Denmark's Mik Stampe wins his third EBT title in Chandra Open 2015


    2015 European Bowling Tour #13



    2015EBT13MikStampe2.jpgMik Stampe (pictured left) of Denmark averaged 247.33 in the final round of the Chandra Open 2015 to jump from 10th to first place in a span of six games to win his third career European Bowling Tour title Sunday at Chandra Bowling in Nieuwegein, Netherlands.

    After winning the Odense Open in Denmark twice (2011, 2013), the Danish national team member finally won his first EBT title outside Denmark. L-R Stinissen, Stampe and Spil.

    Johnny Spil, Netherlands, averaged 245.25 in Round 2 to lead the top 12 players into the final round with 981. Stampe carried over 860 pins and added 278, 230, 268, 229, 237 and 242 (1484) for 2344 total or an average of 234.40 for ten games en route to earn the 5.000 Euro top prize.

    Michell Stinissen, Netherlands, used a 1352 series to maintain second place with 2282. He received 3.000 Euro. Spil, who held a 51-pin lead over Stinissen heading into the final six-game block, managed 1279 and slipped to third place with 2260, worth 2.000 Euro.

    2015EBT13JaroslavLorenc.jpg2015EBT13GhislaineStigterVanderTol.jpgTheir compatriot Alex de Vries hit 1400 on the nose to leapfrog from 11th to fourth place with 2241 and received 1.000 Euro for the feat. Qualifying leader Jaroslav Lorenc (left), Czech Republic, finished in fifth place with 2223.

    Three-time EBT champion Ghislaine Stigter-van der Tol (right), Netherlands, was the lone woman who made the cut to the top 12 finishing in eighth place with 2178 total, including eight pins handicap each game. Besides winning the women's ranking in Nieuwegein, Stigter pocketed 600 Euro.

    The Chandra Open 2015 was the 13th stop of the 2014 European Bowling Tour and the sixth out of seven EBT "Satellite" tournaments this season. The tournament ran from Sept. 13-20 at 16-lane Chandra Bowling in Nieuwegein, Netherlands.

    This year's edition offered total prize fund of 25.600 Euro. Final cash spot was 40th place worth 300 Euro.

     The Chandra Open features a 42 feet lane conditioning pattern with 28.65ml volume oil total.

    Qualifying (six-game series, unlimited re-entries) ran from Sunday, Sept. 13, through Saturday, Sept. 19. Women received 8 pins handicap each game (maximum is 300) throughout the entire tournament, an equality handicap provided to women in all European Bowling Tour events.

    Total 40 players advanced to the finals on Sunday, Sept. 20, including the top 30 from the overall qualifying standings, the top 6 of a separate leader board of Squads 1-4 (Sept. 13-17), and the top 4 of the one-game Desperado Squad. The top 8 qualifiers received a first-round bye.

    The remaining 32 players bowled four games starting from scratch with half of the field advancing to the second round. The top 16 from Round One and the top eight qualifiers bowled another four-game round starting from scratch. The top 12 carried over their four-game total into the final six-game round. The player with the highest 10-game total including handicap was declared champion.

    2015EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2015 European Bowling Tour currently consists of 16 tournaments in 12 countries featuring three "Platinum" events, three "Gold", three "Silver" and seven "Satellite" events. All 16 tournaments together offer total prize fund of 850.000 Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the 9th EBT Masters July 25, 2016 at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino following the 12th San Marino Open.


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    Chandra Open 2015 - Final Round Three (Final Standings)


    Chandra Open 2015 - Places 13-40 (Cashers)

    13. Xavier Milet, Belgium, 400 Euro
    14. Thibaut Lanos, France, 400 Euro
    15. Darren Cundy, England, 400 Euro
    16. Kelly French-Plummen, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    17. Rob Thurlby, England, 400 Euro
    18. Mathias Reinertsen, Norway, 400 Euro
    19. Jordi Putman, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    20. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 400 Euro
    21. Tommy van Herk, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    22. Kevin van Rooijen, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    23. Jeffrey van de Wakker, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    24. Mark Jacobs, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    25. Simone Boonstra, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    26. Menno van den Heuvel, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    27. Nicole Sanders, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    28. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 300 Euro
    29. Sophie Thompson, England, 300 Euro
    30. Jeroen van Geel, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    31. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 300 Euro
    32. Mike Bergmann, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    33. Jeroen van der Heide, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    34. Wesley Gorter, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    35. Michaël Krens, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    36. Ferrell Khoo, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    37. Tore Rokkones, Norway, 300 Euro
    38. Bianca Wiekeraad, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    39. Ton Plummen, Netherlands, 300 Euro
    40. Lars Pöhler, Germany, 300 Euro


    Chandra Open 2015 - Final Round Two

    Top 12 advance to the second round. Places 13-24 eliminated, earn 400 Euro.


    Chandra Open 2015 - Final Round One

    Top 16 advance to the second round. Places 17-32 eliminated, finish 25th to 40th, earn 300 Euro.