Team USA, Santiago, Janawicz end PABCON Championship of the Champions with victory in Masters event


    El Salvador

    Galaxy Bowling Center in San Salvador, El Salvador (June 2-6, 2008)

    2008PABCONCoCShannonOKeefeJohnJanawicz2.jpg A day after a heartbreaking defeat in mixed doubles at the 2008 Pan American Bowling Confederation Championship of the Champions, Team USA's Shannon O'Keefe and John Janawicz (pictured left) rebounded Friday to win the gold medal in the mixed doubles Masters.

    O'Keefe and Janawicz teamed up to defeat Guatemala's Sofia Granda and Mauricio Pinol, 2-0, at Galaxy Bowling to conclude the inaugural Championship of the Champions.

    "This is very satisfying because we bowled really well together," said Janawicz, who also won the gold medal in men's Masters on Friday. "Shannon helped me out a lot and we really worked together as a team. This was definitely a team gold medal."

    After giving up a big lead and settling for the silver in mixed doubles Thursday, O'Keefe shot 223 and Janawicz had 202 as the pair clinched the Masters title with a 425-404 win in the deciding match.

    In the opening game, O'Keefe shot 243 and Janawicz added 187 as the pair took a 430-419 victory. Pinol had a chance to tie the match, needing to convert the 2-4-5 spare and strike, but he left the 5 pin standing on the spare attempt to give Team USA the win.

    "This gold medal makes up for yesterday's disappointment," O'Keefe said. "We worked really hard today and fortunately we got the breaks today that we didn't get yesterday."

    Pinol/Granda earned the silver medals while semi-final losers Hilton Nunez/Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic and Daniel Falconi/Adriana Perez, Mexico tied for third and earned bronze.

    2008TeamUSAJohnJanawicz.jpg Janawicz (right) earned the gold in the men's Masters by defeating Francisco Sanchez of El Salvador, 2-1. Janawicz lost the first game by a 216-179 margin but rebounded to win the final two games 223-178 and 233-194.

    In the semis, Janawicz flew past Canadian Mark Buffa, 267-197, while Sanchez ousted Francisco Colon, Puerto Rico, 235-159. Sanchez reived the silver medal and Buffa and Colon tied for bronze.

    2008PABCONCoCFrankieColonJessicaSantiago.jpg Jessica Santiago, who won the mixed doubles with Colon (pictured left), captured her second gold medal in the women's Masters. After defeating O'Keefe in the semi-final, Santiago went on to defeat Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, 226-174 and 225-180 for a 2-0 victory.

    Marcano, who sidelined Adriana Perez, Mexico, in the semi-final, 256-203, took silver while O'Keefe and Perez tied for bronze.

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    2008 PABCON Championship of the Champions

    Galaxy Bowling Center in San Salvador, El Salvador (June 2-6, 2008)

    Mixed Doubles Masters

    Quarterfinals (one game)
    Hilton Nunez/Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, def. Francisco Colon/Jessica Santiago, Puerto Rico, 397-367
    Daniel Falconi/Adriana Perez, Mexico, def. Arturo Hernandez/Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, 438-409
    John Janawicz/Shannon O'Keefe, United States, def. Aida Granillo/Francisco Sanchez, El Salvador, 400-372
    Mauricio Pinol/Sofia Granda, Guatemala, def. David Romero/Laura Fonnegra, Colombia, 355-325

    Semifinals (one game; losers tie for third and earn bronze)
    Janawicz/O'Keefe def. Nunez/Guerra, 435-367
    Pinol/Granda def. Falconi/Perez, 431-378

    Championship (best two of three; winner takes gold, loser earns silver)
    Janawicz/O'Keefe def. Pinol/Granda, 2-0 (430-419, 425-404)

    Men's Masters

    Quarterfinals (one game)
    John Janawicz, United States, def. Mauricio Pinol, Guatemala, 241-189
    Francisco Colon, Puerto Rico, def. Daniel Falconi, Mexico, 213-187
    Francisco Sanchez, El Salvador, def. David Romero, Colombia, 213-197
    Mark Buffa, Canada, def. Arturo Hernandez, Venezuela, 204-159

    Semifinals (one game; losers tie for third and earn bronze)
    Janawicz def. Buffa, 267-197
    Sanchez def. Colon, 235-159

    Championship (best two of three; winner takes gold, loser earns silver)
    Janawicz def. Sanchez, 2-1 (179-216, 223-178, 233-194)

    Women's Masters

    Quarterfinals (one game)
    Shannon O'Keefe, United States, def. Viviana Delgado, Costa Rica, 207-156
    Laura Fonnegra, Colombia, def., Sofia Granda, Guatemala, 180-161
    Jessica Santiago, Puerto Rico, def. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 219-175
    Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, def. Adriana Perez, Mexico, 256-203

    Semifinals (one game; losers tie for third and earn bronze)
    Santiago def. O'Keefe, 176-175
    Marcano def. Fonnegra, 188-142

    Championship (best two of three; winner takes gold, loser earns silver)
    Santiago def. Marcano, 2-0 (226-174, 225-180)