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2018 EBT Men’s Point Ranking after Brunswick Madrid Challenge


Thomas Larsen of Denmark, who won his fifth career European Bowling Tour title in the VI Brunswick Madrid Challenge Sunday, July 8, at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain, received 100 rankings points to move into a tie for 12th place with Markus Jansson of Sweden with 154 total points.

The Brunswick Madrid Challenge was an EBT “bronze” level tournament, the second lowest of five EBT tournament categories (platinum, gold, silver, bronze and satellite).

Anthony Simonsen (left), United States, held on to the lead with 469 points and was followed by Jesper Svensson of Sweden (390), Rafiq Ismail of Malaysia (370) and Gaëtan Mouveroux of France (234).

The lone player out of the top 10 who competed in the Brunswick Madrid Challenge was Richard Teece (right) of England, who leaped from seventh to fifth place with 227 total points after receiving 40 points for finishing 10th in the men’s ranking in Madrid.

Kimmo Lehtonen of Finland (220) and Yannaphon Larp-apharat of Thailand (200) slipped one spot to sixth and seventh, respectively.

Rounding out the top 8, who will qualify for the EBT Masters in 2019 in Madrid is Stuart Williams (left) of England with 175 points.

The seventh tournament of the 2018 European Bowling Tour season, the 14th Storm San Marino Open, an EBT “gold” tournament, will run from July 7-15 at Rose’n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino.

After the Aalborg International has been canceled, the 2018 European Bowling Tour features 12 tournaments in 10 countries including two “platinum”, two “gold”, three “silver”, two “bronze” and three “satellite” events, which will offer total prize fund of roughly 625.000 Euro.

The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 8 men and top 8 women, who will be eligible to compete in the 12th EBT Masters July 8, 2019 at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain.

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VI Brunswick Madrid Challenge (Bronze) – Men’s Ranking

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 100
2. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 80
3. Chris Klerk, United States, 70
4. Jassim Al Muraikhi, Qatar, 60
5. Nicola Pongolini, Italy, 50
6. Markus Jansson, Sweden, 48
7. Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 46
8. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 44
9. Tomas Käyhkö, Finland, 42
10. Richard Teece, England, 40
11. Javier Moreno, Spain, 30
12. Paul Moor, England, 30
13. Nathan Ruest-Lajoie, Canada, 28
14. Sami Konsteri, Finland, 28
15. Ruben Orche, Spain, 26
16. Jesse Ahokas, Finland, 26
17. Jari Ratia, Finland, 24
18. Ildemaro Ruiz Jr. Venezuela, 24
19. Steven Gill, Scotland, 22
20. Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 22
21. Emil Ågren, Sweden, 16
22. Andrés Gómez, Colombia, 16
23. William Svensson, Sweden, 16
24. Bonnefoy Hugo, France, 16
25. Valentin Saulnier, France, 16
26. Julien Sermand, France, 12
27. Bodo Konieczny, Germany, 12
28. Ghanim Aboujassoum, Qatar, 12
29. Ramon Hilferink, Netherlands, 12
30. Mohammed Al Merekhi, Qatar, 12
31. Artur Colomer, Spain, 8
32. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 8
33. Olli-Pekka Pajari, Finland, 8
34. Andreas Hernitschek, Germany, 8
35. Luis Briceno, Spain, 8
36. Luis Olivo, Venezuela, 6
37. Robin Skans, Sweden, 6
38. Ali Al Jahani, Qatar, 6
39. Yousef Al Jabir, Qatar, 6
40. Paco Rodriguez, Spain, 6
41. Teemu Putkisto, Finland, 4
42. Noe Gamazo, Spain, 4
43. Axel Guimo, Spain, 4
44. Luis Jimenez Marin, United States, 4
45. Moises Perez, Spain, 4
46. Mark Jacobs, Netherlands, 2
47. Felix Hübner, Germany, 2
48. Larry Vontobel, Switzerland, 2
49. Ahmed Al Deyab, Qatar, 2
50. Emanuel Jonsson, Sweden, 2

2018 EBT Men’s Point Ranking – Standings after Madrid (EBT #6/12)

Players with country, ranking point total and number of top 50 finishes

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