Marianne Pelz, Chris Vandamme claim the titles in Belgium Senior Open


    2013 ISBT #9


    Marianne Pelz of Germany and Belgium's Chris Vandamme (pictured l-r) claimed the women's and men's title in the Belgium Senior Open. The ninth stop on the 2013 International Seniors Bowling Tour (ISBT) was held at Bowlmaster Club in Brussels, Belgium Aug. 28-Sept. 1.

    The Belgium Senior Open is a long standing European Seniors event, and this year it attracted 75 men and 24 women from twelve countries.

    The format for the tournament was a single eight-game qualifying block, with re-entries allowed. Unusually for an ISBT event, the qualification scores were carried forward into the later rounds, so achieving a high qualification score was key to progressing through the tournament.

    There were a few changes to the qualification timings this year. Due to the World Senior Championships being held on the traditional weekend for this tournament, it was held a couple of weeks later. There was also one extra qualifying squad available, even so many of the squads were full, showing the popularity of this long-running event.

    Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for women.

    The very first squad set the tone for qualifying, showing that those who matched up to the condition could score very well, those who didn't would struggle. Dominique De Nolf of Belgium was one who immediately matched up in his home center.

    He started strongly, then hit a perfect 300 in game seven to lead the squad on 1938 of 1882 scratch plus 56 bonus. Two other players were also over 1800 for their eight game block, John Bosch of Netherlands and André Geelan of Belgium. Top lady in the first squad was Nel Tel of Netherland on 1498 with bonus.

    The second squad saw more high scores, with Giorgio Desimio of Italy leading with 1919, with another six men being over 1800. Gisela Insinger of Germany was top lady, being just 4 pins above Nel Tel's score.

    The last squad on Friday saw the men's scores dip just a little, the squad winner was Pekka Tironkoski of Finland on 1836. However, the women's section now saw some higher scores appearing, led by Petra Duplois of Germany on 1681 and Belgium's Liliane Vintens on 1618.

    The first squad on Saturday saw a new leader on the board, thanks to a 1986 block from Frenchman Djouad Layachi. Second in the squad was Chris Vandamme of Belgium, with 1905.

    In third place was Valentin Fatu of Romania, assisted by a fine 300 game on the end pair of lanes. Top lady was Gisela Insinger, improving with 1702, closely followed by fellow German Marianne Pelz on 1696.

    The fifth quad saw a massive 2000 from Alan Jenkins, which shot him to the top of the standings. Second in the squad was Peter Knopp of Germany on 1941. Vintens was top lady in the squad with 1689.

    The sixth and final squad saw a number of bowlers trying to improve, this being especially important as the scores would carry through into the next round.

    Tironkoski improved with 1800 to ensure his qualification position, followed in this squad by two bowlers returning from the World Senior Championships, Christer Danielson of Sweden and Arthur Dähn of Germany. This final squad was led home in the women's section by Duplois on 1573.

    Qualification in Brussels has no Turbo or Desperado squads, simply the top 32 men and the top 16 women would go through. Jenkins finished top qualifier, followed by Djouad and Knopp. The cut for 32nd place was Paul Le Louarn of Jersey on 1706.

    In the ladies section, Insinger was in top position, just six pins ahead of Pelz, and a further seven pins ahead of Vintens. Uschi Diekhoff of Germany hit the cutoff number for 16th place with 1483.

    2013ISBT09MenFinalists.jpg2013ISBT09WomenFinalists.jpgSunday morning saw the 32 qualifying men bowl a further 4 games, with pinfall carrying forward. Jenkins maintained his lead, to finish on 2906, now followed by Vandamme, thanks to a 931 four game block. The cut for the next round at 16th place was Gunter Schollen of Belgium.

    The men and women then bowled a further 4 games, again with pinfall carrying forward. Jenkins dropped back a little to third place, allowing Vandamme to take the overall lead with 3854, just ahead of Djouyd. Herman Wimmer of Germany was the last player to make the final, qualifying in eighth place on 3715.

    In the women's section, Farida Pascoal-Blom of the Netherlands stormed into the lead with 819 scratch, the only woman to break par. Just behind her were Pelz and Insinger.

    Moving into the final seven game round robin match play, 50% of the previous total was carried forwards.

    2013ISBT09MenTop3.jpgBy the fourth game, Vandamme (pictured left, center) had opened his lead over Djouad a little to 39 pins, with the rest of the pack around 100 pins behind. The order stayed the same through to game 6, with Vandamme opening his lead further.

    The final game saw Chris Vandamme lose with a lowly 218 game, and Djouad (left) have 248 and a win, but this was not enough to close the gap, leaving Chris Vandamme as the champion. Mo Singleton (right) of England had bowled strongly through the final, and finished in third place.

    2013ISBT09WomenTop3.jpgThe women's section was a three-way fight between Pelz, Insinger and Pascoal-Blom. Pelz (pictured right, center) had opened up a 100-pin lead after the second round, and stayed comfortably ahead of the others to emerge the champion. Pascoal-Blom (left) proved too strong for Insinger and finished in second place, with Insinger (right) in third.

    The next stop is a return to France and Planet Bowling in Lomme for the French Senior Open from the 25th to 29th September 2013. This is the last tournament on the ISBT for 2013, due to the withdrawal of the Yorkshire Senior Open as the prize fund could not be guaranteed.

    Full details are available at the ISBT website.

    Report by Tony Brown.


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