Kegel signs as a promotional sponsor of the historic 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open


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    BPAA inks exclusive arrangement with the premier lane maintenance supplier

    2011USWOLogo.jpg2010MWCKegelLogo.jpgThe Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) has signed Kegel as a promotional sponsor of the prestigious 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open. The partnership will give the Lake Wales, Fla. company exclusive rights as supplier of lane maintenance for the historic event to be telecast from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

    The 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open, sponsored by the Brands of Ebonite International, is open to all female youth and adult bowlers in the United States and their international counterparts.

    The final qualifying portion of the event will be held at AMF Showplace Lanes in Euless, Texas, June 24-29, 2011. The finals, to be telecast from midfield of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas (home of Super Bowl XLV) June 30, are expected to draw the largest on-site and TV viewing audiences in the history of the sport.

     The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Nallas Cowboys and host of Super Bowl XLV. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    "We are extremely proud to welcome a world-class organization such as Kegel as a partner to the new and invigorated 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open," said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA. "Kegel is a leader in developing bowling lane products and services that make the sport better. Having them as a sponsor will give all bowlers the best possible surfaces on which to compete."

    In addition to supplying the lane maintenance for the finals of the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open, Kegel will also provide lane maintenance for the qualifying rounds in Euless and in partnership with Ebonite International for select local qualifiers around the country. The agreement also gives Kegel the exclusive rights to create the unique lane oil pattern to be used during the entire competition.

    "Kegel is honored to be part of this exciting, world-class event at a world-class facility," said Kegel Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Chartrand. "We are committed to providing the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open with the same high standards of dedication and support we give to our customers around the world and we look forward to delivering the best possible lane maintenance and pattern development that will make this Open and its qualifiers a huge success."

    With more than 71 million consumers annually taking to the lanes, bowling continues to be the largest participation sport in the United States. Women represent 49% of all bowlers and since 2007, adult female annual participation is up 12.9% from 21.7 million to 24.5 million.

    The 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open provides an opportunity to showcase the growing segment of female bowlers from around the world.


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