World Bowling's scoring system to debut at ABF Tour Macao


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    Athletes and bowling fans in Asia will witness the debut of World Bowling's new scoring system at the 2016 Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour Macao leg on June 27, 2016 in Macao, China, which will be broadcast live in Malaysia and in China.

    The new scoring system, which was proposed by an all-star panel of international bowling experts, including World Bowling leaders, athletes, coaches, news media and commercial bowling industry experts, was well accepted during its introduction at the 2015 World Bowling Tour Finals in Las Vegas.

    The new system was developed in order to make the sport more attractive and easier to understand for spectators and bowling fans, the news media, the competitors and especially newcomers to the sport.

    The single match play competition format which gives each frame a score once it has been bowled will be conducted as follows:

    1. A match will involve 10 frames.
    2. In each frame, each player gets to throw two shots.
    3. If a player gets a strike on the first frame, he or she will get 30 points. If a player does not get a strike but spares the frame, he or she will get 10 points plus the number of pins felled in the first shot.
    4. If a player gets another strike in the next frame, he or she will get another 30 points added from the first frame for 60 points in the second frame.
    5. If a player does not get a strike but spares the next frame, he or she will get 10 points plus the number of pins felled in the first shot added to the second frame.
    6. Hence, for each strike frame, a player will get 30 points and for each spare frame a player will get 10 points plus the number of pins felled in the first shot.
    7. If a player does not spare a frame, the player will only get the sum of pins felled in that frame.
    8. If a match is "all-square" after 10 frames, the tie will be broken using the single-frame format described above until the tie is broken.

    The new system will dramatically reduce the length of time and the complexity of the scoring required for each game to complete a two-player match.

    The 2016 ABF Tour Macao, which will be held at Cotai Bowling Center at Avenida da Nave Desportiva, will comprise of the top 16 Asian men and top 16 Asian women from the 2016 Macao, China International Open Division men's and women's Masters finals.

    Each leg comprises of four rounds for men and women, respectively. The sixteen players will determine the champion in single-elimination one-game matches in bracket system. In each round the new scoring system will be used.

    Both men's and women's champion will receive US$1,000 with the first runner-up picking up US$500. The second and third runner-ups will each earn US$250. ABF Tour ranking points will be awarded to the players of each leg.

    The top 16 men and top 16 women with the highest ranking points over the entire ABF Tour season will qualify for the ABF Tournament of Champions, which will be held in the first quarter of 2017 with a total prize of US$100,000.

    For the first time since the ABF Tour became an official Tour of Asian Bowling Federation in 2004, an official partner, Alisports will be involved with six of the legs of the 2016 ABF Tour.