Thomas Gross, Diana Zavjalova come back from a 2-0 deficit to win Round of 24 matches


    2012 WSC

    30 countries represented in the finals; all four Team USA players earn first-round byes; Round of 24 and Round of 16 will be played on Monday; Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Championship Match to be contested on Tuesday

    2012WSCLogo.jpg After four days of qualifying real action begins at the inaugural World Singles Championships in Cyprus with the single-elimination bracket finals of the top 24 men and the top 24 women. The top eight players received first-round byes.

    Due to the small bowling center in Limassol, the Rounds of 24 and 16 in best-of-five game format will be split into two groups each and will be contested on Monday from 9 a.m through 9 p.m. local time (GMT +3). The Quarterfinals (best-of-five) as well as the one-game Semifinal and Championship matches will be staged on Tuesday.

    30 of the participating 44 countries are represented in the finals. Only Malaysia, Sweden and the United States have all four players in the finals. All four Team USA players earned first-round byes. Finland has three players in the race for the medals, seven countries have two players in the finals while 18 countries are represented by one player.

    All other 80 players, 47 men and 33 women, have cab day or additional two days vacation.

    Schedule for Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 (men and women)
    09.00 Round of 24 Part 1 (four matches, best-of-five games)
    12.00 Round of 24 Part 2 (four matches, best-of-five games)
    15.00 Round of 16 Part 1 (four matches, best-of-five games)
    18.00 Round of 16 Part 2 (four matches, best-of-five games)

    Schedule for Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012 (men and women)
    09.00 Quarterfinals (best-of-five games)
    12.00 Women's Semifinals (one game)
    12.45 Women's Championship (one game)
    14.00 Men's Semifinals (one game)
    14.45 Men's Championship (one game)

    The 128 players from 44 countries - 71 men from 40 countries and 57 women from 33 countries - were split into four (men) and five squads (women) to bowl two blocks of six games over four days on the 41 feet WTBA Montreal oil pattern (Lane Map Guide) before the cut to the top 24 players who advanced to the finals Sept. 24 and 25.

    The top 24 players bowl for the title in single-elimination match-play bracket. The top eight qualifiers receive one bye. In case of a tie in the standings for any position in the qualifying, the higher positioned will be the player with the highest last game (second last game, etc.). All qualifying pin fall is dropped.

    The first three rounds of the finals feature best-of-five games match play until the field is trimmed to the top four. The semifinal matches and the championship match are one-game matches.

    In each match of the final, the highest seeded player decides which player starts to play in the first game. For the first three rounds the starting player will change after each game. In case of a tie in any game, a one ball roll-off will be played and repeated until the tie is broken.

    The field will be trimmed to 16, 8, 4 and then two players who will determine the champion in the gold medal match. The semifinal losers will share the bronze medal.

    Free live streaming will be provided of the entire championships. To view the live streaming click here.


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    Men's Finals - Round of 24


    Women's Finals - Round of 24