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Chinese bowlers sweep the titles at ABF Tour China leg


Mi Zhongli and Yang Liyan swept the men’s and women’s titles at the 2016 Asian Bowling Federation Tour China leg Thursday at Hao’s Bowling Center in Shanghai, China.

The top 16 Asian men and top 16 Asian women in the China International Open qualified for the fifth leg of the 2016 ABF Tour and the eight event overall which was contested in single-elimination match play format using the new World Bowling scoring system.

2016ABFT05MiZhongliIn an all-Chinese men’s championship match, 55-year-old Mi (right), winner of the Senior Masters at the China Open, wrapped up the title with a 221-212 victory over Shi Guangming.

In the semi-finals, Mi edged Singapore’s Remy Ong in an all-lefty affair, 228-225 while Shi defeated China Open champion Sam Cooley of Australia, 235-224. Mi received the US$1,000 top prize along with the trophy, Shi received US$500 for second place, while semi-final losers Ong and Cooley got US$250 apiece.

2016ABFT05YangLiyanIn the women’s finale, Yang Liyan (left) topped Putty Armein of Indonesia, 212-184, for her first ABFT title, US$1,000 and the trophy.

Yang, who rolled games of 233 and 246 to reach the semi-finals, eliminated Hong Kong’s Chan Shuk Han, 190-178, while Armein ousted her teammate Novie Phang in a low-scoring affair, 177-149. Armein received US$500 for second place while Chan and Phang each earned US$250.

The final leg of the 2016 Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour will be staged at Jaya Ancol Bowl in Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 24. The top 16 men and top 16 women in the ABFT point rankings will qualify for the ABF Tour Tournament of Champions scheduled for March 2017.

Photos courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation (ABF).

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From left to right, Shi Guangming, Mi Zhongli, Liu Yong (VP Alisport), Sam Cooley and Remy Ong.

From left to right, Shi Guangming, Mi Zhongli, Liu Yong (VP Alisport), Sam Cooley and Remy Ong.

2016 ABF Tour China leg – Men’s Division

Hao’s Bowling Center in Shanghai, China (Oct 13, 2016)

Mi Zhongli, China def. Shi Guangming, China, 221-212

Shi Guangming, China def. Sam Cooley, Australia, 235-224
Mi Zhongli, China def. Remy Ong, Singapore, 228-225

Sam Cooley, Australia def. Wang Hongbo, China, 246-212
Shi Guangming, China def. Tsai Chih-Yuan, Chinese Taipei,255-231
Remy Ong, Singapore def. Cheng Hsing-Chao, Chinese Taipei,
Mi Zhongli, China def. Zhang Cheng, China, 220-208

Round of 16:
Sam Cooley, Australia def. Lau Kwun Ho, Hong Kong, 278-180
Wang Hongbo, China def. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 253-245
Shi Guangming, China def. Lee Tak Man, Macau, 242-197
Tsai Chih-Yuan, Chinese Taipei def. Zhang Min, China, 206-191
Remy Ong, Singapore def. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, 255-244
Cheng Hsing-Chao, Chinese Taipei def. Eric Tseng, Hong Kong, 224-207
Zhang Cheng, China def. Vincent Lim, Singapore, 244-219
Mi Zhongli, China def. Wang Shizhen, China, 267-247.


2016 ABF Tour China leg – Men’s Final Standings

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Mi Zhongli, China, 75.0
2. Shi Guangming, China, 60.0
3. Remy Ong, Singapore, 46.0
4. Sam Cooley, Australia, 45.0
5. Tsai Chih-Yuan, Chinese Taipei, 33.0
6. Wang Hongbo, China, 32.0
7. Cheng Hsing-Chao, Chinese Taipei, 31.0
8. Zhang Cheng, China, 30.0
9. Wang Shizhen, China, 20.0
10. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 19.0
11. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, 18.0
12. Vincent Lim, Singapore, 17.0
13. Eric Tseng, Hong Kong, 16.0
14. Lee Tak Man, Macau, 15.0
15. Zhang Min, China, 14.0
16. Lau Kwun Ho, Hong Kong, 13.0

2016 ABF Tour Men’s Ranking – Standings after 8 events

Players with position, country and ranking points. The top 16 will qualify for the ABFT Tournament of Champions.

1. Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 210.0
2. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, 203.0
3. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 122.0
4. Sam Cooley, Australia, 120.0
5. Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, 112.0
6. Cheng Hsing Chao, Chinese Taipei, 105.0
7. Wu Siu Hong, Hong Kong, 99.0
8. Eric Tseng, Hong Kong, 93.0
9. Yannaphon Larpapharat, Thailand, 92.5
10. Mohammed Alsaud, Saudi Arabia, 80.0
11. Remy Ong, Singapore, 78.0
12. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, Bahrain, 75.0
(tie) Daisuke Yoshida, Japan, 75.0
14. Mi Zhongli, China, 75.0
15. Jassem Al-Saqer, Kuwait, 64.0
(tie) Jassim Al-Muraikhi, Qatar, 64.0
17. Yousef Al-Jaber, Qatar, 63.0
18. Hardy Rachmadian, Indonesia, 60.0
(tie) Shi Guangming, China, 60.0
20. Naif Oqab, United Arab Emirates, 52.0
21. Lee Tak Man, Macau, 50.0
22. Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 49.5
23. Annop Arromsaranon, Thailand, 49.0
24. Ayman Hashim, Egypt, 46.0
(tie) Badin Lerdpiriyasakulkit, Thailand, 46.0
(tie) Lee Won Seok, Korea, 46.0
(tie) Mostafa Al-Mousawi, Kuwait, 46.0
28. Ayad Al-Amiri, Kuwait, 45.0
(tie) Hazeem Al-Muraikhi, Qatar, 45.0
(tie) Muhd Nur Aiman, Malaysia, 45.0
(tie) Osama A Rahman, Bahrain, 45.0
32. Joshua Chow, Hong Kong, 44.5
33. Hsu Chin-Tsai, Chinese Taipei, 40.0
34. Abdulrahman Suwayed, Kuwait, 33.0
(tie) Billy M. Islam, Indonesia, 33.0
(tie) Jimmy Cheung, Hong Kong, 33.0
(tie) Tsai Chih-Yuan, Chinese Taipei, 33.0
38. Chen Ying-Shen, Chinese Taipei, 32.0
(tie) Diwan Rezaldy, Indonesia, 32.0
(tie) Khaled Al-Dosari, Qatar, 32.0
(tie) Lau Kwun Ho, Hong Kong, 32.0
(tie) Mohamed Janahi, Bahrain, 32.0
(tie) Mohammed Al-Merekhi, Qatar, 32.0
(tie) Wang Hongbo, China, 32.0
45. Lee Dong Eun, Korea, 31.5
46. Ernest Kwok, Hong Kong, 31.0
(tie) Ghanim Aboujassoum, Qatar, 31.0
48. Alex Liew, Malaysia, 30.0
(tie) Chen Wu-Chi, Chinese Taipei, 30.0
(tie) Hany El Tokhey, Egypt, 30.0
(tie) Zhang Cheng, China, 30.0
52. Wu Cheng-Hsun, Chinese Taipei, 23.0
53. Wang Chen-Hsiung, Chinese Taipei, 22.0
54. Yeh Meng Wei, Chinese Taipei, 21.0
55. Chen Chin-Tsai, Chinese Taipei, 20.0
(tie) Ebrahim Al-Jadi, Kuwait, 20.0
(tie) Hengki Susanto, Indonesia, 20.0
(tie) Shogo Wada, Japan, 20.0
(tie) Wang Shizhen, China, 20.0
60. Syaffique Ikhwan, Malaysia, 19.5
61. Mohammed Al-Marzooqi, United Arab Emirates, 19.0
(tie) Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 19.0
(tie) Yeri Ramadona, Indonesia, 19.0
64. Ahmed A Jabbar, Bahrain, 18.0
(tie) Amr Nour, Egypt, 18.0
66. Muhd Rafiq Ismail, Malaysia, 18.0
67. Jang Dong Chul, Korea, 17.5
68. Ahmed Al-Malki, Bahrain, 17.0
(tie) Vincent Lim, Singapore, 17.0
70. Abdulrahman Al-Jaidah, Qatar, 16.0
(tie) Khaled Al-Dubyyan, Kuwait, 16.0
(tie) Mike Chan, Hong Kong, 16.0
73. Adrian Ang, Malaysia, 15.0
(tie) Basel Al-Anzi, Kuwait, 15.0
(tie) Lin Pai-Feng, Chinese Taipei, 15.0
(tie) Omar Rashaid, Bahrain, 15.0
(tie) Salem Al-Hajras, Kuwait, 15.0
78. Hamza Abo Alhaiga, Jordan, 14.0
(tie) Kim Dong Gyun, Korea, 14.0
(tie) Mansour Al-Awami, Qatar, 14.0
(tie) Tomoyuki Sasaki, Japan, 14.0
(tie) Wan Syahmi, Malaysia, 14.0
(tie) Zhang Min, China, 14.0
84. Atchariya Cheng, Thailand, 13.0
(tie) Maher Abd Alhussien, Iraq, 13.0
(tie) Tsai Ying-Hao, Chinese Taipei, 13.0
(tie) Wicky Yeung, Hong Kong, 13.0
88. Chen Te-Nung, Chinese Taipei, 12.0
89. Wu Hao-Ming, Chinese Taipei, 11.0
90. Hsu Yin-Chou, Chinese Taipei, 10.0
91. Cheng Hsing-Yueh, Chinese Taipei, 9.0

From left to right, Putty Armein, Yang Liyan, Zhu Shenwei (CEO Hao's Bowling), Novie Phang and Chan Shuk Han.

From left to right, Putty Armein, Yang Liyan, Zhu Shenwei (CEO Hao’s Bowling), Novie Phang and Chan Shuk Han.

