Marek Talpa wins his first EBT title and 10.000 Euro in Brunswick Italia Challenge


    2013 European Bowling Tour #9

    Talpa beats Robert Andersson (SWE), Alejandro Reyna (CRC) and Yoan Alix (FRA) in Round Robin finals to become the first EBT titlist from Czech Republic; Reyna and Alix shoot 300 on the way to the finals; Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN) wins Women's Ranking in Asti and overtakes lead in 2013 EBT Women's Ranking

    2013EBT09MarekTalpa.jpg2013EBT04RobertAndersson4.jpgMarek Talpa (pictured left) became the first bowler from the Czech Republic to win an European Bowling Tour title when he defeated three more experienced players in the Round Robin Match Play finals of the Brunswick Italia Challenge Sunday, July 7, at Bowling Red & Black in Asti, Italy.

    Talpa, Swede Robert Andersson (right), Alejandro Reyna from Costa Rica and Yoan Alix of France survived three Eliminator rounds to advance to Round Robin featuring three matches with 20 pins bonus per win and additional 10 pins bonus for each game higher than 250.

    Talpa lost his first game against Reyna, 246-208, but posted two big games to win his matches against Andersson, 255-225, and Alix, 232-158, for 745 total to cruise to his first EBT title and the 10.000 Euro top prize.

    2013EBT04AlejandroReyna.jpg2013EBT04YoanAlix.jpgFormer World Champion Andersson, who was looking for his fifth EBT title was a distant second with 666, worth 5.000 Euro. Costa Rican star Reyna (left), who finished final Round One with the tournament's second 300 game, was 27 pins behind Andersson in third place with 639. Reyna received 3.000 Euro.

    One-time EBT champion Alix (right) could not match the vigorous pace he showed in the Eliminator rounds and had to settle for fourth place with 574 and 2.000 Euro. Alix won Group 4 in the Eliminator Rounds after finishing with games of 260, 300, 270 and 255.

    In his last match, Alix eliminated the last remaining woman, Mai Ginge Jensen (below right) of Denmark, who finished seventh overall and won the women's ranking in Asti. With the 100 ranking points, Jensen took over the lead in the 2013 EBT Women's Ranking.

    2012BrunswickItaliaChallengeLogo_small.jpg 2013EBT04MaiGingeJensen.jpgThe 2013 Brunswick Italia Challenge was the 9th stop of the 2013 European Bowling Tour and the fourth and last EBT "Silver" tournaments this season. The tournament was held from June 9 through July 7 at 24-lane Bowling Red & Black in Asti, Italy. The BIC offered total prize fund of 51.600 Euro with 10.000 Euro going to the winner.

    Qualifying of the Italia Challenge 2013 (six-game series, unlimited re-entries) ran from Saturday, June 29 through Saturday, July 6. Women received 8 pins handicap each game throughout the entire tournament, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour.

    A total of 52 players advanced to the finals including the top 36 qualifiers, six players each from a separate leaderboard of the squads contested June 29 & 30 and July 1 thru 3, one player each from Turbo game 5 and 6 (extra entry fee) and the top 2 players of the Desperado Squad. The top 8 qualifiers received two byes.

    Two four-game rounds trimmed the field to 24 and then 8 players, who met the top eight qualifiers in eliminator-format rounds featuring three two-game rounds.

    All four players bowled the opening two-game series, with the lowest-scoring player eliminated. In the two rounds to follow, the same "low man out" format applied. The four group winners bowled for the title and a 10.000 Euro first prize in three games round robin match play (20 bonus per win, 10 for a tie, 10 bonus for each game over 250).

    2013EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2013 European Bowling Tour consists of 19 tournaments in 13 countries including two Platinum, six Gold, four Silver and seven Satellite events.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event earn ranking points based on how they finish. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament such as the Italia Challenge earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament gets 50 ranking points.

    Points are tabulated throughout the season and the top 12 men and the top 12 women qualify for the seventh EBT Masters to be held March 3, 2014 at Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands immediately following the EBT Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2014.

    The next EBT tournament, the 9th San Marino Open, an EBT "gold" event, is already underway at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino and runs thru Sunday July 14, 2013.


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    Brunswick Italia Challenge - Final Standings after Round Robin


    Brunswick Italia Challenge - Final Standings Places 5-52 (cashers)

    5. Petteri Salonen, Finland, 1.500 Euro
    6. Stuart Williams, England, 1.500 Euro
    7. Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 1.500 Euro
    8. Ed Smaglik, United States, 1.500 Euro
    9. Dominic Barrett, England, 1.200 Euro
    10. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 1.200 Euro
    11. Davide Spagnoli, Italy, 1.200 Euro
    12. Janine Gabel, Germany, 1.200 Euro
    13. Nina Kovanen, Finland, 800 Euro
    14. Paul Moor, England, 800 Euro
    15. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 800 Euro
    16. Alessandro Del Carmine, Italy, 800 Euro
    17. Axel Engblom, Sweden, 600 Euro
    18. Marco Reviglio, Italy, 600 Euro
    19. Mark Clark, United States, 600 Euro
    20. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 600 Euro
    21. Sandra Andersson, Sweden, 600 Euro
    22. Kim Andersson, Sweden, 600 Euro
    23. Mike Machuga, United States, 600 Euro
    24. Giannis Stathatos, Greece, 600 Euro
    25. Marco Zorzan, Italy, 600 Euro
    26. Magnus Johnson Jr. Sweden, 600 Euro
    27. Amedeo Spada, Italy, 600 Euro
    28. Alessandro Santu, Italy, 600 Euro
    29. Hannele Impola, Finland, 600 Euro
    30. Pierfranco Fanizza, Italy, 600 Euro
    31. Vivien Bados, Switzerland, 600 Euro
    32. Fabio Cimino, Italy, 600 Euro
    33. Pavlos Pelekanos, Cyprus, 400 Euro
    34. Marco Boccato, Italy, 400 Euro
    35. Perttu Jussila, Finland, 400 Euro
    36. Massimo Pirozzi, Italy, 400 Euro
    37. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 400 Euro
    38. Giancarlo Ragusa, Belgium, 400 Euro
    39. Luca Osella, Italy, 400 Euro
    40. Oleg Sazonov, Russia, 400 Euro
    41. Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden, 400 Euro
    42. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 400 Euro
    43. Adam Ishman, United States, 400 Euro
    44. Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, 400 Euro
    45. Philippe Huber, Switzerland, 400 Euro
    46. Maurizio Celli, Italy, 400 Euro
    47. Jesper Svensson, Sweden, 400 Euro
    48. Julien Sermand, France, 400 Euro
    49. Linas Sasnauskas, Lithuania, 400 Euro
    50. David Canady, Germany, 400 Euro
    51. Mathieu Bergès, Switzerland, 400 Euro
    52. Alexandr Panchenko, Kazakhstan, 400 Euro


    Brunswick Italia Challenge - Eliminator Rounds

    Two games, total pinfall; lowest score eliminated


    Brunswick Italia Challenge - Final Round Two

    The top 8 players advance to the Eliminator finals. Places 9-24 eliminated, finish in 17th thru 32nd place, earn 600 Euro.


    Brunswick Italia Challenge - Final Round One

    The top 24 players advance to the second round with 50 per cent of the total from Round One being carried forward. Places 25-44 eliminated, finish in 33rd thru 52nd place, earn 400 Euro.