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Remy Ong, Esther Cheah conclude 2016 ABF Tour with victory in Indonesia


Remy Ong from Singapore and Esther Cheah of Malaysia concluded the 2016 Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour with victory in the Indonesia leg Monday at Jaya Ancol bowling center in Jakarta.

2016ABFT06RemyOng2016ABFT06KimBollebyIn the men’s championship match, Ong (left) defeated Kim Bolleby (right) of Thailand, 254-210, while Cheah (above right) flew past her compatriot Nur Syazwani Sahar, 256-164, to win the women’s title

The top 16 Asian men and top 16 Asian women in the 14th Indonesia International Open Bowling Championship qualified for the sixth and last leg this season and the ninth event overall for the men which was contested in single-elimination match play format using the new World Bowling scoring system.

2016ABFT06AhmadMuazSyafiqRidhwanOn the way to the title, Ong defeated Rickle Kam of Hong Kong in the opening round, 233-224, then sidelined Muhd Nur Aiman of Malaysia in the quarterfinal, 217-210, before he held off Indonesia Open champion Ahmad Muaz (left) of Malaysia, 224-210 in the semi-final.

Bolleby averaged 245 in the first three matches, eliminating Billy M. Islam of Indonesia in the opening round, 245-222, Timmy Tan of Malaysia in the round of 8, 254-223, and edging Syafiq Ridhwan (right) of Malaysia by one pin in the other semi-final match, 236-235.

Ong received US$1,000 and 75 ranking points for the win to finish the season in third place in the men’s ranking with 153 points. Yousif Falah of Bahrain led the field of 98 men with 210 points, just seven points ahead of Michael Mak of Hong Kong in second place with 203 points.

The top 16 men and top 16 women in the ABF Tour point rankings qualified for the ABF Tour Tournament of Champions to be held March 11-12, 2017, in Kuwait.

2016ABFT06EstherCheahMacau leg winner Daisuke Yoshida, China leg champion Mi Zhong Li and Ahmed Al-Awadhi of Bahrain, the winner of the Bahrain Open ranking event, tied for 15th, 16th and 17th place at 75 points.

According to the ABF Tour rules, the total pinfall breaks the tie. Al-Awadhi, who toppled 4756 pins in the 20 games he bowled on his way to the title, could not loose the tie-break and was seeded 15th. Yoshida totaled 1069 pins in the Maqcau leg to beat out Zhong Li (936 in the China leg) for the 16th and last spot by 133 pins.

2016ABFT06AldilaIndryatiOn the women’s side, Cheah (left) started with a 226-215 win against Novie Phang of Indonesia, then ousted teammate Radin Nur Najwa, 218-211, before she sent Indonesia’s Aldila Indryati (right) to the sideline, 256-229.

2016ABFT06NurSyazwaniSaharNur Syazwani (left) won two close matches against in the rounds of 16 and 8 against Nadia Pramanik of Indonesia, 234-231, and compatriot Shalin Zulkifli, 195-194, before she bowled her highest game in the semi-final win against another teammate, Sin Li Jane (below right), 243-213.

2016ABFT06SinLiJaneCheah’s victory, worth US$1,000 and 75 ranking points, propelled her to the top of the ranking leading the field of 67 women with 141 points. Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia, who fell to Sin Li Jane in the opening round, 220-187, slipped to second place with 136 points, with Novie Phang, Indonesia, in third place with 121 points.

Four players, Lee Na Young of Korea, Tsai Hsin-Yi, Wang Ting Wen of Chinese Taipei and Hee Kar Yen of Malaysia, tied for 16th place at 60 points. Lee took the last qualifying spot for the TOC as she had the highest four-game total of the foursome with 939.

Photos courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation (ABF).

