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Angie Brown, Hermann Wimmer win 2016 European Seniors Rankings


The 2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour concluded in early December with the Zeeland Senior Open in Goes, Netherlands. The 2016 tour comprised 10 individual senior (age 50 and over) tournaments, held in five European countries – Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

During the course of the year, 466 men and 95 women competed for the titles, and the total prize funds of over 118,000 Euro. The competitors came from across Europe and beyond, with a total of 27 countries represented.

In the men’s division, the most titles went to Steven Jeeves (left) of England with wins, in Deurne, Nieuwegein and Lomme. Just behind were Hermann Wimmer from Germany and Ron Oldfield from England, both with two wins to their names.

Other winners in the men’s division were Helmut Ulber and Horst Albert from Germany, and Keith Hodge from England.

In the ladies division, only Germany’s Martina Beckel (right) managed more than one win, with victories in Deurne, Böblingen, and Nieuwegein.

The other titles went to Angie Brown from England, Marianne Pelz, Karin Lischka, Beate Albert and Bianca Völkl-Brandt from Germany, and Liliane Vintens from Belgium.

Throughout the year, as well as competing for outright victories, bowlers are awarded points based on their finishing places, which determine the overall rankings for the year.

In 2016, Angie Brown (left) from England finished top of the ladies’ ranking, with Hermann Wimmer (right) top of the men’s rankings.

The top 32 men and 12 women will be invited to the 2016 Masters final which will be held at Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany, on March 13, 2017, immediately following completion of Arthur’s Senior Open the previous day.

2016 saw a new venue added to the tour, Bowling Goes in the Netherlands. For 2017, there will be a return to England for the first time since 2012, the English Senior Open at Stroud in September.

At this time, there are still a couple of dates to be finalized for the 2017 calendar, perhaps including yet another new destination.

Looking forward to 2018, it looks likely that the ISBT will spread a little further, with a tournament being discussed in an entirely new country for the tour. The tour continues to grow year on year, with a great sense of friendship between those who travel to these events, making it the success it has become.

Full details are available at the ISBT website.

Report and rankings by Tony Brown.

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2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule & Champions

2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour – Preliminary Schedule

Subject to change

  • March 5-12 Arthur’s Senior Open – Osnabrück, Germany
  • March 13 Master finals for the 2016 ISBT
  • April 27-30 Alsace Senior Open – Wittelsheim, France
  • June 2-11 Italian Senior Open – Bologna, Italy
  • July 8-16 6th Böblingen Senior Open – Böblingen, Germany
  • August 2-6 Dutch Senior Open – Nieuwegein, Netherlands
  • August 5-12 4th Senior Open Dream Bowl Palace – Munich, Germany
  • August 13-20 English Senior Open – Stroud, England
  • Sept. 27-Oct. 1 French Senior Open – Lomme, France
  • Nov.29-Dec. 3 Zeeland Senior Open – Goes, Netherlands

To be confirmed:

  • Slovakia Senior Open – Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Flanders Senior Open – Deurne, Belgium
  • Euro BC Senior Open – Deurne, Belgium

2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour Men’s Ranking

Players with position, country and ranking points; top 32 qualify for the 2016 Masters on March 13, 2017, at at Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany.

1. Hermann Wimmer, Germany, 770
2. Roger Pieters, Belgium, 750
3. Steven Jeeves, England, 715
4. Giorgio Desimio, Belgium, 700
5. Ron Oldfield, England, 670
6. Robert Vallons, Belgium, 640
7. Helmut Ulber, Germany, 610
8. André Geelen, Belgium, 575
9. Lol Ellis, England, 555
10. Alan Keddie, Scotland, 530
(tie) Steve Carnall, England, 530
(tie) Yves Delafonteyne, Belgium, 530
13. Ian Buckland, England, 510
(tie) Klaus Uwe Lischka, Germany, 510
15. Dominique De Nolf, Belgium, 500
(tie) Uwe Tscharke, Germany, 500
17. Mike Halliwell, England, 485
18. Auke Broekhuizen, Netherlands, 475
19. Mo Singleton, England, 455
(tie) Les Grant, England, 455
(tie) Harald Punessen, Germany, 455
22. Arthur Dähn, Germany, 450
23. Alan Jenkins, England, 440
(tie) Valentin Fatu, Romania, 440
25. Carlo Greulich, Germany, 435
26. Pierre Prou, France, 420
27. Greg Jerome, England, 395
28. Werner Knoebl, Germany, 370
29. Frank Lindsay, England, 340
30. Rene Gooyers, Netherlands, 335
31. Berny Stöckl, Germany, 325
32. Werner Laun, Germany, 320

33. Ekkehard Oette, Germany, 315
(tie) Frank Stander, England, 315
35. Peter Broekmans, Netherlands, 300
36. Norbert Rondelez, Belgium, 290
37. Gianni Marchiori, Italy, 275
(tie) Marc Franceus, Belgium, 275
39. Ron Vd Bogaard, Netherlands, 270
40. Ralf Hughes, England, 255
41. Ulf Lönngren, Sweden, 245
42. Santo Provenzi, Italy, 240
43. Laurent Quittelier, France, 235
44. Dieter Rau, Germany, 220
45. Horst Albert, Germany, 215
(tie) Laya Djouad, France, 215
(tie) Keith Hodge, England, 215
48. Paul Le Louarn, Jersey, 210

2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour Women’s Ranking

Players with position, country and ranking points; top 12 qualify for the 2016 Masters on March 13, 2017, at at Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany.

1. Angie Brown, England, 910
2. Martina Beckel, Germany, 830
3. Liliane Vintens, Belgium, 800
4. Marianne Pelz, Germany, 740
5. Kim Oakley, Scotland, 565
6. Gisela Insinger, Germany, 510
7. Franziska Knobl, Germany, 455
8. Petra Duplois, Germany, 450
9. Henny vd Jagt, Netherlands, 435
10. Uschi Diekhoff, Germany, 410
11. Ruth Stander, England, 375
12. Farida Pascoal-Blom, Netherlands, 355

13. Maria Carola, Belgium, 350
14. Maria Grazia Locatelli, Italy, 340
15. Sharon Le Louarn, Jersey, 280
(tie) Daniele Guigon, France, 280
17. Paula Visser, Netherlands, 260
18. Beate Albert, Germany, 255
19. Karin Lischka, Germany, 245
20. Sabine Leutwiler, Switzerland, 205
21. Alessandra Morra, Italy, 195
22. Jan Hodge, England, 185
23. Marett Schiller, France, 170
(tie) Chantal Genest, France, 170

Herbert Bickel

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