, 206,13, 40, 1689
    5. Lai Kin Ngoh, Malaysia, 1655, 206,88, 30, 1685
    (tie) Choi Jin-A, Korea, 1635, 204,38, 50, 1685
    7. Liao Peishan, China, 1649, 206,13, 30, 1679
    8. Eva Jönsson, Sweden, 1637, 204,63, 40, 1677
    9. Yang Suiling, China, 1613, 201,63, 50, 1663
    10. Chou Miao-Lin, Chinese Taipei, 1642, 205,25, 20, 1662
    11. Alice Tay, Singapore, 1604, 200,50, 30, 1634
    12. Lin I-Fen, Chinese Taipei, 1583, 197,88, 50, 1633
    13. Martina Beckel, Germany, 1567, 195,88, 45, 1612
    14. Christel Carlsson, Sweden, 1563, 195,38, 40, 1603
    15. Ann-Maree Putney, Australia, 1549, 193,63, 30, 1579
    16. Anja Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 1496, 187,00, 35, 1531

    WWC 2005 Masters Finals

    The top 16 players in All Events advance to the Masters finals in the inaugural Women's World Championships at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark. Those 16 bowl 8 games round robin match play on the long oil pattern (43 feet) and another eight on the short oil pattern (34 feet), both on Saturday. The top three bowls for the gold, silver and bronze medals in stepladder final. The semifinal is over one game, the final over two games total pinfall. Diandra Asbaty (nee Hyman) is the defending champion. Both championships records belong to 1995 Masters champion Celia Flores from Mexico: 258 (one game) and 474 (2 games).