Mexican girls, U.S boys cruise to the U21 Trios titles in Panama


    2015 PABCON Youth

    Colombia's Laura Garcia & Felipe Gil dominate the U16 Mixed Doubles

    2015PABCONYouthLogo.jpg The Mexican girls and the U.S. boys cruised to the Under-21 Trios titles at the 2015 PABCON Youth Championships while Colombia's Laura Garcia and Felipe Gil captured the gold medal in the Under-16 Mixed Doubles Tuesday at Bolera Sede in Panamá City, Panamá.

    Paola Limon, Raquel Orozco and Sara Pelayo earned the first medal of the Championships for Mexico averaging 215.50 over six games to win the gold in U21 Girls Trios with 3843 total.

    Pelayo led the team with 1406, an average of 234.33, Limon contributed 1253 and Orozco added 1184. The Mexicans, who had five games between 630 and 692, led the U.S. trio by 129 pins.

    2015PABCONYouthGirlsTrioUSA.jpgBreanna Clemmer, Sydney Brummett and Gazmine Mason (pictured left, l-r) finished their set with 602 to beat out Puerto Rico for the silver medal by just one pin finishing with 3714 and an average of 206.33.

    Puerto Rico's Kristie Lopez, Nicole Rivera and Giselle Poss slipped to third place to earn the bronze medal after closing with 594 and 3713 total (206.28).

    Thanks to the field-best 1419 series, an average of 236.50, including high games of 279 and 268, Singles gold medalist Mason regained the lead in All-Events (combined scores in Singles, Doubles, Trios and Teams) after 18 of 24 games with 3880 total and an overall average of 215.56.

    Lopez remained in second place with 3800 while previous leader Laura Plazas of Colombia slipped to third place with 3793.

    2015PABCONYouthBoysTrioUSA.jpgJunior Team USA's Kamron Doyle, Wesley Low Jr. and Michael Tang (right, r-l) won the third gold medal for the U21 boys in as many events and the fourth overall. The United States does not compete in the U16 division.

    The Americans toppled 4309 pins and averaged 239.39 as a team. Low carried the team with 1530, the highest six-game block of the Championships so far, including games of 259, 235, 246, 266, 258 and 266, an average of 255. Doyle added 1396 and Tang was close behind with 1383.

    The U.S. boys out averaged their nearest competitors by more than 26 pins. Trailing the Americans by 472 pins to finish in second place were Venezuela's Andres Rodriguez, Massimiliano Fridegotto and Lucas Mota, who took the silver medal with 3837 or an average of 213.17.

    Brazil's Bruno Soarez, Bernardo D. Abreu and Joao I Ferreira closed with 651 to beat out Canada's Sean Coutts, Mitch Hupe and Cedrick Ruest for the bronze medal by two pins, 3767 to 3765.

    The U.S. bowlers hold the top four spots in All-Events. Low powered his way into the lead with 4267 total and an average of 237.06 for 18 games. Doyle overtook Tang by five pins to sit in second place with 4197 with Tang in third on 4192. Gregory Young Jr. is a distant fourth with 4064.

    Under-16 girls and boys Singles champion Laura Garcia and Felipe Gil started the five-game block in Mixed Doubles with games of 461, 441 and 440 to cruise to the title and to win the fourth gold medal for Colombia in the U16 division with 2096 total or an average of 209.6.

    Gil led the way with 1109 and Garcia, who also won the gold medal in Girls Doubles, added 987.

    Puerto Rico's Jorge Rodriguez and Paulina Torres were 135 pins behind to take the silver medal with 1961. Bronze went to the second mixed doubles team from Colombia, Juan Londono and Ana Olaya, who were further 83 pins behind in third place with 1878.

    Action shifts to the team events on Wednesday and Thursday. The U16 mixed teams and the U21 boys and girls teams will bowl one three-game block on each day. The team competition also determines the medalist in All Events and the top 16 (U21) and top 8 (U16) players who advance to match-play Masters.

    2015PABCONYouthLogo_small.jpg The 2015 Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Championships, which runs from June 27 through July 3 and takes place at Bolera Sede in Panama City, drew 139 youth bowlers from 16 countries, 103 (62 boys and 41 girls) in the Under-21 division and 36 (22 boys and 14 girls) in the Under-16 division.

    Players will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team, All-Events and match-play Masters.


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