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2016 ABF Tour Indonesia leg – Men’s Division

Jaya Ancol bowling center in Jakarta, Indonesia (Oct. 24, 2016)

Remy Ong, Singapore, def. Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 254-210

Remy Ong, Singapore, def. Ahmad Muaz, Malaysia, 224-210
Kim Bolleby, Thailand, def. Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia, 236-235

Ahmad Muaz, Malaysia, def. Yuhi Shibata, Japan, 207-179
Remy Ong, Singapore, def. Muhd Nur Aiman, Malaysia, 217-210
Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia, def. Lee Tak Man, Macau, 220-190
Kim Bolleby, Thailand, def. Timmy Tan, Malaysia, 254-223

Round of 16:
Ahmad Muaz, Malaysia, def. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 239-233
Yuhi Shibata, Japan, def. Tomoyuki Sasaki, Japan, 273-203
Muhd Nur Aiman, Malaysia, def. Yeri Ramadona, Indonesia, 253-203
Remy Ong, Singapore, def. Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, 233-224
Lee Tak Man, Macau, def. Fachri Ibnu Askar, Indonesia, 266-201
Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia, def. Oscar, Indonesia, 245-189
Timmy Tan, Malaysia, def. Isaac Russell, Malaysia, 219-211
Kim Bolleby, Thailand, def. Billy M. Islam, Indonesia, 245-222


2016 ABF Tour Indonesia leg – Men’s Final Standings

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Remy Ong, Singapore, 75
2. Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 60
3. Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia, 46
4. Ahmad Muaz, Malaysia, 45
5. Timmy Tan, Malaysia, 33
6. Muhd Nur Aiman, Malaysia, 32
7. Lee Tak Man, Macau, 31
8. Yuhi Shibata, Japan, 30
9. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia, 20
10. Rickle Kam, Hong Kong, 19
11. Billy M. Islam, Indonesia, 18
11. Isaac Russell, Malaysia, 17
13. Tomoyuki Sasaki, Japan, 15.5
(tie) Yeri Ramadona, Indonesia, 15.5
15. Fachri Ibnu Askar, Indonesia, 14
16. Oscar, Indonesia, 13

2016 ABF Tour Men’s Ranking – Standings after 9 events

Players with position, country and ranking points. The top 16 qualify for the ABFT Tournament of Champions in 2017.


2016 ABF Tour Indonesia leg – Women’s Division

Jaya Ancol bowling center in Jakarta, Indonesia (Oct. 24, 2016)

Esther Cheah, Malaysia, def. Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, 256-164

Esther Cheah, Malaysia, def. Aldila Indryati, Indonesia, 256-229
Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, def. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 243-213

Aldila Indryati, Indonesia, def. Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, 49-39 in roll-off after a 22-222 tie
Esther Cheah, Malaysia, def. Radin Nur Najwa, Malaysia, 218-211
Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, def. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 213-205
Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, def. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 195-194

Round of 16:
Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, def. Alisha Nabila, Indonesia, 212-202
Aldila Indryati, Indonesia, def. Krizziah Tabora, Philippines, 233-222
Radin Nur Najwa, Malaysia, def. Liza Del Rosario, Philippines, 222-212
Esther Cheah, Malaysia, def. Novie Phang, Indonesia, 226-215
Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, def. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 220-187
Putty Armein, Indonesia, def. Dyan Coronacion, Philippines, 232-203
Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, def. Nadia Pramanik, Indonesia, 234-231
Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, def. Yuri Sato, Japan, 198-188


2016 ABF Tour Indonesia leg – Women’s Final Standings

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Esther Cheah, Malaysia, 75
2. Nur Syazwani Sahar, Malaysia, 60
3. Aldila Indryati, Indonesia, 46
4. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 45
5. Siti Safiyah Amirah, Malaysia, 33
6. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 32
7. Radin Nur Najwa, Malaysia, 31
8. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 30
9. Nadia Pramanik, Indonesia, 20
10. Krizziah Tabora, Philippines, 19
11. Novie Phang, Indonesia, 18
12. Liza Del Rosario, Philippines, 17
13. Dyan Coronacion, Philippines, 16
14. Alisha Nabila, Indonesia, 15
15. Yuri Sato, Japan, 14
16. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 13

2016 ABF Tour Women’s Ranking – Standings after 6 events

Players with position, country and ranking points. The top 16 qualify for the ABFT Tournament of Champions in 2017.

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