2016 ABF Tour China leg – Women’s Division

Hao’s Bowling Center in Shanghai, China (Oct 13, 2016)

Yang Liyan, China def. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 212-184

Yang Liyan, China def. Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong, 190-178
Putty Armein, Indonesia def. Novie Phang, Indonesia, 177-149

Yang Liyan, China def. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 246-212
Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong def. Kong Min, China. 233-196
Novie Phang, Indonesia def. Sun Jinfeng, China, 219-215
Putty Armein, Indonesia def. Sharon Limansantoso, Indonesia, 245-207

Round of 16:
Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia def. Filomena Choi, Macau, 243-242
Yang Liyan, China def. Zhang Chunli, China, 233-200
Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong def. Wu Bing, China, 289-190
Kong Min, China def. He Xiaoli, China, 211-210
Sun Jinfeng, China def. Li Aijun, China, 201-180
Novie Phang, Indonesia def. Zhang Yuhong, China, 244-167
Putty Armein, Indonesia def. Milki Ng, Hong Kong, 220-179
Sharon Limansantoso, Indonesia def. Peng Rui, China, 231-222.


2016 ABF Tour China leg – Women’s Final Standings

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Yang Liyan, China, 75.0
2. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 60.0
3. Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong, 46.0
4. Novie Phang, Indonesia, 45.0
5. Sun Jinfeng, China, 33.0
6. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 32.0
7. Sharon Limansantoso, Indonesia, 31.0
8. Kong Min, China, 30.0
9. Filomena Choi, Macau, 20.0
10. Peng Rui, China, 19.0
11. He Xiaoli, China, 18.0
12. Zhang Chunli, China, 17.0
13. Wu Bing, China, 16.0
14. Li Aijun, China, 15.0
15. Milki Ng, Hong Kong, 14.0
16. Zhang Yuhong, China, 13.0

2016 ABF Tour Women’s Ranking – Standings after 5 events

Players with position, country and ranking points. The top 16 will qualify for the ABFT Tournament of Champions.

1. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 123.0
2. Sharon Limansantoso, Indonesia, 111.0
3. Novie Phang, Indonesia, 103.0
4. Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong, 93.0
5. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 77.0
6. Han Kyeo Rae, Korea, 75.0
(tie) Hsu Chun-Yi, Chinese Taipei, 75.0
(tie) Lee Young Seung, Korea, 75.0
(tie) Sharon Koh, Malaysia, 75.0
(tie) Wang Ya Ting, Chinese Taipei, 75.0
(tie) Yang Liyan, China, 75.0
12. Esther Cheah, Malaysia, 66.0
13. Milki Ng, Hong Kong, 64.0
(tie) Hee Kar Yen, Malaysia, 60.0
(tie) Lee Na Young, Korea, 60.0
(tie) Tsai Hsin-Yi, Chinese Taipei, 60.0
(tie) Wang Ting Wen, Chinese Taipei, 60.0
18. Chang Yu Hsuan, Chinese Taipei, 52.0
19. Julia Lam, Macau, 51.0
(tie) Chien Hsiu-Lan, Chinese Taipei, 46.0
(tie) Jang Ha Eun, Korea, 46.0
(tie) Kim Kyung Sil, Korea, 46.0
(tie) Pan Yu-Fen, Chinese Taipei, 46.0
24. Kim Mi Ae, Korea, 45.0
25. Filomena Choi, Macau, 36.0
26. Li Shiau-Ping, Chinese Taipei, 33.0
(tie) Sun Jinfeng, China, 33.0
28. Dayang Khairuniza, Malaysia, 32.0
(tie) Joan Cheng, Hong Kong, 32.0
30. Chi Yun-Fan, Chinese Taipei, 31.0
(tie) Nadia Pramanik, Indonesia, 31.0
32. Huang Chiung-Yao, Chinese Taipei, 30.0
(tie) Kong Min, China, 30.0
(tie) Tanaprang Sathean, Thailand, 30.0
(tie) Veronica De Souza, Macau, 30.0
36. Kim Hyun A, Korea, 20.0
(tie) Lim So Hyun, Korea, 20.0
(tie) Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 20.0
39. Chou Chia-Chen, Chinese Taipei, 19.0
(tie) Han Sol, Korea, 19.0
(tie) Park Ga Ryul, Korea, 19.0
(tie) Peng Rui, China, 19.0
43. He Xiaoli, China, 18.0
(tie) Natasha Roslan, Malaysia, 18.0
(tie) Tang Joh Six, Malaysia, 18.0
46. Tithima Thongsard, Thailand, 17.0
(tie) Zhang Chunli, China, 17.0
48. Kim Su Bin, Korea, 16.0
(tie) Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, 16.0
(tie) Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, 16.0
(tie) Wu Bing, China, 16.0
52. Alisha Nabila, Indonesia, 15.0
(tie) Joey Yip, Hong Kong, 15.0
(tie) Li Aijun, China, 15.0
55. Jang Ryeon Gyeong, Korea, 14.0
(tie) Lin I-Heng, Chinese Taipei, 14.0
57. Chloe Lee, Hong Kong, 13.0
(tie) Su Shu-Wen, Chinese Taipei, 13.0
(tie) Yanee Saebae, Thailand, 13.0
(tie) Zhang Yuhong, China, 13.0

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