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2018 EBT Women’s Point Ranking after Storm Lucky Larsen Masters


Four players positioned themselves in the top 8, while the top 4 remained unchanged in the 2018 European Bowling Tour women’s point ranking after the conclusion of the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters at Baltiska Bowlinghallen in Malmö, Sweden.

Sandra Gongora (featured photo and right) of Mexico won the women’s ranking in Malmö for the first time in her career and cashed 250 points in the EBT “platinum” event, the highest of five EBT categories (satellite, bronze, silver, gold and platinum), to jump from zero to 18th place.

Jenny Wegner (left) of Sweden finished fifth among the 56 women and earned 125 points to widen her lead to 144 points. Ghislaine Stigter-Van Der Tol, Netherlands, and Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark, who did note compete, stayed in second and third place with 575 and 556, respectively.

Maxime De Rooij (right), Netherlands, maintained fourth place and narrowed the gap to third place by 75 to 36 points with 520 point total.

Two-time EBT champion Sin Li Jane (left) of Malaysia leaped from an eighth place tie to fifth place with 454, Cajsa Wegner, Sweden, moved up one spot to sixth place with 424, while Daria Pajak of Poland jumped from 16th to seventh place with 415 thanks to a second-place finish in the women’s ranking in Malmö.

Rounding out the top 8 was Siti Safiyah (right) of Malaysia, who climbed three spots with 392. The top 8 at the conclusion of the 2018 season will qualify for the EBT Masters in 2019.

The European Bowling Tour commences with the EBT “satellite” Rome Open All4bowling, which already got underway September 8 and runs through September 16 at Brunswick Bowling in Rome, Italy.

After the Aalborg International has been canceled, the 2018 European Bowling Tour features 12 tournaments in 10 countries including two “platinum”, two “gold”, three “silver”, two “bronze” and three “satellite” events, which will offer total prize fund of roughly 625.000 Euro.

The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 8 men and top 8 women, who will be eligible to compete in the 12th EBT Masters July 4, 2019 during the VII Brunswick Madrid Challenge at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain.

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Storm Lucky Larsen Masters (Platinum) – Women’s Ranking

Players with position, country and ranking points

1. Sandra Gongora, Mexico, 250
2. Daria Pajak, Poland, 200
3. Liz Johnson, United States, 175
4. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 150
5. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 125
6. New Hui Fen, Singapore, 120
7. Siti Safiyah, Malaysia, 115
8. Danielle McEwan, United States, 110
9. Cajsa Wegner, Sweden, 105
10. Maria Jose Rodriguez, Colombia, 100
11. Sanna Pasanen, Finland, 75
12. Maxime De Rooij, Netherlands, 75
13. Daphne Tan, Singapore, 70
14. Victoria Johansson, Sweden, 70
15. Eliisa Hiltunen, Finland, 65
16. Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Singapore, 65
17. Anna Andersson, Sweden, 60
18. Alida Molander, Sweden, 60
19. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 55
20. Maria Koshel, Russia, 55
21. Linnea Rundgren, Sweden, 40
22. Annie Thorell, Sweden, 40
23. Sandra Andersson, Sweden, 40
24. Joline Persson Planefors, Sweden, 40
25. Hanna Engberg, Sweden, 40
26. Nina Flack, Sweden, 30
27. Vilma Salo, Finland, 30
28. Yanee Saebe, Thailand, 30
29. Ani Juntunen, Finland, 30
30. Mika Guldbæk, Denmark, 30
31. Varvara Gryaznova, Russia, 20
32. Anneli Blomqvist, Sweden, 20
33. Lisa Lindell, Sweden, 20
34. Katrin Jansson, Sweden, 20
35. Josefin Hermansson, Sweden, 20
36. Malin Johansson, Sweden, 15
37. Kalyawat Ponganekkul, Thailand, 15
38. Sofia Myllymäki, Sweden, 15
39. Linda Wehner, Sweden, 15
40. Emma Halttunen, Sweden, 15
41. Amanda Gadd, Sweden, 10
42. Ellen Ekholm, Sweden, 10
43. Erika Svensson, Sweden, 10
44. Jenny Karlsson, Sweden, 10
45. Emelie Samuelsson, Sweden, 10
46. Sara Almqvist, Sweden, 5
47. Emma Andersson, Sweden, 5
48. Eva Jönsson, Sweden, 5
49. Stine Melchiorsen, Denmark, 5
50. Camilla Keller, Denmark, 5

2018 EBT Women’s Point Ranking – Standings after Malmö (EBT #10/12)

Players with country, ranking point total and number of top 50 finishes

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