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Beckel, Oldfield cap off 2017 ISBT season with victory in Masters


Martina Beckel of Germany and Ron Oldfield of England concluded the 2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour season with victory in women’s and men’s Masters competition at Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France. It was the fourth Masters title for Oldfield and the third for Beckel and the second in-a-row.

Every year, the top competitors from the ISBT series of tournaments are invited to participate in the ISBT Masters Finals featuring the top 32 men and 12 women from the previous year’s rankings.

There is no entry fee to participate. The prize fund of over 9.000 Euro is generated from the tournaments run during the year. For the 2017 year, the tournament was held during the Track Alsace Senior Open.

All players played a four-game qualifying block, then the top 5 ladies and top 15 men would go forward to a further four-game final block. Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit.

In the men’s qualifying round, Roger Pieters from Belgium was top with 950 including age bonus, ahead of Helmut Ulber from Germany and Christer Danielsson from Sweden. The cut for the final was 853, going to Uwe Tscharke from Germany.

In the ladies’ section, defending Masters champion Martina Beckel from Germany was top with 814, ahead of Kimberley Oakley from England and Bianca Völkl-Brandt from Germany. The top five was completed by Liliane Vintens from Belgium and Claribel Muis from the Netherlands.

In the men’s final round, several players were vying for the overall lead, and first of the leaders to finish was Ron Oldfield (center), posting a score of 949. Both Roger Pieters (left) and Hermann Wimmer (right) from Germany still had an opportunity to take the win by making the last few strikes, but neither succeeded, leaving Oldfield as the 2017 Masters’ champion, now with four ISBT Masters titles, ahead of Pieters and Wimmer.

In the ladies’ section, Bianca Völkl-Brandt (right) had a healthy lead going into the final game, but playing on the low-scoring lanes 3 and 4 she struggled, and was overtaken by good games from Martina Beckel (center) and Liliane Vintens (left), with Beckel taking her third ISBT Masters title, and Vintens finishing second.

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Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.

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