Newly elected American Zone board members sworn in


    2005 AmZ Championship

    Metrobowl in San José, Costa Rica - September 18-28, 2005

     El Salvador's Jose Guandique was elected president of the American Zone during the congress held prior to the 14th American Zone Championship in San José, Costa Rica. Guandique replaces long-time president Alberto Ferrer of Colombia, who retired after 24 years as American Zone president.

    Guandique was sworn in along with the other presidium members during opening ceremonies of the American Zone Championships.

    The new American Zone Presidium (pictured) consists of
    President: Jose Antonio Guandique E. - El Salvador
    1st Vice President - Veronica Rajii - Chile
    2nd Vice President - Jose Aguilar - Mexico
    1st Director - Gilbert Snijders - Netherlands Antilles
    2nd Director - Martin Castro - Costa Rica
    1st. Alternate Director - Gustavo Lopez - Guatemala
    2nd Alternate Director - J. Luis Rivas - Cuba

    Jaime Almendro - Puerto Rico
    Armando Valdez - Peru
    Hazel Mc Leary - Canada
    Julio Baranano - Uruguay

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     Jose Guandique (pictured) promised that the new presidium will work hard, to apply all our knowledge and experience in our leadership efforts into achieving a real "work team", focusing our endeavors in some special themes, such as:

    - Technical design of the Calendar and Activity Program for the American Zone, on a timely basis.
    - Permanent action in the Olympic quest.
    - Strengthening and functionality of Zone Regions.
    - Fair representation of Member Countries in worldwide events.
    - Attainment of technical resources and equipment (sponsorships and others) for Member Federations and Associations.
    - Implementation of permanent training programs and utilization of the Zone’s resources available to all Member Organizations.
    - Improvement of the Zone’s Ranking so as to be functional and fair.
    - Review and updating of the Statutes and Bylaws of the Zone’s events.
    - Updating of administrative/functional aspects, and
    - in general, the execution of a program that allows the development of our zone at the pace demanded by present world bowling.