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Sweden continues to lead as Squad 2 has completed the WMC Trios Preliminaries


Overnight leader Sweden held onto the lead in the Trios preliminaries at the 2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships as Squad 2 has completed the second block of three games at SCAA bowling center in Hong Kong, China, Friday morning.

Eight-time European Bowling Tour and 7-time PBA Tour champion, Jesper Svensson, 2017 European Champions Cup winner, Mattias Wetterberg, and multiple World and European champion Martin Larsen (featured photo, l-r) of Sweden added 1854 to the field-best 2029 series from yesterday to stay atop the leaderboard of Squad 2 with 3883 and an average of 215.72 for six games.

The Swedes, who averaged 225.44 for the first block, lost some ground compared to the teams of Squads 1 and 3, as they averaged only 206.00 for the second block.

Four teams, Indonesia (left, 222.33), USA (220.44), both of Squad 1 and Squad 3 leader South Korea (219.00) as well as the other Swedish trio (216.89), also Squad 1, carried higher averages after three games than the Swedes after six games. If all four teams would repeat their performances in the second block, the Swedes would drop out of the medal round.

With 28 out of 86 trios having completed the second block, Finland sits in second place with 3812 and is followed by Canada in third with 3759 and Colombia in fourth with 3716.

Three of the top 4 teams after the first block yesterday, had a great start into the second day.

Sweden held onto the lead with 658 and 2687 total. Three-time PBA champion Andres Gomez, former World Games champion Manuel Otalora and Oscar Rodriguez (right, l-r) of Colombia posted 678 to move into second place with 2594.

Graham Fach, winner of the 2016 PBA Players Championship, Zach Wilkins and David Simard (left, l-r) of Canada used a 654 game for 2533 to narrow the gap to the Netherlands to three pins.

Johnny Spil, 2017 World Champion in Singles, Xander van Mazijk and Jord van Weeren (right, l-r) from the Netherlands, who rolled their low game of 539, being the lone of the top 4 trios that struggled slipping from second third place with 2536.

Tsao Wen Bin, Xu Zhe Jia and of Wu Cheng Hsun of Taipei Chinese started with 645 to make up some ground, but the spinners were still 104 pins off the pace for fourth place with 2429.

All four top teams failed to average 200 in the second game (Sweden 563, Canada 590, Colombia 519 and Netherlands 569), while Jari Ratia, Niko Oksanen and Kimmo Lehtonen of Finland followed a 602 fourth game with a big 690 game to move into second place in this squad with 3144, 106 pins behind Sweden who stayed at the top with 3250.

Canada moved into third with 3123 and Colombia slipped to fourth with 3113. Netherlands fell out of the top 4 to fifth place with 3105 and was followed by Surasak Manuwong, Sithiphol Kunaksorn and Atchariya Cheng (right, l-r) of Thailand, who had games of 616 and 660 and 3046 total.

The Swedes rebounded in the last game with 633 and 3883 total to maintain a 72-pin lead over Finland. The Finns closed with 668 for the highest second block of 1960 (217.78 avg.) and 3812 overall.

The Canadians maintained third place with 636 and 3759. The last trio which is mathematically still in contention for the medal round is Colombia, after finishing in fourth place with 603 and 3716 total.

The first team out was Germany with Pascal Winternheimer, Tobias Börding and Oliver Morig (left, l-r), who had games of 658, 563 and 633 today to finish Squad 3 in fifth place with 3883.

The 265-player field was split into three squads for the Trios preliminaries. The first block of three games took place Thursday and second block will follow on Friday starting at 9.00 (Squad 2), 12.45 (Squad 3) and 16.30 (Squad 1) Hong Kong Time. The top 4 trios will advance to the medal round on Monday, Dec. 3.

The 2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships will be held from Nov. 23 to Dec. 5 at 40-lane South China Athletic Association (SCAA) bowling center in Hong Kong, China. The Championships will be hosted by World Bowling, bowling’s world governing body, and the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress.

265 players from 47 countries, maximum six men per country, will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Trios, five-player Teams, All-Events and Masters in the 11-day competition (Nov. 25-Dec. 5).

The Championships is contested on the 38-foot Los Angeles pattern from the current World Bowling library of lane conditioning patterns.

Bowlingdigital will provide on-site coverage of the 2018 World Men Championships featuring reports, results and photos commencing with the 2018 World Bowling Coaching Conference “Youth Development and Coaching” at the Hong Kong Sports Institute Nov. 20-21, followed by the Opening Ceremonies (Nov. 24), the preliminaries in Singles, Doubles, Trios (Nov. 24-30), the Team preliminaries (Dec. 1-4), during which the Singles and Doubles Finals will be contested, followed by the Trios and Team Finals, all the way through to the Masters finals (Dec. 4-5).

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Top 4 after six games will advance to the medal round on Monday, Dec. 3

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