Qatar's Mansour Al-Awami cruises to the title at ABF Tour Kuwait leg


    2013 ABF Tour #2

    Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya, Kuwait (March 18, 2013)

    2013ABFT02MansourAlAwamiSheikhTalalAlSabah.jpgMansour Al-Awami (pictured left with Sheik Talal Al-Sabah, President of the Asian Bowling Federation and the Kuwait Kuwait Bowling Federation) Qatar flew past home town favorite Mohannad Ibrahim of Kuwait, 246-160, to cruise to the title in the 2013 Asian Bowling Federation Tour Kuwait leg at Cozmo Bowling Center in Kuwait.

    The top 16 men in the 10th Kuwait International Open advanced to the ABF Tour Kuwait. Al-Awami, who rolled two 300 games in Round One eventually finishing in 28th place, started the single-elimination finals with back-to-back 215 games to eliminate Thai bowlers Yannaphon Larp-apharat (194) and Annop Arromsaranon (202).

    2013ABFT02MohannadIbrahim.jpgIbrahim (right), who finished 34th in the Kuwait Open, fired two consecutive big scores to sideline Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 246-204 and fellow countryman Mohammed Al-Ragebah, 236-153.

    In the semifinals, Al-Awami posted his highest game to oust Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 268-190, while Ibrahim, Kuwait, continued hot hand to defeat compatriot Rakan Al-Amiri, 237-198.

    2013ABFT02MansourAlAwami2.jpgIn the title match was leveled after five frames. Al-Awami (left) put the match away with a six-bagger and a nine-count on the fill ball, while Ibrahim suffered three consecutive splits in the last three frames. It was the second victory on the Asian Bowling Federation Tour for Al-Awami after winning the 2010 Egypt leg.

    The 2013 ABF Tour consists of nine legs, four in the Middle East with a men's division only and five in East and South East Asia featuring men and women in separate divisions. The third stop is the ABFT Thailand leg on April 23.

    Players earn ranking points based on how they finish in each event. The top 16 men and the top 16 women at the end of the 2013 season qualify for the ABF Tour Tournament of Champions scheduled for March 2014 (date and venue tba).

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    2013 ABF Tour Kuwait leg - Men's Division only

    Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya, Kuwait (March 18, 2013)

    Mansour Al-Awami, Qatar, def. Mohannad Ibrahim, Kuwait, 246-160

    Mansour Al-Awami, Qatar, def. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 268-190
    Mohannad Ibrahim, Kuwait, def. Rakan Al-Amiri, Kuwait, 237-198

    Mansour Al-Awami, Qatar, def. Annop Arromsaranon, Thailand, 215-202
    Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, def. Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, 198-191
    Mohannad Ibrahim, Kuwait, def. Mohammed Al-Ragebah, Kuwait, 236-153
    Rakan Al-Amiri, Kuwait, def. Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, 227-224

    Round of 16:
    Annop Arromsaranon, Thailand, def. Shaker Al-Hassan, UAE, 258-214
    Mansour Al-Awami, Qatar, def. Yannaphon Larp-apharat, Thailand, 215-194
    Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, def. Sayed Al-Hashemi, UAE, 279-224
    Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, def. Mohammed Janahi, Bahrain, 244-236
    Mohannad Ibrahim, Kuwait, def. Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 246-204
    Mohammed Al-Ragebah, Kuwait, def. Jaseem Darwish, Kuwait, 206-202
    Rakan Al-Amiri, Kuwait, def. Mohammed Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia, 191-180
    Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, def. Khaled Al-Dubyyan, Kuwait, 245-225


    2013 ABF Tour Kuwait leg - Men's Final Standings

    Players with position, country and ranking points

    2013ABFT02MohannadIbrahimMansourAlAwami.jpg1. Mansour Al-Awami (right), Qatar, 75
    2. Mohannad Ibrahim (left), Kuwait, 60
    3. Rakan Al-Amiri, Kuwait, 46
    4. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 45
    5. Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, 33
    6. Annop Arromsaranon, Thailand, 32
    7. Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, 31
    8. Mohammed Al-Ragebah, Kuwait, 30
    9. Mohammed Janahi, Bahrain, 20
    10. Khaled Al-Dubyyan, Kuwait, 19
    11. Sayed Al-Hashemi, UAE, 18
    12. Shaker Al-Hassan, UAE, 17
    13. Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 16
    14. Jaseem Darwish, Kuwait, 15
    15. Yannaphon Larp-apharat, Thailand, 14
    16. Mohammed Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia, 13