Rocio Restrepo, Francois Lavoie are PABCON Champion of Champions





    Rocio Restrepo of Colombia and Canadian Francois Lavoie emerged as Masters champions in the 4th PABCON Champion of Champions tournament which concluded Monday at Noria Pro Bowling in Puebla, Mexico.

    Both championship matches in best-of-three games format went the distance. Restrepo fell to Stefanie Johnson, United States, on the opening game, 193-243, but levelled the match in a nail-biter, 234-233, and cruised to the women's gold medal with a 214-191 win in the decider.

    Top-seeded Lavoie took a 1-0 lead in the men's finale against Chris Via, United States, winning the first game by four pins, 233-229. Via rebounded with a huge 279-194 win to force a deciding third game in which Lavoie sealed the victory with a 235-191 win.

    The top 8 women and top 8 men in All-Events (combined results in Singles and Doubles) advanced to the Masters competition to bowl seven games of round robin match play with 20 bonus pins for wins and 10 pins each in the event of a tie.

    Once match play was concluded the top 4 players determined the champion in best-of-three games format. In the semifinals, the No. 1 seed bowled No. 4 and No. 2 took on No. 3.

    Singles champion Clara Juliana Guerrero of Colombia averaged 220.57 for seven games and added 90 bonus to earn the No. 1 seed in the women's finals with 1634 pinfall total. Doubles champions Shannon Pluhowsky was second with 1584 and was followed by Restrepo (1556) and Johnson, who took the last spot with 1517.

    Restrepo and Johnson swept the No. 1 and 2 seeds, 2-0 to advance to the gold medal match. Guerrero and Pluhowsky shared the bronze medal. Both medaled in all three events and took home 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal each.

    2016PCCOCJaimeGonzalez.jpg 2016PCCOCAlexPrats.jpg Lavoie used high games of 268 and 255 and a 5-2 match play record to earn the No. 1 seed in the men's division with 1653 total.

    Jaime Gonzalez (left) of Colombia and Alex Prats (right), Dominican Republic, set a highlight by rolling the tournament's first and second perfecto in game 3 and 4, respectively. Gonzalez bowled his way into second place with 1611 and was followed by Via, who was third with 1572.

    Gabriel Sanchez of Puerto Rico and Prats tied for fourth place at 1570, just two pins behind Via. Sanchez struck on his first shot in the one-ball roll-off to beat out Prats for the last spot in the men's finals, 10 to 9.

    Lavoie made quick work of Sanchez in the semifinal, 2-0, and Via bowled equally strong to sideline Gonzalez, 2-0. Sanchez and Gonzalez each received a bronze medal.

    Colombia led the medal tally with three gold, two silver and two bronze medals. Team USA was second with two gold, three silver and two bronze. Lavoie won the only medal for Canada. Venezuela took 1 silver and 2 two bronze while Aruba and Puerto Rico each brought home one bronze medal.


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    2016 PABCON COC - Women's Masters Finals

    Best-of-three games format

    Championship Round:
    1. Rocio Restrepo, Colombia
    2. Stefanie Johnson, United States
    3. Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia
    (tie) Shannon Pluhowsky, United States

    L-R Johnson, Restrepo, Pluhowsky and Guerrero.

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1: No. 3 Restrepo def. No. 2 Pluhowsky, 2-0
    (255-227, 217-209)
    Semifinal Match 2: No. 4 Johnson def. No.1 Guerrero, 2-0
    (254-235, 239-237)
    Championship: Restrepo def. Johnson, 2-1
    (193-243, 234-233, 214-191).




    2016 PABCON COC - Men's Masters Finals

    Best-of-three games format

    Championship Round:
    1. Francois Lavoie, Canada
    2. Chris Via, United States
    3. Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia
    (tie) Gabriel Sanchez, Puerto Rico

    L-R Via, Lavoie, Sanchez and Gonzalez.

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1: No. 1 Lavoie def. No. 4 Sanchez, 2-0
    (238-171, 212-186)
    Semifinal Match 2: No. 3 Via def No. 2 Gonzalez, 2-0
    (268-237, 235-206)
    Championship: Lavoie def. Via, 2-1
    (233-229, 194-279, 235-191).


    2016 PABCON COC - Women's Masters Match Play Results

    Players with 7-game total including match play bonus pins; top 4 advance


    2016 PABCON COC - Men's Masters Match Play Results

    Players with 7-game total including match play bonus pins, top 4 advance

    Sanchez def. Prats in a one-ball roll-off for fourth place, 10-9.

    300 games (2) - Jaime Gonzalez, Alex Prats.