Petri Mannonen earns No. 1 seed for stepladder finals


    European Bowling Tour #18

    Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria

     Qualifying leader Petri Mannonen topped Stuart Williams from England, 2-1, to earn the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals in the Columbia 300 Vienna Open at Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria. Three Finns and one American survived the semifinals. All matches went over three games. In the opening match of the four-player shootout Team USA member David Haynes takes on Osku Palermaa, the two-handed player who has reached the PBA's U.S. Open finals two years ago. High Roller champion Lasse Lintilä will bowl the winner. The winner of that match takes on Mannonen for the title and the 8.000 Euro top prize (approx. $9,560).

    Columbia 300 Vienna Open - Round of 8
    Single Elimination, best-of-three games format
    Winners advance, losers eliminated

    #1 Petri Mannonen, FIN def. #37 Stuart Williams, ENG, 2-1
    163-219, 244-184, 236-227

    #2 Lasse Lintilä, FIN def. #32 Phil Scammell, ENG, 2-1
    202-227, 224-196, 236-192

    #23 David Haynes, USA def. #5 Jussi Lindgren, FIN, 2-1
    171-186, 234-214, 228-182

    #11 Osku Palermaa, FIN def. #8 Anders Öhman, SWE, 2-1
    191-226, 245-234, 258-187