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Martina Beckel, Carlo Greulich repeat as ISBT Masters Champions


Martina Beckel and Carlo Greulich of Germany concluded the 2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour with victory in women’s and men’s Masters competition.

Every year, the top competitors from the ISBT series of tournaments are invited to participate in the ISBT Masters Finals featuring the top 32 men and 12 women from the previous year’s rankings.

There is no entry fee to participate. The prize fund of over 9.000 Euro is generated from the tournaments run during the year. For the 2016 year, the tournament was held immediately after the Arthur’s 12th Senior Open in Osnabruck, Germany. The tournament was played on the Kegel Route 66 challenge pattern.

All 32 men played a five-game qualification block. Top bowler was Lol Ellis of England with 1168, ahead of Hermann Wimmer of Germany and defending Masters champion Ron Oldfield of England. The top 16 would progress to the next round, 16th place was Les Grant of England with 1032.

The next round was a four-game block, starting from scratch. Lol Ellis continued hot-handed to lead the field with 962, ahead of Carlo Greulich of Germany and Ron Oldfield, wo is the lone three-time ISBT Masters champion (for 2011, ’12 and ’15).

The top 8 (pictured above with the top 4 women) would progress to the final, there was a tie for eighth between two Belgians, Dominique de Nolf and Robert Valons. The tie was decided by a 9th and 10th frame roll-off. Both players managed to score only 28, so it was replayed. This time, Valons was left needing 8 on his last ball, but managed to only score 6, so De Nolf progressed to the final.

The final round was a further three games, with pinfall carried forward. Carlo Greulich, who won the ISBT Masters for 2013, finished with a big 254 game to overtake Lol Ellis and to win his second ISBT Masters title. Ellis had to settle for second place with Roger Pieters of Belgium finishing third.

The women’s section had a similar format to the men’s, with 12 ladies bowling an initial five games. Kimberley Oakley bowled well to have a clear first-round lead with 1100, ahead of Farida Pascoal-Blom of Netherlands and Martina Beckel of Germany.

The top eight progressed to the next round, where a further four games would be played, starting from scratch. Martina Beckel had a clear lead after this round with 840, ahead of Angie Brown of England and Kimberley Oakley. Malou Carola was in fourth place, and was the final woman to make the last round.

The last three games were played on lanes previously used by the men, and the pattern had broken down badly. This was reflected in the low scoring pace.

Angie Brown, the all-time ISBT title leader, made up ground on Martina Beckel to just take the lead before the last game, but was unable to hold on with Martina Beckel taking her second Masters title after the 2014 season and a second-place finish last year, and Kimberly Oakley finishing in third place.

For more information on the International Seniors Bowling Tour click here.

Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.

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The top 4 women in the ISBT Masters for 2016. From left: Malou Carola, Angie Brown, Martina Beckel and Kimberley Oakley.

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Women’s Championship Round (final standings)

The top three men of the ISBT Masters for 2016. From left to right: Lol Ellis, Carlo Greulich and Roger Pieters.

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Men’s Championship Round (final standings)

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Women’s Round 2 Results

Top 4 advance to the Championship Round

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Men’s Round 2 Results

Top 8 advance to the Championship Round; Dominique de Nolf def. Robert Valons in roll-off for 8th place.

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Women’s Round 1 Results

Top 8 advance to the second round

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016 – Men’s Round 1 Results

Top 16 advance to the second round

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