Colombian women, Puerto Rican men emerge as Doubles Champions at CAC Games


    2014 CAC Games

    Colombia's Anggie Ramires shoots the third perfecto of the Games and the second by a woman; Puerto Rico's Francisco Perez, Cristian Azcona become the first multiple gold medalists

    2014CACGLogo.jpg Anggie Ramirez and Maria Jose Rodriguez of Colombia and Puerto Rico's Francisco Perez and Cristian Azcona emerged as champions in the Central American & Caribbean Games Doubles event Thursday at Bolerama in Veracruz, Mexico.

    Ramirez and Rodriguez rolled games of 402, 460, 365, 443, 518 and 396 to win the first gold medal for Colombia in the bowling competition with 2584 total and an average of 215.33.

    The 518 was boosted by a perfect 300 game by Ramirez, the third perfecto of the Games and the second by a woman. Aruba's Kamilah Dammers rolled the first on her way to the Singles title. Ramirez totaled 1312 pins and Rodriguez contributed 1272.

    Patricia De Faria and Ingellimar Contreras of Venezuela, who held the lead after the first squad, were 45 pins behind to take the silver medal with 2539 and an average of 211.58. De Faria led all 58 players with 1351 (225.17) while Contreras mustered up 1188, enough to stay second.

    Mexico's Aseret Zetter and Sandra Góngora closed out their set with back-to-back 238 games to beat out Puerto Rico's Mariana Ayala and Kristie Lopez for the bronze medal by 12 pins, 2484 to 2471. It was the third medal for Zetter after silver in Singles and gold in the team event.

    Colombia's Rocio Restrepo and Clara Juliana Guerrero and Kamilah Dammers and Thashaina Seraus, who were in second and third place after Squad 1 slipped to fifth and sixth place with 2469 and 2435, respectively.

    Perez and Azcona bowled in the second squad of the men's Doubles and started their six-game block with games of 440, 460 and 427 to sit in second place with 1327, an average of 221.17, 102 pins behind Mexicans Mario Quintero and Alejandro Cruz, who led with 1429 (238.17) behind games of 449, 456, and 524.

    The Puerto Ricans, who won the gold medal in the five-player Team event the day before, countered with 536, the highest game of the event (Perez 258, Azcona 278) and widened their lead to 75 pins with 491 in game five.

    Needing only 358 to overtake Squad 1 leader Jaime Gonzalez and Manuel Otalora of Colombia by one pin, Perez rolled 228 and Azcona fired 286 for 514 to cruise to the gold medal with 2868 or an average of 239. Azcona led all 60 players with 147¬ī63 (243.83) and Perez had the fourth-highest 1405 series (234.17).

    With the victory the duo became the first multiple gold medalists in the bowling competition and Puerto Rico moved to the top of the medal tally.

    Quintero and Cruz closed with 427, 419 and 463 to take the silver medal with 2738 and an average of 228.17. Gonzalez and Otalora slipped to third place to earn the bronze medal with 2713 (226.08).

    Their team mates Oscar Rodriguez and PBA champion Andres Gomez were 36 pins behind to finish in fourth place with 2677 (223.08). After a slow start, Venezuela's Ildemaro Ruiz and PBA Hall of Famer Amleto Monacelli finished strong with 526 and 505 but fell 39 pins short off the medals with 2674 (222.83), good for fifth place.

    Competition commences Friday with the women's and men's Trios event.

    2014CACGLogo.jpg The 2014 Central American & Caribbean Games will be held from November 14-30 in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

    60 men and 58 women from 12 countries - Aruba, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and U.S. Virgin Islands participate in the bowling competition at Bolerama Veracruz a.k.a. Bolerama U.D Leyes de Reforma in Boca del Rio. The city is part of the metropolitan area of the city of Veracruz.

    The bowling competition features five disciplines: Singles, Teams of Five, Doubles, Trios and Masters.


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